How much do you know about Warriors?

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This quiz dives into the descriptive and intriguing books of Warriors, written by Erin Hunter. In 15 basic questions, you can see how much you know about this amazing series.

Hi everyone! As you can see, I've created a quiz about Warrior Cats. It isn't that hard, and the questions range from "The Prophecies Begin", to "Omen of the Stars." I hope you like it! Try out my other quizzes, like: "The ULTIMATE Warrior Cat Love Story Part 1".

Created by: JaysWingHalfMoon of The ULTIMATE Warrior Cat Love Story 1
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  1. Character/event time! (No effect)
  2. Where does Ravenpaw go after being threatened by Tigerclaw?
  3. What is the name of Firestar's sister?
  4. How does Bluestar die?
  5. Select any of the following mates that are related:
  6. Prophecy/finish the quote time! (No effect)
  7. The prophecy "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws." was meant to be given to who?
  8. This is an easy one: "___ alone will save the Clan."
  9. Finish the prophecy: "After the sharp-eyed jay and the roaring lion, peace will come on ____."
  10. Who is "the fourth cat"?
  11. Book time! (No effect)
  12. What is the name of the 4th series?
  13. What is the 3rd book of the 1st series?
  14. What is the 6th book of the 4th series?
  15. I hope you liked my quiz (No effect)!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Warriors?