Premonitions (part 13)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. I should've known, but I forgot that you think we're something that we're not. Please tell me what you thought of this. Thanks for reading :). ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! SoccerTomboy13: don't allergies just suck? XD. Like today, me, my mom, and my sister were in the car, and I sneezed really loudly, which made my mom jump and scream a little and my sister made a really weird noise. And then my sister said, "That almost made me poop my pants." It was really funny :P. .... What was the "or else...."?

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Kelly: Jason pulled into the nearest food place that he saw: Arby's. I was told to stay in the car because of how bad I looked. I didn't protest, and they went to get the food. Pain erupted in my body as the poison spread. I shifted around, trying to get comfortable, but that didn't work. They returned and Skye handed me a roast beef sandwich and some curly fries. "You alright? You're sweating really badly." He said. "Poison's spreading." I explained. He nodded his head and walked to the driver's seat. Jason sat shot gun, so I was in the back by myself. After I finished eating, I laid down and closed my eyes. I immediately fell asleep.
  2. I was back at that castle. I was being walked down a hallway by four Shades. We walked to the throne room, and Jason, Kaylee, and Skye were all on their knees. I was walked to the middle of the room, and someone came up to me, carrying the Soul Taker. He pulled the trigger and I fell to the ground screaming. Pain erupted in my whole body as I felt the good part of my soul being ripped away from me. My dream changed and I was standing in a white room. Skye's dad was standing there. He walked up to me and I met his intimidating stare. "No matter how hard you try to escape it, you were destined to be on my side." He told me. "I don't think I am." I said, my voice as cold as ice. "You just saw it happen. It'll come true." He said. "Kaylee also saw Jason die by getting hit by a car, but he's still alive because we saved him. Sometimes the dreams are wrong." I told him.
  3. "Not this time. You know that as well as I do. You will join me, and you will kill all of your friends whether you want to or not." He told me. "How are you here?" I asked, changing the subject. "Haven't you figured it out by now? I'm a Premonition too, and I'm also a Dream Leaper. That's how I know that you'll turn." He explained. "I'm not gonna turn." I snapped. "Yes you are. And I think I know who you're going to kill first." An evil glint crossed his eyes. "Who?" I asked. "My son: Skye." He said. "Why do you want to kill your own son?" I asked. "If he was truly my son, then he would've stayed on my side. He means nothing to me. Now, he's just a pesky bug that I need to get rid of, and you're gonna do it." He declared. "No I'm not. The only person I'm gonna hurt is you and your side." I promised. "We'll see." He grabbed my left hand and pulled out a knife. "When your hand shows up with six marks, then you will turn, and Skye will be dead." He cut a small mark in the palm of my hand, by the base of my thumb. "That won't happen." I said. "We'll see, Kelly." He smiled and I woke up. I jerked up, and looked down at my left hand. Exactly where Skye's dad cut my palm, there was a cut. A thin trail of blood ran down my hand. "s---." I whispered under my breath. I wiped the blood on my pants, and tried to make it stop bleeding.
  4. "You okay back there?" Skye asked and I looked up. "Yeah, I'm fine." I smiled and then laid back down. "When are we going to get home?" Rose's sleepy voice asked. "Soon, Rose. Just five more hours. We're in West Virginia." Skye replied. "Looks like we got a tail." Jason suddenly said, now awake from his nap. "How do we lose them?" I asked as I looked out the back window and saw a black SUV following us. "I have no idea." Skye admitted. "We could get on the back roads, where there are hardly any people, and try to fight them." Jason suggested. "Worth a shot." Skye agreed and then took an off road to get to the back roads. The Shades followed us and then sped up. "They're catching up." I said. The Shade in the passenger seat leaned out the window with a gun. He started shooting at our tires and he hit one, making our car spin. Skye slammed on the brakes and we were spun into a gutter. "Get out!" Skye demanded and I unlocked the back door. I jumped out and limped over to where Jason, Skye, Rose, and Felix were standing. The Shades' car stopped, and six Shades jumped out: four guys and two girls.
  5. "Well, well, well. Looks like you didn't get very far, now did you?" One of them said and then they all pulled out their guns. "We're not gonna hurt you as long as you give us Kelly." Another one said. "You're lying." Felix said. "And how do you know that?" The Shade demanded. "He's a Lie Detector." Skye replied. "Just give us Kelly." He commanded again. "Not gonna happen." Jason said. All the Shades walked up to us and pointed their guns at our heads. "We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way." He growled. "Let's go with the hard way." Skye said and then grabbed the guy's gun, twisting it out of his hand, and throwing it on the grass. A gust of wind came and blew the guns out of the other Shades' hands.
