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Hello and welcome! In this quiz you will be answering questions related with Warriors series 1-3. If you don't know what "Warriors" or "Warriors Cats" mean then you will have the permission to leave right away. For those Warriors Cats fans, this is for all you guys!

Do you know Warriors series 1-3? This will have Jayfeather, Firestar, Crowfeather and many other amazing Warriors cats characters. This whole series is made by Erin Hunter. I will and will not take credit. If you know your stuff do this!

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  1. What is the name of Firestar's sister?
  2. Why can't Spottedleaf be with Firestar?
  3. Who are Hollyleaf's, Lionblaze's, and Jayfeather's REAL parents?
  4. What happened to Greystripe before they left the forest to go to the lake?
  5. What are the current clans?
  6. How many clans are there?
  7. Who are the "Power of Three"?
  8. What was Firestar's name before he went into Thunderclan?
  9. Who loved Feathertail before he loved Leafpool?
  10. What book did Cinderpelt die in and how did she die?
  11. What item is Jayfeather obsessed with keeping?
  12. How did Feathertail die?
  13. What prophecy was for Hawkwing's death?
  14. What does Jayfeather get from Yellofang that says who his father is?
  15. Who did Firepaw(Rusty) have to fight when he got to Thunderclan?
  16. Who was Lionblaze's friend from Windclan that he pushed away?

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