Do you have magical powers??

Only very few of the people on the world are considered magical. They are known as the rare, lucky ones that were born with magic. They sometimes control elements, and sometimes animals and plants.

Have YOU wondered if you're magical or not? Do you have magical powers? Are you one of the lucky ones who were blessed with magic? Or a wizard in training? Or an all-the-way human? Find out in this quiz. WARNING:WHATEVER YOU GET,DON'T EVER JUMP OFF A CLIFF AND TRY TO FLY!

Created by: Foxie22
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you see shapes that don't exist?
  2. What animal represent you
  3. Fave sentence/phrase
  4. How do you attack
  5. Do u wanna fly
  6. If you and friend get lost in woods and ur friend hear noise,
  7. This tests your language skills: ghgdercgbkfftryfuyg
  8. Do you believe in telepathy and magic?
  9. Ever seen illusions before?
  10. Do you communicate with animals?
  11. Fave colors
  12. If you had magic, would you trust it?
  13. Last question: What would you rather control if you were magical?

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Quiz topic: Do I have magical powers??