What type of Engineer are you?

What type of Engineer are you? Engineers are people who design solutions to problems, but they have to be very smart. Most engineers go to college at least four years and they learn about one specific topic to specialize in. Which one is best for you? Or is Engineering right for you in the first place?

Not all types are represented. There are also Biomedical, Aerospace, Industrial, Environmental, Geological, Computer, Optical, and Agricultural Engineers among others. If you don't think these results are accurate, do some research and find what might fit your specific tastes better!

Created by: Mark
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You must take an AP test and are given the choice of which subject. Which one will you pick?
  2. Out of these, who would you consider your personal hero?
  3. Let's say you're forced out of your engineering major, what are you going to study instead?
  4. Job time! Where could you see yourself working?
  5. Which class would you rather take: Thermodynamics or Computer Architecture
  6. Are you good at Math?
  7. What's coolest?
  8. What's your working environment?
  9. Wanna Visit the Hoover Dam?
  10. Which invention do you feel people take for granted the most?

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Quiz topic: What type of Engineer am I?