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  • Yup, sounds like me ;-)
    What Kind Of Mage Are You?
    Your Result: Aquamancer

    You are a Water Mage. You can create water, ice, and steam out of nothing. You can control clouds, creating or stopping rain storms. You can also create heavy fog so you can't be tracked. You can breathe under water and immune to extreme pressures. Your calm attitude makes others come to you for advice. Make sure to give them the right answers.

    Result Breakdown:
    74% Aquamancer
    66% Sylvamancer
    54% Geomancer
    45% Zoomancer
    42% Pyromancer
    30% Aeromancer
    Quiz URL: [no urls]

  • Pyromancer...haha.. .thats funny cuz i really am a pyro...FIRE!!!!!


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