what weapon fits you in what army

u did really good u better than i imagine. tell yourefriends about this quiz tell youre parents tell youre grandparents tell youre great aunt tell youre brother tell youre sister tell youre great grandpa

what weapon will u get.do u wanna see what weapon will fits you!do this quiz. it will tell you when the weapon was made try out this quiz.please do this quiz when u r done tell youer friends tell ur family tell ur next door negihbor hope u like it

Created by: jesse

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. are u clever are sneaky
  2. are you strong
  3. what is youre weight
  4. Do you have good or bad eyes?
  5. Do you have good accuracy?
  6. are you highley skilled
  7. are u killer or ok killer
  8. are you heaveyweapon are light weapon
  9. Do you us silencer in combat.
  10. Do you use a bipod in comabt?

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