Warrior cat love story #3 =^_^=

There are many Warrior cat quizzes i've made, but this one, i think is the best one yet! There is a new tom in the business and you can choose him or not! Casual is fine...cool...cool..=P

What tom do YOU like in my quizzes? Will you end up with him? Will you lose him? Will you find your true love that you've been waiting for? Just in a few minutes you can find out!

Created by: Leopardpelt19

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  1. You awake with Stormclaw by your side. He's still fast asleep. You get up a little groggily and start grooming your beautiful pelt. When you finish grooming, you pad outside the warriors den to find Hawkfeather and Flamewhisker arguing. You can't hear what their arguing about, but it sounds serious. You pad over and say;
  2. Flamewhisker and Hawkfeather quickly stopped when you come over into earshot. "Oh...(Your name)! When did you wake up?" Flamewhisker asked with unease. "A few minutes ago. Now can you tell me what your arguing about?" You urged them. "Nothing important." Flamewhisker shook his head. He padded towards you. "Wow, (Your name)...you look beautiful..." He purred. You hear Hawkfeather growl. You say;
  3. Flamewhisker smiles lovingly at you. Then Hawkfeather bounded to your side. "Want to go hunt? The fresh-kill pile is low." He broke the moment. "Oh, I guess so. Sure! Always good for the Clan." You say and pad away. You hear Flamewhisker and Hawkfeather burst into a huge argument. You pad away more slowly.
  4. When your out hunting with Hawkfeather, he looked a little distant. "Hawkfeather?" He meow. "Huh? What?! Oh...sorry (Your name)...i was just thinking about Flowerpelt i guess..." He meowed in a daydreamy voice. Suddenly you;
  5. Suddenly his ears shot up. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" He meowed and licked you between the ears. "It's okay..." (You say if you like him) "Oh no! It's totally fine!" (You say if you like another tom) "I don't love Flowerpelt i promise...!" He Said quickly. You say;
  6. When you get back you've caught three mice and a squirrel. Hawkfeather caught two voles and a pigeon. You pad away from Hawkfeather. You can feel his sad gaze burn your fur. You feel bad for him until you see Stormclaw bounding out of the warriors den. "Hey (Your name)! I wanted to take you somewhere..." He said and licked your shoulder then padded to the thorn tunnel. You think;
  7. Stormclaw takes you to a beautiful meadow next to BreezeClan border. You fill your nose with the lovely smell of flowers and sap. Stormclaw sat down in a little clearing surrounded by tall golden grasses. He looks at you warmly. You look back at him. He licks your nose and pads away. He brings back a flower. It's the color of your pelt. "For you. It looks like your beautiful pelt." He purrs. You say;
  8. As you pad back with Stormclaw, you smell a familiar scent. It was Pinestrike! "You go on ahead..." You say suddenly. Stormclaw turns to you, his yellow eyes blazed with confusion. "Why? What's wrong? Are you hurt?" He asked worriedly. "No. It's fine. I...i need to make dirt!" You say quickly. "Well okay then. I'll meet you back at camp!" He licks your head before padding away. You quickly dove into the bushes to find Pinestrike waiting eagerly. You say;
  9. "I just wanted to see you! I can't hide my love for you, (Your name)...i needed to see you again!" He meowed eagerly. You blush a little. "Can we be together? I know it will be tough, but i can't live without you!" He urged. You say;
  10. (Whatever you said, he didn't hear because of a patrol coming by. You lift your head up from the bushes. "(Your name)! What are you doing in there? Come on out." It was Poppyfur. A young cream pelted tabby tom with sweet green eyes. He was Flowerpelt's brother. "Sorry...i was er... chasing a squirrel and fell in.." You lied. "It's okay, everyone has bad luck sometimes." He meows and licks your shoulder where a thorn had been. You look at him with warm eyes. He looks back at you. "Wh-what are you doing out here?" You ask quickly. "I was looking for you actually...i..um...i got worried...about...you..." He shuffled his paws. You think;
  11. You come back to camp to find Flamewhisker padding over to you. He says, The quiz is over!! Quiz number four will look like this! Warrior Cat Love Story #4 =^_^= You know the cat face is included!

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