Are you smarter than a first grader?

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First graders are very cute. It was definitely one of my favorite grades! We always think about how we wish we were them because their curriculum is so easy.

However, is it really that easy? If you want to find out if you are smarter than a first grader you can take this quiz. I hope you enjoy it and good luck!

Created by: Kevie
  1. What is 10 plus 1,000?
  2. How do you spell this?
  3. What does U.S.A stand for?
  4. Which one is a primary color?
  5. Which one is an adjective?
  6. 20 - 20 = x
  7. Which one is a continent?
  8. What is "one" in Spanish?
  9. What temperature does water freeze?
  10. A negative plus a negative equals a ____? Fill in the blank.

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than a first grader?