What Rise Do the Guardians Character Are You?

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Ever wondered what character am I from rose of the guardians. Am I like pitch or am I like Jamie. Am I a believer or am I protector. Have you ever thought am I fun like jack or wonderous like north.,

So what character are you? Take my quiz and find out. You could he Jamie pitch or even the mighty tooth fairy. You could be bunny, jack or north. You never know.

Created by: Abbey Barnes
  1. Personality
  2. Fave colour
  3. Fave food/drink.
  4. Accomplices
  5. Fave introduction.
  6. Would you protect the children of the world with your life?
  7. Who is your favourite yeti?
  8. Fave accomplice.
  9. Fave kid
  10. Your centre would be.
  11. Fave transport
  12. Fave accessory

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Quiz topic: What Rise Do the Guardians Character am I?