Does she really like you?

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So there's this girl. And you THINK she might like you, but you don't know. Well, let's say there's this magical test that will help you figure it out.

Oh wait, there IS a test! But it's not magical. It's just a normal test, and you shouldn't base your life on it, 'cause you might lie about what's really going on.

Created by: Rina
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  1. Do you think she likes you?
  2. Does she touch you? Ever?
  3. How much does she smile when you talk?
  4. Does she look you right in the eyes or is she fascinated by your shoes?
  5. Do you catch her looking at you in the hallway?
  6. Does it seem like she never hears when you call her name?
  7. Does she hug herself or play with her hair a lot around you?
  8. Does she talk to you around her friends?
  9. Does she consider you her "best friend?"
  10. How hard is it for you to get her attention?
  11. Do YOU like HER?

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