What weapon are you best suited for?

A lot of people think they know what weapon they would like to have. But the truth is, the kind of weapon you wield has as much to do with your personality as it does your physical ability.

Are you a brawler? A sorcerer? Or are you just a curious young Jo who wants to see what the heck this quiz will tell him? Humor yourself and take this quiz!

Created by: spud
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  1. Are you buff? Be honest now; daily clicks of the mouse won't help you here...
  2. What's your GPA, do you think?
  3. When you play basketball, when do you get picked?
  4. You are playing monopoly, and for some reason every other player needs to take a small break. You offer to watch the board for them. Which of the following would you do?
  5. Do you like shooting guns?
  6. Do you prefer football or karate?
  7. Stealth over strength?
  8. In the thick of things or from a distance?
  9. Magic over brute force?
  10. Which weapon do you think is coolest?
  11. Do you have a lot of close friends?
  12. Do you like working hard and earning what you get, or do you like playing the system and getting the most output for the least input?

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Quiz topic: What weapon am I best suited for?