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Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Hello, and welcome to the GotoQuiz Grammys Nomination: Newest. In a moment, I will tell you the 6 nomination quiz series that I chose.
  2. Be sure to take the other nomination quizzes created by; angelic4, _ViolaLover_, and PersonXD. We all worked really hard on this so please, try to enjoy it.
  3. I will tell you the tittle of the quiz series and who it was made by. I will also be giving an excerpt of the story so you know what it's about. With no further delay, I will begin....
  4. The first quiz is called "The Mysterious Forest" by: ILuvHolister. Now, a lot of people think this series is confusing, probably because they didn't read the prologue. But, I read it, and I didn't think it was confusing. Excerpt: Narrators POV: "Huff, Huff,Huff" your running. Running through a dark forest. Nobody else is there,but you sense your not alone. You stop running and rest under a tree. You hear a twig crack. You look around and dont see anythin out of the ordinary. You stand up with a start and hear another twig crack, this time you stepped on it. What happens next is wired in your brain forever. You hear footsteps and see a black shadow of a... Person!? You turn to run but it grabs you. Its hand freezing cold like ice. You try to break its grip, but your hand goes through its hand. Your eyes widen and you make a huge mistake.. you scream. Unknown Person, Creature Thing POV: It is so young. What is it doing in this forest. Oh no she screamed. I didnt want to hurt it, just to examine this human she is powerful. Is she even human? I know of another you is like her a boy who is now distant at a time of great need. Maybe this one will take his place? I must hurry the evil ones surely heard the scream by now. This young girl wont stay silent!!! Oh well I didnt want to have to do this,but I have to erase some of her memories for now though I must knock her out. Narrators POV: The spector knocks you out.The spector carries you to a small house. You cant see or hear anything you cant even sense movement. You see your life flashing through. One moment you are playing in the river with your parents then it begins to rain. You see your parents loving faces, their happy faces, their angry faces. Then screams your parents crying. Then blood, blood everywhere. BLOOD. You still remember the day that happened. Eventhough you were probably around seven at the time you knew that from that day on your life would never be as carefree. You made a promise that day by the makeshift graves you made for your parents. You promised to avenge them. (kinda like in that movie Underworld) But, from that day on you were never fully the same. Years past but you only grew stronger. You didnt know weither it was pain and anger that made you so strong or something unknown to you completely. You felt like a coward for running when your parents told you too and spying in the bushes on what was going to occur next. If you had just ran you would have been spared the horror of seeing your parents die in front of your eyes, but you didnt and it scarred you for life. It taught you the one rule you abide by in the lawless forest, Trust No one. You remember training for days. Archery, sword fighting, and other stuff after your parents died. You tried to live in the house you grew up in, but the sadness and guilt overwhelmed you. Everywhere you turned you saw your parents innocent faces. The same expressions as when you saw them die. From that day onward you lived in the forest and decided to trust no one. You had few relatives, but all were either insane or violent. So you ran, and ran, and ran. Thats what youve done for a while just run. The forest had many suprises that you encountered and each one you overcame. You grew and grew into a fighter someone who doesnt run. Your POV: I woke up in a room. My eyes were quite challenging to open. It was a struggle to just open my eyes. So I gave up and fell back into the darkness that is the confines of my mind.
  5. The next one is called "10 Secrets" by: laurenblah75. This is a lovely story about a girl named Kendra who just got out of a relationship and she has ten secrets that she's never told anyone. Excerpt: My name is Kendra. I have a light tan, dark brown hair, and my eyes change from hazel to gray. I wouldn't consider myself to be overly popular, but I'm definately not unpopular. I guess I'm average. Another thing about me is that most people think that they know the true me. They dont. I'm hidding some things... Rarely do I ever reveal my darkest secrets. Up until now I haven't. There is just one person who was able to get me to spill. That would be my ex, Parker. Honestly I can't figure out why I told him. It all started around August. School was starting. I didn't talk to many people in my classes at first. The only ones I did was in english and choir. Those were the classes that my best friend was in. Her name is Melinda. Unfortunately me and Parker didn't have any classes together. My first period was English and my teacher turned out to be a real b****. She absolutly hated me. I'm not sure why because non of my other teachers hated me. On the bright side I have quiet afew friends in that class with me like Melinda. Now my second period well....HE was there. I had reading and the teacher seemed to be crazy but I was okay with that. All I can remember about the first day was HIM. He walked in and was wearing one of those weird tuxido shirts that actually wasnt a tux. We made eye contact as soon as he sat down. He has light brown hair that is perfect and his smile just melted your heart. Most of the girls at my school were in love with him, but he was never interested in any of them. Next was choir. This is my favorite class of all time. Thank goodness that Melinda was there too! This was the class where I could escape from my day to day life and get lost in music. The best part was all the trips there were! The teacher was frickin awesome and he wasn't like the other teachers. 4th period was science. I discovered i had another class with HIM. this was one of those classes i wasn't too talkative in at first. Halfway inbetween 4th period was lunch. I had 2nd lunch. I wish I had first so i could sit will Melinda, but I had to sit with my friend Kenna. There was nothing wrong with that at all, but I'm not the biggest fan of some of the other people she sat with. She was another lover of HIM too. Most people she sat with wanted HIM. Well I quickly got over it and tried to be nice. One of the people was my enemy. Her name was Lexi. She was also in my choir class. She was one of those overly popular losers too. I never have liked most of the overly popular people cause they were such jerks. Now it was 5th period. Not much happened ever cause I didn't know anyone. Besides it was math. I guess math is just meant to be boring. Now finally the last perio of the day. History. I always thought that history was boring. Man was I wrong. The way my teacher taught it made life more exciting. One more thing about this class was the fact that He was in it once again. By the end of the day I finally realized that half of my classes had HIM in there. From then and now alot has changed. Someone actually knows me and this is the story of how they got to know...
