what weapon are you?

has enybody made you very mad to a point where you wanted to hurt them.This quiz provides you with curtain iformation that gives you an idea of what kind of a weapon you would use.

Have you ever wonderd what weapon you would be if you could be one. well today is your lucky day because this quiz provides you wth the answer. so dont be shy an take the damn quiz.

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  1. If you hear a persen talk bihind your back you would..
  2. If somebody tried to break in to you house your woul..
  3. If somebody hurt you relly bad you woul..
  4. If someone chalenges you to a fight you wold..
  5. If someone invites yo to a bday party you show up and everybody starts making fun of you woul you
  6. what weapon woul you use agains your worst enemy?
  7. If you are having a dinner with your girlfriends family and you girlfriends dad starts insulting you infront of the whole table you would..
  8. What would you do if somebody distroy your new car and you found out who it was?
  9. Would you ever kill somebody if you did not like them..
  10. How would you deal with your enemy

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Quiz topic: What weapon am I?