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  • Which kit are you? (part 11)
    Your Result: Wolfear

    Wolfear is a very loyal, brave, nice she-cat. She resembles a wolf with her top half of her pelt being grey and the bottom half being white and her bright blue eyes shine when the sun hits them. Also, Wolfear will stand up for her friends if they are getting picked on. Wolfear has her mother's, (Dovewing), power, (if you didn't know then it's like super senses (really good hearing, eyesight, and smell)). Wolfear's brother is Eaglebreeze and her sister is Starfire.

  • YAY!!!! PART 11!!!!!! 8D Haha, sorry. It was awesome as always! Sorry i've been so "silent" these past few months... >.< I've been so busy, and I totally understand with this part coming out a bit late. ^.^

    Aww... not Whitetail!! That was so sad... T.T
    Can't wait for part 12!! :D

  • ur welcome, DofA! yay! cant wait 4 next!


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