A Hogwarts love story: The Philosophers Stone(part 4)

This is part 4 of the Philosopher's Stone. I think it's going quite well, but maybe I've underestimated how many parts that this might take up............

In this part of the Philosopher's stone i added in a little an argument with Harry and a small scene with Ron. It doesn't involve any kissing because you've only known him for a couple of days, and you're first years.

Created by: spotty dinosaur

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  1. "But professor,you only need one seeker in Quidditch." You say to professor Mcgonagall. "I know Ms_________, it just means that one of you won't be it;now who that person is is up to Oliver to decide." Mcgonagall walks away and Oliver tells you that you will start learning how to play Quidditch and there will also be training tomorrow, but there's a catch-you'll be trained separately and you can't watch each other. Looks like there is going to be some competition between you and Harry. How are you going to make sure that you "win"?
  2. You, Ron and Harry were walking in the castle. Ron was talking about how one of you could be the new Gryffindor seeker and that first years never make the house teams. "You must be the youngest seekers....." said Ron, "In over a century, according to Mcgonagall." Harry interrupted. Just then Fred and George came up behind you. "Congratulations ________ and Harry, Wood's just told us." Said Fred. Fred and George are on the Quidditch team too-beaters. "Our job is to make sure that you don't get bloodied up to bad; can't make any promises of course-rough game Quidditch." George said. "Brutal! None one's died in ages. People sometimes get lost...." Fred said before he got interrupted by George-"But they turn up eventually!" Have they managed to change your thoughts about being seeker?
  3. Fred and George have walked away and it's just you three again. "What if I make a fool of myself." You and Harry both said. Hermione came up to you guys from nowhere and said "You won't make a fool of yourselves, it's in your blood." You and Harry looked at each other confused, before Hermione took your arm and dragged you away so you grabbed Harry's hand and started pulling him along to. Ron just walked behind all of you. Hermione took you guys to a trophy cabinet and pointed at a trophy. On a trophy was your father's name with Seeker written above it but it wasn't a trophy for Gyffindor-it was one for Ravenclaw. There was one for Gryffindor however with Harry's father as Seeker. "Wow, you guys didn't tell me that your father's were Seekers!" Ron exclaimed. "I never knew." You and Harry said at the same time again. "Looks like it's going to be hard to decide who is going to be Seeker." Said a voice from behind. You turned round and saw Oliver looking at the trophies too. You gave him a small smile and he gave you one back, the same one that melts your heart every time. Oliver talks to you and Harry in his slight Scottish accent "Oh, i..er...." He keeps looking at you but not noticeably-just with his eyes. "I forgot to tell you that training will start at 9am and we will meet at the Quidditch playing field. Harry will go first and then it will be ___________ . I'll send Harry to get you once he's finished training." "Ok, bring it on; now it's serious!" you think.
  4. Oliver leaves before saying goodbye to you both. You all go to your lessons and then start to head back to the common room. You're all walking up the staircases talking, when the staircases start to move! Being first years you forget that the staircases move every-so-often. You're all scared about what's happening and when the staircase stops you run straight up the stairs and through the door that is at the top. It's very dark in the room but the light from outside the door makes you able to see statues covered in cobwebs; something about the room has an eerie feeling. "Does anyone else feel like we shouldn't be here?" asked Ron. "We're not supposed to be here, it's the third floor it's forbidden." Hermione told you. What is going through your head?
  5. Right then, Filch's cat walked through the door and meowed but no one seemed to notice it. The pedestal in front of Harry lit up with a flame. "Let's go." said Harry in a scared tone. You turned around to see Filch's red-eyed cat. "It's Filch's cat!" exclaimed Hermione quietly. "RUN!" Harry said and you all immediately turned around and started after him, running in the opposite direction of the cat. Every time you ran past a pedestal it lit up with flames, showing the way you went. At the end of the corridor there was another door. "Quick, let's hide through that door." You said while you were running as you were faster than everyone else. You reached the door and started trying to pull it open; but it was no use the door was locked. What now?!
  6. Of course you can trust Hermione to get you out of any situation with her intelligence. "Oh move over!" she said in a annoyed tone while shoving Ron and Harry out of the way. You moved to the side to let her get to the door. She stands in front of it, gets out her wand and says "Alohomora" The door then unlocked and you went through. "Alohomora?" Ron asked Hermione. "Standard book of spells, chapter 7." She said in hushed tones. You looked in front of you and were the first to notice, a big 3 headed dog sleeping on the floor. You were terrified so you grabbed the hand that was closest to you: Ron's. He looked at your scared expression and asked you what, all you could do was point to the dog. Ron and Hermione didn't look where your finger was pointing, they were to busy trying to get you to talk. "The door was locked for a good reason." Harry said as he saw what you were pointing at. What is going through your head?
