What Movie Genre Would You Be In?

Try this quiz. Come on and try it. It is fun. You will be shocked. It took me so much time to make this! Wow, it was fun. Have fun doing this quiz! Woo!

What movie genre are you? I love horror just saying. So much fun to make and fun to do. Come and try it today. Right now! I'm bored! So much fun! I'm so tired.

Created by: Keke

  1. Which do you like the most
  2. Did you choose My Phone for the last question
  3. Who do you like the best in your family
  4. What do you do all day
  5. Choose one
  6. Did you watch a horror movie before
  7. If you chose Yes or Of Course as your answer to the last question, pick a horror movie you watched before
  8. Favorite color(s)
  9. Are you bored
  10. Ok, done!

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