  6. The next one up, is called "So this is High School!" by: thisismyquiz. It's about a normal girl (I know right? Someone did a normal quiz series.) who goes to a new school. Excerpt: Beep!Beep!Beep!You groan and turn over in bed, slamming a fist in your alarm clock. You cautiously open one eye. Maybe the clock's wrong. Maybe it's not really your first day of school in a new town. No such luck. Your clock clearly reads 7:00, and yesterday Mom had announced you'd be starting school at Sarden Square High the next day. You sit up straight in bed and laugh as you pat your frizzy head. "Well, as Mom says, there's no time like the present,"you say. You then scramble to beat your twelve-year-old sister, Lois,to the bathroom. Mission succesful! You dive into the small aqua-colored room and hop in the shower. After this,you put your long auburn hair into a pretty fishtail braid and apply just a little make-up. "Hurry up, Lize!" Lois pounds on the door. "Coming, coming,"you huff, swinging open the door and running to your bedroom to read your bible and dress. You pick out your Got Sprite? Tee shirt, neon green and yellow denims, and Polo Ralph Lauren shoes. After this, you eat a hurried brekafast and smile briefly because Lois remembered to wear her T-shirt, too. She stylishly paired it with a bright orange plaid skirt miniskirt,citrus-fruit print leggings, and black boots. HONK! You manage a "Bye!" as you rush out to your awaiting school bus. The driver honks AGAIN as you board the bus and trip on the steps. The driver turns out to be an old man who grumbles when you fall. A light hand appears and you eagerly take it. As you regain your balance, you relize that the hand belongs to a gorgeous, tall guy with totally flippable brown locks, blue eyes and huge muscles. "You okay? Why don't you sit down?" he suggests. In a daze, you follow him. He makes polite conversation for the whole ride, while you focus on his handsome face. As you pull into the bus ramp, you catch sight of a very large brick building with silver letters that read SARDEN SQUARE HIGH SCHOOL,HOME OF THE SABERTOOTH TIGERS! "Get off. My bus," grouches the driver. "Let's go. Mr. Gram is always grumbling,"says the guy, who has identified himself as Josh Turner. All the students rush off. You lose Josh in the crowd. So, you you get to the door and see a tall, buff, tan, black-haired, grey-eyed guy helping people into the building. Ooh la la! Hottie helpers? But as you get to him, he stops holding the door
  7. Next is called "Complications" by: Flyer2473. It's a great story that has adventure and of course, guys ;). Excerpt: It your first day at the new school. Relax. You've moved around enough. The first day is always the hardest. It'll be okay though. You might get teased for your English accent, but it's happened before. You breathe out heavily as you step off the bus. Slinging your backpack behind you, you approach the cliche brick school. It looks like every other school you've seen in movies, maybe a little bigger. But, it felt.....weird. You felt weird. This has happened before, and that resulted in moving a few months later. Approaching the door, a group of boys runs into you from behind. "Sorry," one said, glaring at his friend. Always, it always starts this way. Then, a glare from the teacher as you introduce yourself. You find your locker, and start unloading your stuff. A cheeky Japanese girl opens her locker next to you. She rode your bus this morning, having sarcastic arguments with her twin brother. "Hi! It', right? That's your name? I'm Kiko. I ride your bus!" she said smiling. You give her a chance. "Yeah, hi." you say, trying to be friendly. "Hey Kiko! Whose your new friend? Hmm, she's cute!" her brother said, coming up behind you. You laugh. "Don't, he's just joking-" Kiko started. "I'm Ryan. And you must be __?" he said shaking your hand. "Yeah, that's me." you say. "Oh, she's exotic!" Ryan said. "If you call English exotic, then yes. I lived there for a good while." you say. Ryan was funny. Kiko rolled her eyes. "Come on __, you should get to your class now. Where's your first period class?" you find out that you and her have the same few classes. She shows you where it is, talking about how weird her brother was. She was funny, and you felt the strangest, deep connection that meant you and her shared more than just a few classes. You walked into the classroom laughing and smiling, something that hadn't happened since you moved to the States. The other kids were sitting on desks, goofing around and just, well, being kids. The teacher walked in as the bell rang. He was a short, stout man, not fat or thin. He had a pink, piggy face under a curly mustache with rolled up sleeves. "Come on, take your seats!" her said. Kiko took me to sit in the back. I took a seat in-between her and a skinny boy with black hair that covered most of his face. I noticed him looking over at me. I smiled, and immeadetly felt a sharp pain behind my eyes. He must have felt it too, because he rubbed his temples like me. I looked back over at Kiko, who was doing the same. I looked up at the front, feeling foggy and started to see colors infront of me. "-good to see you all back. And I see we have someone new. Miss, please come to the front." the teacher said. I barely heard him, but went