What warriors cat are you?

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This quiz is going to tell you you're warrior name and about it. Sorry that I couldn't do more cats... wasn't allowed. Sorry if the pictures aren't exactly like what it explains... I tried.An idea that I made is a sheet or piece of white cardboard and making a warriors lucky dip, where you randomly place your finger in one box (draw on the cardboard) and it comes up with your warrior name prefix... then you can draw more boxes and do it for suffixes, Clans, gender, personality, pelt colouring...

People who haven't read much of warriors this is a message for you: This quiz is spoiler free! If you haven't read warriors yet and you're just trying this quiz, I recommend it to you. And wings of fire. (Warriors: Erin Hunter, Wings of fire: Tui. T Sutherland).Maybe you can make a warrior quiz of your own.

Created by: Rainfur of Warriors adventure game supadu
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  1. Out of these colours, which interests you the most?
  2. Would you rather choose the path of a medicine cat or warrior?
  3. How would you confront some one?
  4. What quote do you like the best?
  5. How would your friends describe you?
  6. What is your spirit animal out of these?
  7. What is your favourite Clan (No spoilers)?
  8. What habitat would you rather?
  9. Let fate decide!
  10. Let fate decide again... not as much pressure!

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Quiz topic: What warriors cat am I?