New Life, New Love (c)

This is a love story of a girl who moves into a new town and finds she has a little in commen with the most annoying boy in her school. But maybe, just maybe she likes him.

Your name is Miley and you have to move. Sad. But everything isn't completely bad.. Because you meet Justin, and maybe he likes you. You arent looking for a realationship but he is..

Created by: Crimson Fly21
  1. I sat at the kitchen table eating my cereal, I was glad it was a Saturday. Relaxing, and just laying around all day. That's what I thought atleast, boy was I wrong. My mom walked in, "Hey honey, can I talk with you?" I didn't like her tone. I nodded and she sat down across me at the table. "I have some bad news." I knew it! "We're moving." I felt like the groud swayed so I fell off the chair. "W-why?" I could barely get the words out
  2. "Well, I was offored a job in Hillford as a main vet at Sunny Oak Rescue Center." I gulped, I knew this was a big chance for her but I was scared. I didn't want to move, that was for sure! But I couldn't let her see I was being selfish. "That's great mom." I smiled and finished eating my cereal. She grinned and kissed my forehead. "I'm so lucky to have a supportive daughter." She walked away. Yep, I was going through with this. A couple of months later we did move. Of course we rescued alot of animals and had alot but we brought them.
  3. I had to transfer school moving of course, and I had to leave my friends. I would go to school tomorrow sadly, that's when summer was over. I wasn't looking forward to it. Monday came quicker then I thought unfortunitly, I was going to fake being sick but decided not to. As I walked in I felt my heart pounding, I was nervous. I got lost and felt panic grip me. I saw a boy about my age with brown almost black hair. He laughed a little but not really at me. "Looking for Miss Cindy's class?" He asked. I nodded, he took my wrist and lead me down tow a door. He opened it for me and followed me in. Luckily we were just on time. Before we sat down he said in a hushed tone. "What's your name?" I whispered back "Miley, yours?" "Justin." he grinned and sat down, I did the same. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.
  4. As Justin and I got closer I realized he was annoying, you know like joking around? But he was nice to. One day I was running to class trying not to be late. I ran right into him, we both fell, him on the bottom me on the top. He laughed and didn't move "I knew you thought I was cute but a little desperate." He joked, I rolled my eyes. "Yeah right, you wish." I joked back. He shoved me slightly and I turned and smacked his head lightly. "Great you made me late for class." I said "Well you are the one who pushed me down and tried to feel my abbs." He laughed again. I pushed him into the loker. "And I'm going to go wash my hands till there's no skin left." He grinned and then we went our separate ways both late for class.
  5. After school I called Justin, then did my homework and went to bed. Justin was my only friend at my new school. He seemed to be the only person who understood me. I was growing closer to him. My mom kept bugging me about "Oh he might just like you." I'd just groan. Sure I was 17 old enough to date but I didn't want to think about that right now. Not with Justin, it would weird out our friendship if he thought I liked him. I really wasn't trying to get into a realationship either.
  6. (JUStin) I sat on the edge of my bed just thinking of Miley. She was so cute... If only I could tell her how I felt. Sure she was the new girl, and not the most popular but I still liked her. No scratch that, I thought I loved her. I sighed swinging my legs, but she didn't love me back. No way, she couldn't, she was way out of my league. She didn't like me like that, sure she was my friend but still..
  7. (Justin) I just layed there texting her, I decided I would tell her how I felt.. I was almost sick I was feeling so nervous. I relived the moment in the hall and regained courage. I texted her: I love you..
  8. (Miley) I heard my phone click, I was drinking coffee, I picked up my phone. It said I had a text from Justin, right when I clicked open my coffee slipped and spilt all over my phone. I gasped and my phone was zapped. I groaned sadly.
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