Which of my Warrior cat ocs are you? 2

Hey guys Kittycakeuwu here! I just changed my user to Lunartealeaf7 because I didn't like my user so yeah. Say hello to my second which of my warriors ocs are u so ye

If you do not know Warrior Cats, I do not reccomend you take this quiz. Sorry! The ocs I'm using are all made by me, One from TC, One from RC, One from WC, One from SC, and one being a kittypet and one being a loner. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Lunartealeaf7
  1. What is you're favorite clan? (Excluding Skyclan)
  2. Roleplay time! You see a kit being attacked by a badger! What do you do?
  3. You're clan is under attack, and you can only save one of the four things. One, You're Mate, Two, You're Leader, Three, A litter of kits, and Four, The Deputy.
  4. You're mate/you just had a litter of three kits! What will you name them?
  5. You're leader had just died! What will you do?
  6. A cat from you're clan had an heated argument with you! What will you do to end it off?
  7. You've just been given a beautiful gift made with much love! What will you do with?
  8. Multiple warriors have banished and betrayed the clan! You are the leader, what should you do?
  9. A twoleg has just kidnapped you and put you in a twoleg monster! What should you do?
  10. A badger towers before you! What will you do?
  11. You wake up in the clearing to see you're mate crying and you're clan. What is you're last words?

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Quiz topic: Which of my Warrior cat ocs am I? 2