What Would Your Warrior Cat Name Be?

erin hunter's warriors series has thrilled readers and made them beg for more! wild cats who live in clans and have a 'warrior code' couldn't be cooler!one thing about the warrior cats is they have certian warrior names. a kit will start out as '(mothers pick a beginning ex. bramble)'kit. then, as apprentices, they become 'bramble'paw. finally, after months of training, they receive their warrior name, which the clan leader decides. the new warrior keeps their first name (in this case, 'bramble') and the leader picks an ending (such as claw, whisker, or pelt)and they become a warrior ex. bramblewhisker.

have YOU ever wondered what your warrior name would be? what would your clan leader pick? up until this very moment, all you had to rely on was your imagination! but now, with this quiz, you can find out what your warrior name would based on your personality!

Created by: nora
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what clan would you belong to if you could choose?
  2. you would consider yourself a...
  3. do you want kits?
  4. your mentor gives you the day off. you spend the day...
  5. what do you value most in friendship?
  6. at a gathering you would...
  7. if you werent a warrior you would be...
  8. what position in the clan would you most like to be?
  9. if you were contacted by starclan, who would be the deceased cat to talk to you?
  10. did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Would my Warrior Cat Name Be?