Warriors - The Big Quiz

Many people read Warriors. Many like it. Some love it. What is a warrior? A warrior is someone - or something - who fights for their country. Not many people are warriors, though.

Are YOU a warrior? Or perhaps you are still a kit, maybe an apprentice, possibly the deputy, even the Clan leader! Until now, you coudn't really answer. Take this quiz!

Created by: Sandstorm

  1. What was Firestar's kittypet name?
  2. What was Graypaw's warrior name?
  3. In which book was Tigerclaw revealed as a murderous traitor?
  4. What were Dustpaw and Sandpaw's warrior names?
  5. Who was Firestar's first deputy?
  6. Which ThunderClan cat was sent into exile in The Darkest Hour?
  7. Who were Sorreltail's two siblings?
  8. Who was sent from ThunderClan on the journey to the sun-drown-place?
  9. Who was Crowfeather's first love?
  10. Who found the Moonpool in the Clans' new home?
  11. Which two cats were killed in the badger attack?
  12. Who did Brambleclaw agree to meet on ThunderClan territory (in Sunset)?
  13. Who was Hollypaw's first mentor?
  14. Which WindClan aprentice was Lionpaw secretly meeting?
  15. What did the Clans do to help the Tribe of Rushing Water (in Outcast)?
  16. Who was badly hurt in the Great Battle?
  17. Where did the ThunderClan cats infected with greencough go to?
  18. Who died of an adder bite (in Sunrise)?

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