What Is Your Warrior Cats Status?

Warrior cats are wonderful books that are unsurprisingly popular. Many people enjoy these books and many people like to role-play them. But, what type of character are you?

Are you a kittypet, loner, Rouge/bloodclan, SkyClan, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan, or a Tribe of Rushing Water cat? find out! And thanks for taking my quiz!

Created by: Grace Deane Sloan

  1. You are a kit. What is your favorite game?
  2. You are an apprentice! This is so...
  3. As an apprentice, your favorite thing to learn is...
  4. Your a full grown cat. What do you call yourself and what do you do most?
  5. you find your heart pounding and your whiskers twitch when you see THAT cat... you know, the one who...
  6. how many apprentices do you want to train?
  7. You join the elders when you...
  8. you are deputy, and your leader is on their last life. you...
  9. You are leader! You have control. Now with unlimited freedom, you...
  10. What do you think about being medicine cat?
  11. Describe your personality.
  12. What color pelt do you want?
  13. Thanks for taking this quiz.

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Quiz topic: What Is my Warrior Cats Status?