  7. Hermione and Ron looked around to see the dog starting to stir. One by one it's eyes opened and the beast stood up. You all screamed before the dog started barking. Everyone ran towards the door, but you slipped over. Harry and Ron came and helped you back up, they stayed next to you still keeping a slight hold making sure that you don't fall over again. Once out the room you quickly close and lock the door again and make your way back to the common room. "What do they think they're doing?! Keeping a thing like that locked up in the castle!" Ron exclaimed. "You don't use your eyes do you?! Didn't you what it was standing on?!" Hermione said. "I was too busy paying attention to it's three heads that were about to attack us than it's feet." You told her. "It was standing on a trap door, which means that it wasn't there by accident. It's obviously guarding something. Now i'm going to bed before the three of you come up with another clever plan to get us all killed." She said annoyed. "You better get some rest too Harry if you stand the slightest chance at beating me to become Seeker." You said competitively. "Well your father was Seeker for the Ravenclaw's not Gryffindor. Everyone knows that Ravenclaw is terrible at Quidditch!" Harry retaliated. "You take that back! My father was a great Seeker!" You said as you lunged for the scrawny boy. Ron grabbed you and held you back before you could get to Harry. Harry didn't want to hurt you, so even though he didn't attack you he still held his ground. You were kicking and swinging your arms trying to get away from Ron. What do you feel?
  8. "Calm down_______." Ron whispered softly in your ear. His arms softened their grip around you, but you kept kicking but not as powerfully. "_______ calm down. Fighting with Harry and being tired at practice tomorrow won't help you to become Seeker." He whispered again. He was right. You cool off and stop struggling, Ron lets go of you, you say sorry to Harry and thank you to Ron. You then tell them both good night and go to bed. Who do you dream of?
  9. You wake up early that Saturday morning, wanting too say good luck and sorry one more time to Harry before he starts practice. You manage to find him in time and he acts as if last night never happened. Once he leaves you go and get changed into your week-end wear, which is also suitable for playing Quidditch. That doesn't take too long and you find yourself just sitting on the sofa in the common room waiting for your turn. You eventually get bored and go for a wander around the castle. You can see no one in the castle that you actually want to talk to. Soon though, you find someone sitting on a bench reading. He looked like he was in the same year as you but you don't recognise him. You sit next to him and say "Hi!" He turns around to face you and you see that it's Draco, but Crabbe and Goyle aren't with him. "Oh! Hello _________" He said to you. "I hear that you are going to try out for Gryffindor Seeker and so is Potter." He continued. "Yes I am actually going to practice today with Oliver Wood after he's finished with Harry." You smiled after you said Oliver's name, but you think Draco took no notice of it. "Well I might go and see if i can go mess up Potter's performance. I'd rather you become Seeker than him. After all it is kind of my fault that Mcgonagall saw him catch the remembrall-i'm the one that threw it." He said as he walked off towards the Qudditch pitch. So it's Draco's fault that me and Harry have to compete for Seeker! How do you feel about this?
  10. You sat there on the bench a while after he left, you looked at your watch and notice that it's almost been 2 hours since Harry left for practice and he'll be coming to send you to Oliver soon. You started going back to the common room because that's where he is meant to be meeting you so he know's i wasn't watching him. I make it back and sit back on the sofa; there is no one else in the room. You're so nervous that i can't keep still. Ron walks down the stairs and sees you pacing. You tell him that you're nervous, that you're not going to do very well and that you are just going to quit. Ron grabs you by the shoulders and says "Don't quit ______, you're going to do brilliantly! Harry didn't even have the guts and doesn't even have the skill that you had when you saved Neville in flying class. I bet my money that Oliver will choose you." He then hugged you and you stopped shaking, savoring this moment, you felt calm. He then let go of you and smiled. You sat back on the sofa, just waiting patiently for Harry. After a couple of minutes he came and told you to go to the pitch where Oliver is waiting for you and good luck. He looked like he perhaps fell off his broom- if he did it probably wasn't accidental especially since you know Draco went to go mess up his practice. You stand up,walk out of the common room door and head to the field. How do you feel?

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