Are you magical

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yes you might know what magic is magic is something to give you powers but not like a super hero different people have different powers so someone who is magic shall change the world

Are you magical do you think you are magical you don't need to go to the smartest person in the world to find out find out right here in this quiz after all that is what I created it for

Created by: illyanna Adidas

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  1. How much do you get creative
  2. Do weird odd things or maybe even creepy things happen in your life?
  3. Lol 😝 is there tons of funny moments in your life
  4. How many friends do you have
  5. Are you a sweet, salty, or spicy type person
  6. Do people think you're older than you are or younger
  7. Do you love ❤️ books
  8. If you could have only 1 thing in your life what would it be?!!
  9. Do you think that your answer is going to say that your magical
  10. What is the feeling that you have a lot

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Quiz topic: Am I magical