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  • Excellent! I love it, you've defiantly given us a great start and a perfect balance of information! You've got a lot of potential; it shows!

    I'm not great with ideas, but if I think of something I'll certainly let you know if you want! I can tell you through here, or, if it doesn't creep you out (LOL), you can email me. I use this for all of my quizzes, so no worries. It's HogwartsLoveQuizzes @gmail(.)com without the parenthesis.

    Anyways, I'd more than love to see you continue! This series can and will unfold into something amazing! Adore the writing style!

  • Yay! I can see Oliver is going to be in this series! Can't wait! Interesting that you decided to start from Year 1! It's more of a story and I'm excited to see what will happen!

  • this was really good just the right amount of details for my taste!! really i hope to see the next one sooner than later ;D and now with that i bid you farewell for the time....

  • Loving it! Really. Don't stop writing, that'd be terrible.

  • Thanks so much for the comments! I really enjoyed you Hogwart love stories @natuhleegayle-when 's the next one ready?!

    spotty dinosaur
  • Harry, I swear, if you were a hobo on the street, I would still love you!!!! As long as you are still you!!!!

  • LOVE IT!!! I read the thing on Oliver, and even though you didnt say his name, i knew it was him....cuz i love him!


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