Which kit are you? ANNOUNCEMENT

Well, this is mostly spoilers for The Last Hope. I got it yesterday when it came out.

La la la la la... La la la la la.... La la la la la..... La la la la..... Girl I've been all over the world, looking for you. *Skips ahead in the song* everything you want so let me get up there. I'm the Paris baby in the atmosphere. Tell me what you want so we can do just what you liiike. Oh oh oh, everything you know I'll tip it upside down. Take you from the world, you know I like it loud. Tell me what you want cause we can do just what you liiike.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Alright, so I messed up with my predictions.
  2. I got The Last Hope yesterday, April 3 2012. And if you haven't read it, then here are some spoilers.
  3. It turns out Lionblaze does not become leader, instead Brambleclaw does.
  4. Holyleaf dies by saving Ivypool from Hawkfrost during the battle.
  5. Squirrelflight becomes deputy. Brambleclaw (or should I say Bramblestar) said, when he picked her, that he trusts no one more than he trusts her.
  6. Firestar kills Tigerstar. Firestar dies when, (once when he killed Tigerstar), lightning strikes a tree and burns him. (I think. They just said there was smoke).
  7. Ferncloud also dies.
  8. Mousefur also dies in the battle. And Spottedleaf dies (again) from saving Sandstorm.
  9. And it turns out that Dovewing can hear all the way to the Dark Forest.
  10. Dovewing starts seeing Tigerheart again. And snaps at Bumblestripe.
  11. Well I got one thing right. Cinderheart chooses Lionblaze. And then Cinderpelt's spirit leaves Cinderheart, making her Cinderheart once more.
  12. I will continue my Which kit are you? Story, without changing what has happened in it. Meaning that just because my predictions didn't work out, doesn't mean that I'm just going to change my whole story because of it.
  13. Stay tuned for Which kit are you? (part 10) and of you didn't know, Which kit are you? (part 9) is out!!!!

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Quiz topic: Which kit am I? ANNOUNCEMENT