A Hogwarts love story: The chamber of secrets(part 5)

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This is part 5 of the Chamber of Secrets. Draco's visit to you in the hospital is tonight and Harry and Ron are continuing their adventure to discover who the heir of Slytherin is!

So....i'm running out of ideas that's why some of the point of views are short and in this one Neville and Oliver only have 1 point of view each. So it would be great if you could help!

Created by: spotty dinosaur

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  1. *Oliver’s P.O.V* When I went to the Great Hall for breakfast that morning I realised that there was no way that I could pretend that it never happened. I always saw her at breakfast with Harry, Weasley and Granger-it just wasn’t the same with her not being there. I tried to distract myself from thinking about her and listened to my friends conversations; apparently Dumbledore has gotten suspended by the Ministry of Magic. I could help but think that if it wasn’t safe before, it definitely isn’t now. Today’s classes dragged on and on and teachers were becoming annoyed because I wasn’t focusing. I don’t see how I was meant to focus with the image of ____ petrified plaguing my mind. During my free period I went to go and beg Professor McGonagall if I could visit her. She agreed but I could only for a short while, I went quickly to the hospital not wanting to waste any time that I could spend sitting by her bed. When I got there in the vase on her bedside table were a bunch of flowers. I knew then that Longbottom had kept to his word, I didn’t know what kind of flowers they were and they weren’t the prettiest that I had seen before, but he must have had his reasons for choosing these. “How much longer until the Mandrakes are ready?” I asked Madam Pomfrey. “Just a bit longer Wood. They’re almost ready. Just a bit longer.” She reassured me. After a while of just sitting in her presence I left to go to the rest of my classes clinging on to the hope that she will be unpetrified soon.
  2. *Harry’s P.O.V* I was sitting in the common room, waiting for the last couple of people to finally go up into their dorms, and still feeling depressed about what had happened to _____ a couple of hours ago. After ages they left, I pulled my cloak of invisibility out from underneath me and wrapped it around Ron and me concealing ourselves from everyone. We crept out of the common room and carefully made our way to Hagrid’s hut by the edge of the Forbidden forest, making sure we went unnoticed as we passed by lots of professors and ghosts that seemed to be patrolling the entire castle. Once at Hagrid’s house I knocked on the door and no more than a couple of seconds later he opened the door with a crossbow readied to fire pointed directly at us. “Hello?!” He half-shouted cautiously. Me and Ron quickly threw off the cloak and he immediately lowered the crossbow. “What’s that for?!” I asked him worriedly. “Oh nothing. I-I I was expecting....err....It doesn’t matter. Come on in! I just made a pot of tea.” He said. We walked in and Hagrid closed the door, after giving a quick glance around the grounds for anything. He then walked over to some cups and a teapot on a table and poured some tea; he had a shaky hand whilst pouring and accidently over filled one cup. He was acting very strangely. “Hagrid, are you OK?” I asked him. “I’m fine. I’m alright.” He said rather shakily. “D-did you hear about ______ and Hermione?” “Oh yeah....I heard about that alright.” “Look...we have to ask you something...” I nervously asked before taking a glance at Ron and continuing, “Do you know who has opened the Chamber of Secrets?” Hagrid took a big sigh and started saying, “What you have to understand about that is...” but was soon interrupted by a knock at the door....
  3. *Ron’s P.O.V* After the last couple of people finally went up to their dorms me and Harry started our plan. Harry got up and pulled out his cloak which he had been sitting on, and after covering ourselves we left to go to Hagrid’s house. We had to be extremely quiet and careful because there were lots of professors and ghosts patrolling the empty halls looking for anything suspicious. Harry knocked on Hagrid’s door and soon Hagrid kicked it open holding a crossbow pointed directly at us. Quickly we threw the cloak off of us and after a moment of slight hesitation he let us come in. He started pouring us some tea but he was very nervous for some reason and over filled a cup seeming not to realise. I stood quietly in his house while Harry talked to him. Every time I looked at something or thought about something, it brought me back to the thought of _____ lying frozen in the hospital dressed in her scarlet Quidditch robes. I didn’t want to think about her, it made me more depressed and annoyed because of the thought of Oliver being there first. I was soon pulled out of my conflicting thoughts when there was a knock at the door; Hagrid quickly ushered us to get back under the cloak.
