Do You Like Cats?

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How much do people love cats? Well, it depends. Some people absolutely adore cats! Yet some hate them. Some are allergic to cats but still love them so. It's all a matter of opinion. Note: Don't take this quiz if you don't like cats. Just don't.

I love cats 100%! But how much do YOU love cats? Take a quiz to find out. If you don't like the result I promise I will do more better quizzes. This is my first time making a quiz, so don't blame me for the outcome, alright? But enough of that. Start the quiz already!

Created by: Cassie

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  1. Meow!
  2. Meow!
  3. Meow!
  4. Meow!
  5. Meow!
  6. Meow!
  7. Meow!
  8. Meow!
  9. Meow!
  10. Meow!

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Quiz topic: Do I Like Cats?