up, trying to collect myself. "I-I'm __, I was born and raised in England. I'm __ years old. I-" You stopped, feeling an intense pain in my head. You dropped to my knees, clutching my head. My ears were ringing, but you could hear a whispering. You couldn't make anything out, but you saw Kiko and the other boy doing the same. Your vision clears, and you look up to see you were lying on the ground, surrounded by people. Kiko was there, looking pale. The boy was gone. A nurse gave you a glass of water. "Are you alright? You must have blacked out." she said. You just nod, and allow a stranger to help you to your feet slowly. "Why don't you and Kiko come back to the nurse station and I'll call you parents." said the nurse. Feeling dizzy still, you and Kiko follow the nurse throughout the hall. You go to a bright room with two beds. The nurse turns off a set of lights, making the room comfortably dimmer. She calls Kiko's parents first. "That was weird." she said. "Yeah, it was like, all of the sudden, I'm on the ground with my head pounding.....did....did you..." you start, about to ask her of she heard the whispering. "Yeah. Yeah, I heard it. It said.....Uh, something like 'the complications are too great. Discover...'. Or was that just me?" "I couldn't understand much. Should we tell the nurse?" you asked. "I don't think so. We'll go through all kinds of tests. And I KNOW il not crazy." You both laughed. The nurse finished her calls and gave you both more water and medicine before sending you to your other class. "Time to introduce myself again. Maybe it wont turn out so bad this time." you joked. You and Kiko retrieve your stuff from the classroom and overhear the teacher and another staff member talking. "-she's more powerful than we thought. They all are." one said. "Where did you say Simon went after?" was the reply. "I don't know, but he just disappeared when __ collapsed." "Well, we need to find him." the staff member left, and you and Kiko hurried out of the room.
  8. Next is "Unfortunate Story" by: RinRin. This isn't a story what people would think. There are no special powers and no boys. Just a girl with bad luck. Excerpt: Hello, dear readers, my name is Fukōna, which in japanese translates to mean 'unfortunate.' Hmm, but for me... unfortunate doesn't sum it up quite well. What I mean, is that everything most certainly does not go my way! Oh, I should proabably finsh my introduction, shall I? As I had said before, my name is Fukōna. I am of the age of 17-years-old and I live alone in an apartment. My reasoning for living alone is that, my family has died. Oh, I shouldn't say it like that! My mother had died shortly after I was born, of an illness, the illness was not clearly read to me at that time, of course because of me being an infant at the time, but later on no one ever mentioned it to me then either. But I guess it wasn't truly important, if no one would have ever wanted it to matter, they'd have told the daughter of the woman, right? As for my father, he died in a car accident when I was in middle school. Truly grusome actually, but I wouldn't want to get into the details. I am all alone in the world... Well, that isn't entirely true. I have friends, actually only two, so it just barely counts as 'friends' I guess. Their names are Sekai, and Kaito. Anyway, I should get on with what has happen and IS happening in my life.. The alarm clock in my room at sounded, signaling that it was time for school... Great... "Oh, great, it's morning," I got up out of my bed and checked the clock. 5:30 a.m. why do I always set my clock so early? I stretched, and then went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, took a shower, etc. I exited the bathroom and went to my closet. "What to wear... Oh, wait it's Friday I have school, duh. School..." I really didn't like school, well, I mean who does, though? After I got dressed in my school uniform, which is a black skirt, a black long sleeve, sailor kind of top, with a red ribbon around my collar. I went into the kitchen and made myself some eggs, scrambled, and toast. I sat down at the table and read a novel while I was eating. Once I finshed I went back to my room, to grab my bag. When I found it, it had rips all on the front. Ooh, why did it have rips? School Uniform? Those suck. 6. 'Hmm, well the neighbors cat must have snuck in here again. But, if I remember correctly, I did lock all of the doors last night..' I thought to myself, it doesn't really matter, anyway, still useable. I went outside my apartment door, and locked it, just incase cats try to sneek in while I'm at school. I went down the elavator in my apartment building, since I'm on the 5th floor, it's a big building. Elvators had always creep me out since I was little. I thought, 'What if it collapsed? What if I fell? Would I be crushed?' I still haven't gotten over the fear, but it's lessened. Once I exited the building, and walked a considerable ammount, I met up with Sekai. Sekai is calming, and peaceful girl. She wouldn't do anything reckless what-so-ever. She had brown hair, a little past her shoulders, like mine, but it was a lighter color, she also had light colored blue eyes. I have pale green eyes, in a way, people sometimes think we're related because we look somewhat alike. But we're nothing alike.