  4. *Draco’s P.O.V* I tried to pay attention in class all day, and I did most of the time but I think I was nervous about seeing _____ in the hospital tonight. I don’t know why I was though, it wasn’t like she would know I was there or could hear anything that was going on-maybe it’s because she is my best friend....I think though, that I like her a lot more than that, I mean she’s definitely better than Parkinson. After what felt like years, it was finally time to go back to the common room. It was now time for the hard part-thinking up a plan to get out of the common room without being stopped or followed by anyone. I sat on the sofa for a couple of minutes until I saw that the prefects were busy doing something and wouldn’t notice me going out. “I’m bored of just sitting here. I’m going to go out.” I whispered to Parkinson, Crabbe and Goyle. “How are we all meant to get out of here unnoticed?” Parkinson asked. “Exactly. The whole point is, is that I’m going by myself-I DO NOT want ANY of you following me. Now go distract the prefects and make absolutely sure that they do not see me leave.” I whispered sternly to them. Crabbe and Goyle went to the prefects but Parkinson just sat there as if waiting for something. “Well....go on!” I said while gesturing my hands for her to leave, “I said to go distract the prefects.” She gave me a confused look and got up and awkwardly walked away. “I do honestly wish I knew what was going on in her strange mind...” I thought to myself. I stood by the portrait hole, gave another glance to check whether anyone would notice, and left. I quietly strode down the halls, I had permission to be out but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself otherwise they would know my reason for being out and think that I had changed.
  5. *Neville’s P.O.V* At breakfast it was strange not seeing her and Hermione with Harry, Ron. Classes that day were very boring as well and quite quiet without Hermione constantly raising her hand to answer every question or ask one. I would have liked to visit _____ again but I was unable to because of the new rules; I don’t think I’ll be able to visit her except from when I replace the flowers. It’s not fair really, you should be able to go to the hospital to visit people if you want to, if the professors really wanted to they could escort you but I think it’s perfectly safe in the hospital-why would the monster need to go in there, they’re all already petrified. But I guess they are now taking every caution possible-apparently Dumbledore has been suspended. I guess it’s not safe for no one now, apart from the Pure-bloods-which includes me but I’m practically almost a Squib, I have bought a few little trinkets that are supposed to keep the monster away-hopefully they work.
  6. *Harry’s P.O.V* “Quick under the cloak, don’t say a word. Be quiet-both of you.” Hagrid whispered to us. Together we ran to the other side of the house and put the cloak once more around us. Hagrid picked up his crossbow again and opened the door, “Professor Dumbledore sir.” He said. “Good evening Hagrid...I wonder...could we?” I heard Dumbledore say from outside the house. Dumbledore and another man that I didn’t recognise walked into Hagrid’s house. “That’s dad’s boss. Cornelius Fudge. Minister of Magic.” Ron whispered but I nudged him in the ribs in case anyone heard us. Both of us stayed quiet and listened to the conversation that was happening before our very eyes. “Bad business Hagrid. Very bad business....” Cornelius said solemnly, “Had to come, 4 attacks on muggle-borns, things have gone far enough. The ministry has got to act.” “But I-I never, you-you know. Professor!” Hagrid said uneasily. “I want it understood Cornelius that Hagrid has my full confidence.” Dumbledore said. “Albus, Hagrid’s record is against him. I’ve got to take him....” “Take me? Take me where?! Not Azkaban prison!” “I’m afraid we have no choice Hagrid....” Cornelius said but I was paying attention to the door which was slowly creaking open to reveal another person standing outside. Lucius Malfoy. If it wasn’t bad enough that Hagrid was to be taken to Azkaban, ____ and Hermione were petrified and the school risked being closed because of the monster, I had a feeling that it was about to get a lot, lot worse. “Already here Fudge.” Malfoy said welcoming himself into Hagrid’s house. “What are you doing here?! Get out of my house!” Hagrid angrily said. “Believe me I take absolutely no pleasure....” Malfoy sneered while walking directly towards where we were standing and thankfully stopping right before us, “You call this a house? No, I simply called up the school and was told the headmaster was here.” “And what exactly is it that you....want with me?” Dumbledore said keeping his tone mutual.
