What Hybrid DnD Class Are You?

Are you making a character? Maybe your old character died? Or you are starting a new campaign? Maybe it's just for fun! If you're looking for an interesting hybrid class, this quiz is for you!

With seven possible results, you can check out hybrid classes from full-blown spellcasters to a beast of a war hero. Try it out!! I know finding races and classes for your character are basically the hardest part, so I made this quiz to help.

Created by: Margarita the Elan

  1. What is your favorite color range?
  2. If you were presented with a wish, what would you do with it?
  3. True or False: I like to do mostly melee attacks in battle.
  4. How can you improve if you got a question on a quiz wrong?
  5. Are you good at a lot of things?
  6. Which is your favorite (I'm only adding three of the seven btw)?
  7. What is your favorite animal?
  8. What is your favorite race out of the following?
  9. What is your lucky number?
  10. If you could, would you travel back in time?

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Quiz topic: What Hybrid DnD Class am I?