How magical are you?

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Magic is an amazing source of power. You must be truly gifted to contain the many powers of magic. Magic is a wonderful and happy thing. Does it exist?

Take this quiz to find out how magical you are. This is a test so each question has a correct answer. You might discover something new about yourself if you take my quiz.

Created by: Kevie

  1. How do you create a spark in your hand?
  2. How do your move water?
  3. How do you create wind?
  4. What is one source of magic?
  5. What body part is needed to create an earthquake?
  6. Which spot makes magic the strongest?
  7. What is most essential when fighting with magic?
  8. How do you make it snow for at least an hour?
  9. If you die, can you use magic to come back to life?
  10. What is the color of dark magic?
  11. To create a dust dragon, you must have a true and powerful feeling of this emotion...
  12. What is it called when you use magic for good?
  13. Which power is possible?
  14. When is a magic master usually able to turn water into ice in a second?

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