  7. *Ron’s P.O.V* From the corner of the room we were standing in we listened to the conversations for the people that were standing in front of us. After Hagrid opened the door and greeted the people that were outside, Professor Dumbledore and Cornelius Fudge-Dad’s boss and minister of magic walked in At that moment when I saw Fudge I decided that it must be something important if the minister of magic is here. Fudge started saying that the ministry has got to do something about the attacks on the muggle-borns and then as if slightly confirming our suspicions about Hagrid opening the Chamber, he said that Hagrid’s record is against him and he has to be taken to Azkaban. I still didn’t believe that it was Hagrid who opened it, but maybe that was why he was acting so nervous? Whilst they were having that conversation the door slowly creaked open to reveal Lucius Malfoy who just welcomed himself into Hagrid’s home without permission. Draco and Lucius were so similar; they have the same sickly blonde hair, the same distaste for muggle-borns and pride in being “pure” amongst other things. Malfoy started off by insulting Hagrid’s home, but then turned to Dumbledore because he was the reason Malfoy came.....
  8. *Draco’s P.O.V*I quietly pushed open the doors to the hospital and slipped inside. Madam Pomfrey was walking down the in between the beds towards me, she must have been checking on everyone in the hospital. “Ah! Mr Malfoy! For an unknown reason I thought you’d have come earlier, but no matter. She’s over here.” She said and waved me over. I followed her passed the rows of beds being occupied by mudbloods and some that were empty. I passed by a few beds and then there, next to Granger’s bed, was where she was lying as if she was carved out of stone. I just didn’t look right, part of me half expected her just to sit up or move so I knew that she was OK; this statue was definitely not the _____ that I saw almost every day hanging around with Potter, Weasley and Granger. I don’t mind all the other mudbloods and half’s being petrified but if it means that ____ gets petrified as well then I’d rather it didn’t happen. This wasn’t the first time that I looked at her but it was the first time that I noticed the colour of her eyes, they were beautiful I’m sure but at the moment they looked glassy and it just added to the unnaturalness of how she looked. I know I’m not meant to feel this way about a Gryffindor and even worse a half-blood but I can’t help it, and from the flowers in the vase I can tell Longbottom does and there were two brooms next to each other propped up against the wall. I think she had the same broom as Potter, a Nimbus 2000, but I didn’t know who’s broom was next to hers, probably another guy that likes her as well....After a while Madam Pomfrey decided that I had spent enough time here and people would be wondering where I go to, she walked me to the doors but before I left I asked her something. “When.....when the Mandrakes are ready c-c-could you give her the draught first...?” She gave me a quizzical look and then smiled, “I’ll see. Now get back to your common room quickly and don’t waste any time getting back there-people might begin to think that you’re the heir of Slytherin!”
  9. I left the hospital and went back to the common room still avoiding all the teachers patrolling the corridors. I tried to shake the picture of her Petrified out of my head but my mind just kept comparing it to when how she usually was, always smiling and laughing and being nice. I reached the dungeons quickly and absent-mindedly muttered the password letting myself in. When the portrait door swung open I saw the six Slytherin prefects standing by the door as if they were waiting for me to come through. “Draco Malfoy! Where HAVE you been?! No one is ALLOWED to leave the common room!” One of them shouted at me. “You’re lucky that you’re not a mudblood(“Not that anyone in Slytherin is one...” The prefect on the end said spitefully) or you could’ve ended up in the hospital with the rest of them!” The second prefect angrily said. “We are going to have to take 10 points from Slytherin for this! You better hope that we will still win the House Cup!” The first prefect said; the other two just stood there not saying anything but they looked annoyed nonetheless. Once they finished speaking I just walked straight passed them giving a special glare to the one who went so far as to take points from his own house, went up the stairs to the boys dorms. “I wish I could curse them without getting anymore points taken! Ah! But visiting her was worth 10 points......But wait....how did they know I was missing?” These were the last few thoughts going through my mind before I went to sleep.
  10. Ok, so i really need you guys to help out. You can probably tell that i am running out of ideas for Neville, Oliver and Draco's P.O.V's(Not Harry and Ron's though because they are continuing with their adventure) So, if you have any idea's for P.O.V's for those characters could you post them in the comments box or email me: laughingcow2011@hotmail(.)co.uk--without the parenthesis! Thanks!

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