What career you should get..

Have you ever thought what career or job you should get? you might be a vet, doctor, kids doctor, actor/actress, teacher, maybe if you are too young or too spoiled you might be unemployed take the career quiz and find out

WHAT JOB SUITS YOU?! do you have what it takes to become a doctor, or maybe even a hotshot actor? say thank god i created this quiz so you can find out!

Created by: OH

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  1. When you see an dog with a broken leg, what do you do?
  2. how long do you watch tv?
  3. do you sing in the shower
  4. do you like helping children learn
  5. are you spoiled
  6. do you get stage frights?
  7. do you defend like defending people?
  8. if someone told you to get them water for $10 what would you say
  9. would you give up your friends and family and life to become a big shot actor or singer?
  10. rich and fame

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