Which kit are you? (part 11)

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  1. Wolfear's POV: It was morning. In a couple of minutes, she and her friends would be leaving for the Tribe of Rushing Water. She shook her pelt as she stood up. Stretching her legs, she was careful not to wake up any of the other warriors. Wolfear stepped outside. The slight breeze of leaf-fall made her wish that she didn't have to leave. The fresh morning scents were around her and she decided to stretch her senses to see if she could find any prey. There was a vole by the lake. She could hear it nibbling on some food. It was fat. Wolfear decided to do some last minute hunting before she had to leave.
  2. Wolfear raced through the trees and down to the lake. The sun was beginning to rise. She didn't have much time until she had to leave. Once when she got down to the lake, she quickly spotted the vole, and began to stalk it. Moving quickly, she quickly pounced on the vole. The warm scents of it filled her nostrils and the small amount of blood was on her paws. She picked it up and placed it closed to the forest, covering it with dirt. She still had some time to hunt. Wolfear flicked her tail back and forth as she stretched her senses to see what else she could find. A piercing screech snapped Wolfear out of her hunting thoughts. Looking around, she couldn't find anything. As she started to wonder if she made it up, she heard the screech again. Snapping he head left towards the WindClan territory, she spotted a cat laying on the ground. Wolfear zoomed in her senses and saw that the cat was a she-cat and that she was giving birth. Not hesitating, Wolfear took off towards the queen. "Are you okay? What's happening?" Wolfear asked once when she got there. "Thank StarClan. I didn't think anyone would be out this early." The queen panted, trying to catch her breath. "Should I help you back to your camp?" Wolfear asked, not sure what to do. "Not enough time. They're coming now." She panted again, her face twisted in pain. Her stomach spasmed and a wet sack appeared. Wolfear wasn't sure what do to, but her body did. Wolfear bent down, knipped the sack, and started licking the little kit to get it dry. It was a black little she-kit. It started to meow in protest and Wolfear then put it next to the queen's belly. "It's a she-kit." Wolfear informed her and the queen grunted in pain as another spasm in her belly happened and another kit appeared. Wolfear immediately did the same thing she did to the first one. This was another she-kit, but instead of being all black, she was all white. "It's another she-kit." Wolfear said and then the queen relaxed.
  3. "Come on, you can't relax now. You need to get back to your camp." Wolfear said and the queen sighed in tiredness. "I don't want to go back to WindClan. They're falling apart." The queen said. "But what about your mate?" Wolfear asked. "He died in a fight against a dog. He told me that if anything were to happen and I was desperate, then go to ThunderClan. But now, I don't know if I can make it to ThunderClan." She explained. "What do you mean?" Wolfear asked. "I can see the stars now. I can see my mate. He's waiting for me." The queen said, her eyes off into a distance. "But what about your kits. You can't leave them." Wolfear said. "I don't have a choice. I can feel myself slipping away. Name the black one Nightkit and the white one Whitekit. In memory of my mate: Nightpelt and in memory of me: Whitetail. Remind them every day of who we were. Remember to tell them that they are WindClan but we want them raised in ThunderClan. Do you promise me that?" Whitetail asked. "Yes. I promise." Wolfear quickly responded and then the life began to fade away from Whitetail's eyes as she died.
  4. Wolfear did what Whitetail wanted and took back Nightkit and Whitekit back to ThunderClan. "Where have you been?" Eaglebreeze asked her, not yet seeing the kits dangling from her mouth. "Oh, nevermind. Here. Let me take one." He said as he took Nightkit from Wolfear's mouth. Then, they both padded over to Jayfeather's den. "Bring the kits to the nursery. Then, explain to me how you got them." Jayfeather said as soon as they walked into the medicine den. They dropped the kits off at the nursery and the queens were taking care of them. "Now, tell me what happened, and who's kits these are." Jayfeather said. "I was hunting and I heard a cry of help from the WindClan border. I went over there and saw Whitetail having her kits. I helped her and then she told me to bring them here to ThunderClan to be raised. Then, she died." Wolfear explained. "Why did she want you to bring them to ThunderClan?" Eaglebreeze asked. "Because she said that her mate, Nightpelt, told her that if she thought something was happening to WindClan, then she should come to ThunderClan. I guess that's what she was trying to do and then her kits came early." She said. "Well, we need to name them. How about-." Jayfeather started. "Whitetail said she wanted them named Nightkit and Whitekit, in memory of her and her mate." Wolfear interrupted and then Jayfeather nodded. "You should all leave now. It's sun-high." Jayfeather said. "Okay. We'll go get the others." Eaglebreeze said and then they both walked out into the forest.
  5. "Where's Emberlight?" Eaglebreeze asked as soon as they got to a quiet spot in the forest. "With Starfire, by the old twoleg nest." Wolfear said and then Eaglebreeze took off that way. No less than a minute later, Eaglebreeze returned. "Lightningcloud is by the stream by the WindClan border." Wolfear informed him and he went off that way. "When are we leaving?" Emberlight asked as soon as she and Starfire came within earshot. "When Eaglebreeze and Lightningcloud get here. Then, we're going to go back to camp to get the traveling herbs." Wolfear meowed and they all nodded their heads. ********TIME SKIP (just a little)******** Wolfear swallowed down the last of the herbs, trying to ignore the bitter taste. They said good-bye to their parents, and left for their journey. "How are we going to be able to even find the mountains, where the Tribe lives?" Starfire asked. "We'll find it. Just like how the first cats did. I'm sure they didn't know where they were going either, and yet, they found what they were looking for." Wolfear reminded her as they were almost where the RiverClan and WindClan border met. Suddenly, Wolfear's ears shot up, as she heard something. "What is it?" Lightningcloud asked. "There's a cat sitting on the border." Wolfear informed them as she pointed her tail towards the dot in the distance.
  6. "Should we scare it off?" Emberlight asked. "No. It doesn't seem threatening. It just seems to be waiting for something." Wolfear replied. As they walked up to the cat, Starfire said, "Fishpaw? What are you doing here?" Fishpaw looked up and seemed to be relieved. "It's Fishtail now. I'm here because both Mistystar and Willowshine wanted me to come with you. They said that I was the only one that still had good RiverClan intentions, and that I needed to remember that." Fishtail said. "Sure, you can come with us." Starfire meowed. "Now wait just a mouse-tail. The prophecy said that the FIVE need to go on this quest. Not six." Emberlight protested. "Maybe Firestar meant six. What harm can one more cat be if we just have them as an escort?" Starfire shrugged. "Fine. But I don't like it." Emberlight grumbled. "Come on. We need to get moving. We already wasted enough time." Eaglebreeze said, taking charge, and leading them to their quest.
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  9. I am soo sorry that it took me so long. I've been busy!!
  10. Keep an eye out for part 12. Oh, and please take my new series called "Night Rider". I'm almost done with part 2. Mmk, thanks. ~Meg.

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