  6. A Shade tried to grab Rose, but I pulled her out of the way. I shoved her behind me, and slowly started backing up as three Shades advanced towards us. "You could make this stop. All you have to do is come with us." He said and then nodded to the girl next to him. She ran back to the car. "I'm not going to do that." I said. "But you will eventually." He said and then the girl came running back. In her hands was the Soul Taker. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that both Skye and Jason had a Controller on them. Felix was by the car, safe from the fight. "No I won't." I said. The girl stood in front of me and we stopped moving. "Get them lined up." The guy in front of me yelled. A Shade came up behind me and tied my hands behind my back. Someone else did the same thing to Rose. They walked us back to where everyone else was, and put Rose next to Felix and Skye. Jason was next to Skye. Skye was bleeding from a cut under his left eye, and Jason was bleeding on the corner of his mouth. I wasn't put next to them. "This would've gone a lot quicker if you would've given her to us in the first place." One Shade said and then he grabbed the Soul Taker from the girl. He pointed it at me, making my heart skip beats. "Don't worry. It'll be over before you know it. All you're gonna feel is a little pinch." He pulled the trigger and a yellow light hit my stomach.
  7. I fell down to my knees and screamed in pain as I felt something deep inside of me being split in two. Then, everything slowed down. The breeze rustling the top of the trees' leaves slowed down so much, they looked like they weren't even moving. Same thing happened to the grass. The birds' chirping came very slowly. I don't know how else to describe it other than everything was in slow motion. All of the sudden, everything went back to normal, and a sonic boom came from me in all directions. Everyone flew backwards and I fell over onto my side. I didn't feel any different, and it felt like that deep part inside of me began to become one again. I sighed in relief and rested my head on the road in exhaustion. Someone came up to me and untied my hands behind my back. I sat up and saw that it was Skye. "Kelly?" He cautiously asked. I immediately hugged him and I felt him hug me back. "Oh thank God." He whispered in relief. "W-what was that?" The guy, who shot the Soul Taker at me, asked while putting his hand to his head and sitting up. The Soul Taker laid next to him, and it was split in half.
  8. Skye and I stood up and walked over towards him. "Give me the key." Skye commanded. He held out his hand towards the guy. The Shade fumbled with the keys on his belt and then handed Skye the key with the snake pattern. Skye unlocked the Controller on his wrist and it fell to the ground. I turned around and saw The Shades scattered across the ground, and tree branches all over the place. There was a crack in the road that created both sides of the street to slant inwards and our car's windows were shattered. "I'm not dead yet." The Shade behind us said and Skye and I turned around. The Shade charged at me with a knife in his hand, aiming for my stomach. Skye shoved me out of the way at the last second, and took the knife in his stomach. He fell backwards and I stared at him in horror.
  9. "You're still dying." The Shade told me. He pulled the knife out of Skye and walked towards me. I stood still, frozen in shock, as he came in front of me. My eyes never left Skye. "Look at me. I want my face to be the last that you ever see." The Shade said and forced my head to look at him, breaking my trance. Then, I remembered something. "I still have five more days." I said. "What?" He asked, taking a step back. "I still have five more days, but you don't have more than a minute." I gave him my death stare. "Five more days till what?" He asked. "Think about it." I told him and then the knife in his hand started hovering. It then flew into his heart. I didn't know if I did that, but I did know that I wanted him dead. I rushed over to Skye and knelt by him. He was still breathing, but his breath was rapid and irregular. Blood soaked his shirt and a pool of it was starting to form on the road. His hand snapped up and caught mine. "Five more days till what, Kelly?" He asked and I looked him in the eyes. "We need to get you help." I avoided the question. "Jason!" I looked away from Skye. Jason came sprinting towards us. "We need to get him to a hospital." I said as soon as Jason was in earshot. "I'm not going to a hospital." Skye said, his hand still in mine. "You're going to die if you don't." I told him and then nodded to Jason. Jason lifted Skye to his feet and then walked over to the Shade's car, since the one we stole was in a ditch. I opened up the back door and Jason put Skye in there. "Come on, Rose and Felix. It's time to leave." I called to them and they came running over. They hopped in the middle seats and I climbed in the back with Skye. Jason drove off towards a hospital. "Kelly." Skye murmured and I came over to him. "Yeah?" I asked and knelt beside him. "Will you promise me that you'll look after Rose?" He asked. "You're not gonna die." I whispered. "Just promise me that you'll look after her." He pleaded. "I can't. If I say that I'll do then you'll give up. I can't promise that I'll look after her." I told him and then grabbed an extra shirt in the compartment to the right of me. I put it over where Skye was bleeding and pressed down. "Kelly, please." Skye grabbed my left hand, making me turn and look at him. "You can't die." I said, tears starting to fill my eyes as I noticed the life leaving his. "Promise me." He whispered as we pulled up to a hospital. "I promise that I'll look after Rose." I said. "Thank you." He whispered and then laid his head back down on the floor. As someone opened up the back door, his hand fell from mine.
  10. Cliffhanger!! >:D. Please tell me what you thought, and have a lovely day/night :). ~Meg.

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