what Halo3 weapon is best for you?

Ok,Some people love to say that they are the best sniper and nobody can stop them ,but I don`t believe them if you do won`t people to believe take his quiz and post your results on your myspace profile.

What is your best weapon on Halo3 you can say what you think it is ,but let`s see what this quiz hasto say about this .Take the quiz and figure out what the best weapon for you is and thanks to this quiz we will soon find out.

Created by: John Daszczuk

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  1. Do you pick take your time too aim during gameplay?
  2. Do you rush your enemies with fast firing weapons?
  3. Do you get more assassination and beat downs more than head shots.
  4. Do jump into the air when using the assault rifle or smgs?
  5. Do you use rockets or explosives more than 3x pergame?
  6. How many times have shot somebody off ,or out of a vehicle?
  7. How many times have you been charged by assault rifles and you gave them a face full of buck shot?
  8. how many times have you blew people off the map with rockets?
  9. Be honest,How many beatdowns did you get in your last three matches?
  10. Last question,How many head shots did you get in your last match of team slayer?

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