  9. Last, but certainly not least, we have "Entwined" by: Posion Rain. This is an amazing story about a girl named Amber. She does have special powers and so does her best friend, Tyler. She meets four guys and a girl, and they have powers too. There is action and drama in this story that make it great to read and makes you always wanting more. Excerpt: "Amber could you man the front desk. Josh got sick and I had to send him home." Mr.McClain poked his head around the wall. I put the book on my lap. "Sure Mr.McClain. I don't mind." He looked like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He puffed a sigh of relief. "Thanks Amber." And with that he was gone. Probably to his office where he practically lived now a days. I put my book in my locker and locked it with my purple lock. Everyone else had a gray or blue one but I had convinced Mr.McClain to let me have a diffrent colored one. Only as long as I bought it - which I guess was fair enough. Before I leave I check myself in the mirror by the door. My black hair is pulled into a low ponytail, heightening my facial features. My eyes are almond shaped with long eyelashes that guys always got and almost no girls had. My eyes are a diffrent color, bright blue with silver around my pupils. My full lips are a deep pink - even though I never wear make-up. I staighten the name tag on my shirt and walk out the door. The front desk is the best place to work. People don't really bother you and don't pay you attention either. I put my password into the computer and wait for it to load. My employee account comes up and it tells everything about me. Most of its a lie that's on there. Like who my parents are and my last name is diffrent. I sigh - again wishing for the zillionth time that my life could be normal and all I had to worry about was grades at school and what I'll do when I'm older. I hear Tyler dismissing his class and soon the lobby is full with body's trying to leave faster than everybody else. Someone puts there hands over my eyes. "Guess who?" I laugh. Tyler is such a idiot. "Umm, is it the really annoying karate tecaher?" I ask. He chuckles and lets me see again. "Sure if you want to call me that. But I like the title 'Sexy karate teacher' way better." He comes around to the front. "But it wouldn't fit on a name tag so I think I'll stick with my real name." Suddenly his phone rings and I jump. "Little jumpy?" He wiggles his eyebrows at me. I cross my arms over my chest. "Just answer that dang phone." He takes his phone out and groans. "Its Kelly. Again." I have to cough to cover my laugh. Kelly is his reall pushy girlfriend. She calls him everyday. And everyday I try telling him that he should break up with her. But the only response I get is, 'I know, but I want to wait to break up with her.' It so does not make sense, but I can hardly say anything. He shoves the phone into my hands. "Please answer it for me." I give him my famous 'Why?' look. "Just say that I'm talking to the boss." I flip open the phone. "Hi Kelly." There's a pause and then, "Amber, is that you? Where's Tyler?" "He's talking to our boss." "Wait, why would you pick up the phone?" She has anger laced in her voice. "I heard the phone ringing and picked it up. Ya' know, just in case it was important." Man, she is a hard person to convince. "Well tell him that I called." And with that she hung up. I hand back his phone. "What did she want?" "If you want to know, then call her back." He scowles at me. "Come on. You know how Kelly can be. She is really getting on my nerves and I think I'm gonna brake up with her soon." I do my best-bad face of surprise. "Really? But Kelly is so nice." A paper hits me in the face. I peel it off to see Tyler laughing at me. "Sorry. I couldn't help myself. YOU got on my nerves." I sniff the air. It smells clean and fresh with only a hint of mint. Not at all like a bunch of sweaty people just had walked out of here. "You really shouldn't use those powers in here, and we both promised not to use them while at work." He just smiled that cocky smile. "Come on, lighten up. Or mabey you can teach me a few moves." "Go to hell." I muttered. "Sorry," He put his hand behind his ear, "what did you say?" That's when I saw four guys walk in. "Nothing. Make yourself scarce. Some people need to work." I stand and push on his shoulders to make him leave. It doesn't work so I push him harder - while using air - and he jumps a good three inches back. He just smiles. "That's my girl." And with that he walks back into his dojo.
  10. Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you read them.
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