Which Warrior Cat Clan are you from? By Deathbringer2000

Well, this is another quiz by Deathbringer2000. This is a quiz to see which Clan you are in from the book series Warriors. The results are: BloodClan, Rogue/Loner, Kittypet, SkyClan, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan.

If you don't know Warriors, you should read the books, try to read "Into The Wild" first. This quiz is for mostly just Warriors fans. If you haven't read the books; you can still do the quiz, and answer what you want. Have a great time doing the quiz, and please comment!!!

Created by: Deathbringer2000

  1. What color is your pelt?
  2. What color are your eyes?
  3. What are your skills?
  4. What is your prey?
  5. Where are you most likely to live, or dwell?
  6. You hear a scramble in a bush; what do you do?
  7. Your friend loves a cat from another Clan, what do you do?
  8. Do you love a cat from another Clan?
  9. What animal out of these do you like the most?
  10. If you were a loner, what would your name be?
  11. If you were a Clan cat as a warrior, what would your name be?
  12. If you were a Clan cat as a kit, what would your name be?
  13. If you were a Clan cat as an apprentice, what would your name be?
  14. If you were a Clan cat as a leader, what would your name be?
  15. Do you follow and respect the Warrior Code?
  16. What rank are you?
  17. Which two adjectives describe you best?
  18. Which weather do you like the most?
  19. What is your favorite time to attack another Clan?
  20. If you were fighting, you would find that you were fighting over:

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior Cat Clan am I from? By Deathbringer2000