Warrior cats love story!! (by holly the rouge)

Hey peoples!!!!This is my first warrior cats love story quiz! I hope you like it! Read the next paragraph please! Also, do my other quizzes please!!!!

Hey!! The names of my other quizzes are warrior cats life she cats only, same but toms, trivia for the new prophecy. Now do the quizzz!!!! :) ;) !?!?!

Created by: Holly the rouge

  1. you just got your warrior name! How do you feel?
  2. There are three toms they come up to you. "Congrats. Let me show you to your den." There is a black Tom, a red Tom, and a silver Tom with darker stripes. Who do you choose?
  3. The black Tom. (If you chose the silver or red Tom choose IDK) "hi I'm ravenstream.
  4. The red Tom. (If you chose the black or silver Tom then choose IDK.) "hey. I am robinclaw."
  5. (If. You chose the black or red Tom then choose IDK.) "hi. I'm riverfall. I'm not a warrior, I'm the medicine cat."
  6. Whoever you chose, you find a nest in the Warriors den. What do you do next?
  7. Whatever you chose, the leader wants you to go on a patrol with the two toms and riverfall tagged along to collect herbs. Ravenstream intertwines his tail with yours. Robinclaw' spelt is brushing against yours, and riverfall purrs and puts his muzzle on your head. What do you do?
  8. You go hunting out on your own, and find a love note written for you who do you hope it is by?
  9. Pick one:
  10. You go into the woods for a walk, and you see the three toms sitting there, staring at you. Ravenstream steps forward and asks: "we all like you. Which one of us do you choose to be your mate?"

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