The Cursed One (part 9)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it :D. Welcome to part 9!! I am currently typing this while charging my iPod and sitting upside-down in my chair, with my feet on the wall.

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! For everyone who takes my series "The Lightning Girl": I'm still writing it, but it's just become difficult for me to write it. I blame.... Writers block. I might be able to get part 7 up sometime this month. Alright, well, please comment and rate. Thanks ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. It's been a month since I turned. I've been mentally fighting myself from hurting people. I would occasionally "miss" one of the demigods and hit a monster.  Gaea has surprisingly been patient with me. It seems like she knows that the more she commands me to do something, the less I'll be able to fight the urge to help someone. She even gave me a sword, which I proved to be quite deadly with, and hurt or kill someone with remarkable accuracy.  Right now, I'm kneeling in front of Gaea as she gives me orders to go somewhere else to fight. I'm not in my red shirt that I was in when I left the hotel. I'm now in the same type of shirt but instead of red, it was black. We are in her underground palace. 
  2. "I'm putting you and my best army in Manhattan to attack your old camp. You will be in charge, am I clear?" Gaea asked.  "Yes, Gaea." I automatically said.  "Good, because you're leaving now." She said and I bowed my head in response and walked towards the monster army, catching a glimpse of Gaea smiling evilly.  When I stood in front of the army, the ground below us started moving and it shot us up out of the ground and we stood at the bottom of Half-Blood hill.  I didn't hesitate to start marching up the hill. All of the monsters had on armor and I was the only one who didn't have any on. I drew my gold sword as we were halfway up the hill.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone jumping from one tree to another. I instantly manipulated the waves around the person and forced them to come in front of me. When I set them down, I saw that it was Travis, and he was no doubt, on watch. 
  3. "You should be more careful next time when you jump from tree to tree." I told him, my voice as cold as ice.  "This isn't you, Megan. I know you don't want to do this." Travis said.  "When are you guys going to get it through your head? The Megan that you knew, is gone, and she's not coming back." I told him.  "She's still in there. She's fighting you, I can see it in your eyes. They keep on flickering from purple to blue." Travis told me.  "You don't understand, do you? I am Megan. I'm the part of her that she has locked up. Everyone has evil inside of them. You do, I do, and everyone else does." I told him.  "Shall we kill him?" One of the monsters asked me and an evil smirk came across my face.  "Yes." I said and then that monster started advancing towards the frozen Travis.  At the last moment, I let Travis go, the switch inside of me turned off, and I killed the monster with my sword. I felt my eyes turn back to normal and I saw Travis grinning at me.  "Well, don't just stand there. I'm not gonna be like this forever. Go tell everyone else." I yelled at Travis as I turned around and killed another monster coming towards me.  When Travis was out of earshot, the switch inside of me came back on, and I blocked a monsters attempt to kill me.  "I'm back, idiot." I told him and then turned around and continued to march up the hill. 
  4. When we reached the top, four monsters took care of the dragon guarding the camp and I deactivated the magic barrier. Once I deactivated it, all of the monster rushed forward, and I ended up being in the middle of the army.  I wave of swords clashing and people yelling washed over me. A fire came up and divided us from them. Cheers of happiness came from the demigods, but that quickly died down when they saw me come up to the front of the line.  "If you wanted fire, why didn't you just say so?" I said evilly as I made a fire appear in my right hand and I threw it at the front line, making them back up.  Just then, water came crashing down on me, and I was soaked.  "What about water?" Percy asked innocently, "The old Megan would probably be laughing right now." He said.  "Trust me. She is, and it's annoying." I said and I heard laughing inside of me as I set myself on fire to dry myself off.  I made the fire line disappear and all the monsters rushed forward again. I ended up getting shoved over to the lake shore and I started fight the first demigod I saw, which was Dylan. He had his night black sword and he deflected my first attempt to slice him in half. He seemed a little surprised at who he was battling at first because this is the first time I fought him with a sword. 
  5. "Megan, stop. You don't wanna do this." Dylan said as he deflected another one of my blows.  "That was the old Megan. I'm the new one. Get that through your head that she's never coming back." I yelled at him as our swords met again.  "Oh yeah? Because we all heard what the old Megan did for Travis. She saved his life and told him to come back and warn us about your attack. Even if you didn't save his life, he would still be alive because of the spell that you did five months ago. Remember? We can't get killed in battle." Dylan told me as our swords met with such power, that we both had to drop them so our arms wouldn't break.  "True. You can't be fully killed in battle but, drowning doesn't count." I told him menacing and confusion went across his face until he saw that he was standing on the edge of the pier that we were on.  "Megan, I know that you don't wanna do this. If you kill me,  then I know that you will hate yourself for the rest of your life." Dylan told me.  "That part of me is gone. Prepare to die." I told him as I slowly started walking towards him.  "Megan, stop." Dylan told me as he held out his hands in a "stop" position.  I instantly manipulated the wave around him and managed to make the waves lift him off the ground and push him out, over the water.  "Yous should probably know that the old Megan is trying so desperately to get out and stop herself from killing you." I told him and then made the waves push him into the water as I walked to the end of the pier.  I saw the Nyaids trying to help Dylan, but I made a force field around him so they couldn't get to him. I saw him starting to struggle and slowly break free of my waves. So, I quickly dived into the water, landed on top of him, and pushed him deeper into the lake. I could feel him starting to loose his battle with staying alive as he began to inhale the water. I could also feel the switch inside of me beginning to turn off. As Dylan went limp, the switch inside of me turned off, and I quickly pulled him up to the surface. 
