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Did you know 7 out of 10 Americans surveyed say they are dissatisfied with their careers? Are YOU one of them? If so, then take the CAREEREALISM quiz to see how prepared you really are to find a better career opportunity.

Job hunting is stressful enough, but you could be making it even harder on yourself! The CAREEREALISM quiz will let you know just how ready you are to find a new job.

Created by: J.T. O'Donnell of CAREEREALISM
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  1. Can you articulate your personal definition of career success in measurable terms?
  2. Can you give evidence that your career goals are based on proper self assessment and detailed research that ensures you will be satisfied with your choice? i.e. explain reasons why?
  3. Can you articulate in 30 seconds or less the exact kind of job you are looking for and why you are certain it is a good fit for you? (a.k.a. tell your Career Story)
  4. Can you explain clearly your preferences and styles on-the-job with respect to the way you communicate, learn, and work?
  5. Can you describe with confidence at least two of your professional strengths?
  6. Can you summarize how your professional strengths can also be your weaknesses?
  7. Do you know what personal branding is and the best way to incorporate it into your professional development?
  8. Is your resume updated in an easy-to-read, one-page format and saved as a pdf file so it can be sent at any time via e-mail without the formatting being lost?
  9. Does your resume have all the proper key words listed in it to ensure it gets selected in searches by hiring managers within on-line resume banks like and
  10. Do you know how to create a compelling cover letter that does not read like you copied it out of a cover letter book?
  11. Do you have a professional networking approach that involves setting up informational interviews and other opportunities to learn about companies and jobs in your field of interest?
  12. Do you have an emergency fund equal to a minimum of six months living expenses in the event of an unexpected job loss?
  13. Do you know how to research a company in preparation for an interview with them?
  14. Have you practiced your answers to all the common interview questions so you are ready to respond?
  15. Do you have a list of questions that you like to ask on interviews that will impress potential employers?
  16. Do you know how to dress properly for each interview?
  17. Do you know what to bring AND not bring on an interview?
  18. Do you know all the appropriate follow up procedures and etiquette with respect to the interview process with a company?
  19. Do you have at least one career mentor that is not a family member or current manager with whom you meet on a regular basis? i.e. touch base at least 3-4X/year
  20. Do you have a LinkedIn account or other social media tool that is current?
  21. Do you regularly read career-related blogs and occasionally write thoughtful posts or comments that can be tracked back to you through a Google search?
  22. Do you know what managing up is and how to do it effectively to move forward in your career?
  23. Have you identified a skill or area of interest that you want to become a subject-matter expert in within your field that you can articulate to others?
  24. Are you a member and actively participate in at least three professional organizations that will enable you to broaden your networking circle?

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