Who is your magical self?

Everyone has a secret magical self inside. You just have to dig it out. It may be hidden, but it's there. Who is your magical self, who is she like? This quiz will get THAT covered.

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this, and get to the quiz. You really have nothing to lose...maybe. I mean it's not gambling! Why are you reading this!? Do the quiz!

Created by: Saratheamaze
  1. Do you think your magical self is evil or good?
  2. Favorite element?
  3. Magical creature?
  4. Do you like the Greek/Roman Gods?
  5. Do you wander among mortals?
  6. Your favorite part of magic is?
  7. You are scared of?
  8. Which of the big three is your favorite?
  9. Roleplay time! You are in trouble that risks your life, ______ would save you.
  10. Plant?
  11. There are three choice bestowed upon you: Love, knowledge, or power. Which do you choose?
  12. Is the number 13 unlucky or lucky? What about a black cat?
  13. Five more questions. Black or white?
  14. Dog or cat?
  15. Love or hate?
  16. Hot or cold?
  17. True or false: You care about what others think about you?
  18. Have a nice day?

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Quiz topic: Who is my magical self?