The Lightning Girl (part 2)

Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean I'm stupid, it just means I have better hair than you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER, LILY. April 13, 2012.

Recap: Introduced you to the powers and you just ran outside to get on the bus.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. As soon as we stepped on the bus, I could tell that we were one of the last stops because there were so many people. It got really quiet as people stopped talking and stared at us. 'Come on, I see two empty seats in the back.' Ed told us through our minds. Then Ed, Anna, Ethan, and I walked down the skinny aisle towards those two seats, ignoring the stares and whispers. As soon as they saw where we were walking to, I heard gasps and one girl said, "Don't sit in those seats." "Why not? They're the only ones empty." Ed said. "But that's where Hanna sits." The girl replied quietly. "What? Her fat ass takes up two seats?" Ethan said. "She will get mad if you sit there and she will beat you up. She's the best fighter at our school." Another girl our age said. "I think we can handle her loosing her temper." We all said at the same time and then continued walking towards the empty seats.
  2. I sat next to Ethan and had the aisle seat while across from us, Ed had the aisle seat. The bus pulled to a halt a couple of minutes away from our house. A girl our age stepped on the bus and I knew that it was Hanna. She had brown hair that was curled, dark brown eyes, and she was wearing a short pink dress with black high heels. 'Whatever she does or says, do not let your animal spirit overcome you.' Ed said in our heads and we all nodded. Oh yeah, forgot to mention the animal spirits. Well, each one of us has an animal spirit. Mine is a cheetah, Anna's is a fox, Ethan's is an eagle, and Ed's is a wolf. They overcome us everytime an emotion spikes up inside of us. As soon as she stepped on the bus, it became deadly silent. She looked our way and a scowl came across her face. She quickly walked towards us. "What are you doing in my seats?" Hanna demanded while pointing her finger at us.
  3. "Sitting." Ed simply replied. "Well those are my seats." She said, getting angry. "I don't see a name tag." I said. "Shut up." Hanna told me while glaring at me. "Make me." I threatened as I stood up. "I will." She said and then raised her right arm and made a fist, like she was going to hit me. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Ethan told Hanna, but it was already too late, and Hanna attempted to punch me. I grabbed her fist that tried to hit my face, grabbed her other wrist so her arms were crossed, and then kneed her in the stomach. I then flipped her over my head and she landed with a thud on her back. Did I mention that we are all experienced fighters? "I told you not to do that." Ethan said to Hanna in a rubbing-it-in-your-face tone.
  4. Hanna just groaned in reply and I sat back down, next to Ethan. 'That bus driver is really smart.' Anna sarcastically thought to me. 'Ha, she sure is. I wish these people would stop staring at me.' I thought back as I realized that everyone on the bus was staring at me in shock. 'Dude, you flipped a girl over your head. You may not like it, but people are going to stare.' Ethan thought to us, butting into our conversation. 'Well, there goes my chance of trying out normal. Good luck guys.' I telepathically told them and they all smiled. Hanna slowly got up, off of the floor, and she turned towards me saying, "You may have beaten' me this time, but I'll get you the next." "Keep telling yourself that." I replied and then smiled at her, making her more angry. Before she could say something back, the bus pulled into the school parking lot and everyone got off.
  5. Anna, Ed, Ethan, and I walked towards the guidance council's office to get our schedules. When we picked those up, we compared them and I had 1st, 4th, and 6th period with Ethan, 2nd and 5th with Anna, and 3rd and 7th with Ed. We all had the same lunch period. After looking over our schedules, Ethan and I went to 1st period, which was science. It was already 15min after the bell rang. Ethan opened the door and we seemed to have walked right into the middle of a lecture. The teacher stopped talking as all eyes went towards Ethan and I. "Well, hello there. You must be our new students. I'm Mrs. Mercer. Please, introduce yourselves." Mrs. Mercer said. "I'm Alana Smith." I said. "And I'm Ethan Smith." Ethan said. "Five questions." Mrs. Mercer told the class. "Where did you move from?" A guy in the back asked.
