Warrior Cats Love Story~Part 3 [She-Cats Only!]

I'm sorry, I know you've been waiting a long time for this, but it's finally out now that I have free time. I knew you wanted this quiz.

Hahahahahahaha!!! (SSSwarriorcats Longtail laugh!) Watch out for sneaky cliffhangers and sudden death! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh, and there's a new tom...

Created by: Jayfeather~13
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  1. So Bonefoot just tried to kiss you. Suddenly the brambles next to you started to quiver and Wolfstripe jumped out with Mosstail at his side! Mosstail leaped forward and pinned Bonefoot down, "You're not getting away this time!" he snarled. Bonefoot shoved Mosstail away, slashing his claws across Mosstail's throat. Immediatly, Wolfstripe jumped forward, sinking his teeth into the back of Bonefoot's neck. There was a dull crack, then Bonefoot fell to the ground.
  2. It seemed like moons passed. Wolfstripe looks at you, "Are you alright?" he asked.
  3. Mosstail began to feebly get up and you and Wolfstripe help get him back to camp.
  4. A couple moons pass... Mosstail gets better.
  5. You were about to go on a hunting patrol but since it's raining Redstar told you to delay until the rain stops. You go over to the fresh-kill pile. What do you pick? This is what's on today's pile...
  6. Finally the rain stops and you go out on patrol. You can take one cat with you. You choose...
  7. Either way, the patrol spilts up. what do you hunt for?
  8. The prey you chose lives best around the twoleg fences. You go to the very edge of twolegplace and start sniffing around the fences. You hear something above you. You look up and see a dark brown tom with white splashes perched above you, his lime-green eyes glistening. He was wearing a light blue collar.
  9. The tom perched on the fence jumps down. "Hello, I'm Toby! You're one of those forest cats aren't you? I think it would be cool to live in the forest."
  10. Toby came over to you, "I've been wanting to live in the forest for a long time," he started, "Can I join your clan?"
  11. You take Toby to camp and bring him to Redstar. "A leader shouldn't turn down extra paws. You can join our clan Toby, but you must get rid of that collar." Toby nods.
  12. You walk out of Redstar's den. You spot Flameclaw talking to Jayfoot. They turn towards you. Flameclaw's gaze darkens when he sees Toby with you and Jayfoot starts to bristle.
  13. Suddenly you hear a cat screech! A clan warrior bursts into camp! "Wolfstripe's patrol is being attacked.....................................by DOGS!!!" the cat screeches!
  14. And......... cliffhanger!!! Was ya think?

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