  6. "Rhode Island." I replied. "Do you have any siblings?" A girl asked. "Yep. Another brother and another sister. We're quadruplets." Ethan answered. "What are their names?" A girl asked. "Ed and Anna." Ethan and I both replied. "Does that happen a lot?" Some guy asked. "Yep." We answered. "Alana, have you ever been in a fight before?" A familiar voice asked and I realized that it was Hanna. "Yep." I replied through gritted teeth. "How many?" Hanna asked. "Hasn't it been five questions already?" Ethan asked Mrs. Mercer. He knew I didn't like talking about it. In the last battle against the Dark Side, our parents were killed. That was a week ago. That was the last fight I've been in, except for this morning.
  7. "It has, but if they have more questions, then they must be answered." Mrs. Mercer told us. "So, how manta fights have you been in, Alana?" Hanna pestered. "Too many to count." I replied. "Was it 4, 5, 6, 7-," Hanna asked. "I've been in 40 fights." I said as I cut her off. "How many of those did you win?" Hanna asked. "All of them but one." I replied, clenching and unclenching my fists. "Is that why you moved? Because you got into so many fights?" Hanna asked. "No. We moved because our mom got a job transfer." Ethan lied. "I'm done with the questions." Hanna declared while leaning her back against her chair.
  8. Mrs. Mercer nodded. "Alright, Ethan, you can sit next to Paris." She said while gesturing to a girl with straight brown hair and light green eyes, "and Alana, you can sit next to Ashton." Mrs. Mercer said while pointing to a guy with blonde hair and deep blue eyes with flecks of red in them. When I saw his eyes, I froze, but I quickly regained my composer and forced myself to walk towards the empty seat. Ethan must've saw my hesitation because he asked, 'What's wrong, Alana?' 'Look at Ashton's eyes.' I replied as I sat at the table in the back, next to Ashton. Ethan did a side glance and once when he saw his eyes, Ethan's eyes went as wide as an owl's. He quickly forced himself to make his eyes go back to normal size. "Hi, I'm Ashton." Ashton said as he smiled at me. "Alana." I said, "Cool eyes."
  9. "Thanks. There's a story that goes along with why I have two different colors in my eyes. It's said that on a certain day in some people's life, they get a power and their eyes change a little, depending on which power you get determines what color will be in your eyes." Ashton said in a joking tone. Some girl behind us groaned, " Don't worry. He says that to every new person just to make himself seem cool. But we all know that there's no such thing as powers or any other stuff like that." She told me. I just nodded in response and tuned out for the next 10min or so until Ashton said, "Have you really been in 40 fights?" "Yeah." I replied quietly. "Was it with people at your old school?" He asked. "No, and I really don't wanna talk about it." I told him as images of my mother and father dying in front of Ed, Anna, Ethan, and I came rushing into my head, and I was reliving the battle. I just got done killing a guy with my sword when someone came up behind me, made me drop my sword, and pinned my arms against my back. I looked around and noticed that the Dark Side had my whole family like how I was. We were the only ones left.
  10. "I have finally defeated the Light Side!" The King of the Dark Side declared while throwing his arms in the air, "Kill them." He ordered. The people that had my mom and dad, forced them to get on their knees. Then, some guy walked towards them and killed them, with one swipe of his sword. I was in too much shock to realize that the guy holding me, forced me on my knees. I would've died if Anna didn't save me. She screamed and large earth pillars came out of the ground, trapping the Dark Side. That was when she for her power. That battle was a week ago. "Alana. Come on, it's time to go to our next period." Ethan said, but his voice was distant as I kept on replaying the part where my parents died in my mind. "Why is she starting to cry?" That was Ashton's voice. "s---. Come on, Alana." Ethan said while shaking me. He finally got me out of my flashback and I realized that a tear came down my cheek. Ethan let out a sigh of relief as my eyes came back into focus. "What happened?" Ashton asked, completely confused. "Did you see it again?" Ethan asked me, ignoring Ashton. I nodded in response and hugged Ethan. "Let's go to class now." Ethan said. We went to class and the rest of the day went by as a blur.
  11. ****TIME SKIP TO THE END OF THE DAY**** Ed and I were walking towards our bus. "Ethan told me you had a flashback back to the battle." Ed said. "Yeah, and I don't think we're the last people with powers." I told him, changing the subject. "Who else could there be? We were the last people on the battle field." Ed said with a shocked expression on his face. "Yeah, but remember, we split up into tow groups. We don't know how many survived in the other group." I reminded him. We got close to our bus and saw....
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Please comment and rate and please take my other quiz called Solstice.

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