  6. When I broke the surface, I tried my best to keep Dylan's head up and out of the water, as I swam to the shore. I reached the shore and set Dylan down gently. I didn't know mouth-to-mouth so I didn't wanna try that. Just then, an idea came to me and I decided to do it.  I gently put my left hand over his heart. A sick feeling came into my stomach as I couldn't feel his heartbeat and I started crying a little as I realized what I just did. I then gently put my right hand over his neck and tried to move the water out of his lungs, so he could cough it up.  After two attempts of trying it, it finally worked, and Dylan coughed up the water.  "Oh my gods, Dylan, I am so sorry." I told him was I wrapped my arms around his neck in a hug and he wrapped his arms around me.  "Are you really back?" He asked me.  "For now, but not forever." I told him as I pulled away.  He rolled over and coughed up a little more water.  "Stay right there and don't move. I'm going to go get some help while I still can. I bet Percy knows what to do." I said as I got to my feet and quickly ran to the massive fight.  When I reached it, I saw Percy battling a huge monster, and one was about ready to come up behind him and slice him in half. I reacted quickly and shot the one behind him with an arrow. I then did the same to the one that Percy was battling and they disintegrated. His shocked face put a smile on my face.  "No time for happy reunins. Dylan is down by the lake. He kinda drowned and I saved him. He'll explain the whole story, just get down there." I quickly told him and then he ran down to the lake.  I concentrated really hard on all of the monsters. I then set them all on fire and they all disintegrated, leaving shocked and confused faces across the demigods. 
  7. "Megan? Did you do that?" I heard Jason ask me.  "Yep. And I should probably leave before I turn again." I told them as I started backing up towards the camp entrance/exit.  "No, wait. We can try and get that bracelet off of you." Will told me.  "It's not the bracelet." I told them as I took it off.  "Then what is it?" Conner asked.  "Jason, remember last year when that monster shot me with that poison dart? Well, that's what it was. It wasn't poison or else I would've died when it entered my body. It was something to place all of these horrible and cruel thoughts in my head. I thought I kept it locked up but, Gaea opened it inside of me at the hotel room when she touched my wrist. The bracelet is just there for decoration. It doesn't do anything. I was just too lazy to take it off." I explained to them as I threw it down onto the ground.  "Then, how do we stop it?" Annabeth asked.  "I don't know. The only way I can think of right now is for me to have some sort of surgery and take it out. All that needs to be done is to get that bullet out of my back, where it shot me." I replied.  "How do we keep you from turning and using your powers?" Alaina asked.  "I've actually thought about this. I know right? I was thinking-." I started to say.  "Back to the topic." Dakota said.  "Oh, right. We could get those chains that keep me from using my powers." I said. 
  8. "Where are we going to get those chains though?" Jason asked.  "Well, Ethan had one when he tried to kidnap me. So, we could just use that." I replied and then I felt like something was flickering inside of me.  "Here's the chain." I heard Ethan say as he walked up to me and put the chain around my waist, but I barely noticed as I concentrated on trying to keep myself from turning.  "Now, where do we keep you when you turn?" Annabeth asked, but I ignored her, and I probably looked really weird because I most likely looked like I was frozen.  "Megan? You there?" Jason asked.  "Yes. I'm trying to keep myself from turning right now." I snapped at them.  "Alright, but where do we keep you?" Annabeth asked again.  "We could try the secret bunker." Leo said and they all agreed.  "It's not a secret if everyone knows about it." Piper pointed out.  "Okay, whatever. Get me to the bunker." I quickly told them and Leo took the lead and started running around to the other side of the lake, passing Percy and Dylan on the way, who both looked confused.  "Come on, sprint faster." I yelled at Leo when I started running right next to him, the mob of demigods running behind us.  "How can you run and talk at the same time?" Leo huffed as I started seeing the metal in a hill, which was probably the bunker.  "I'm frickin' talented. Now hurry up and open that door thingy." I said as we stood in front of it. 
  9. Leo lit his hand on fire and pressed it onto the door. It opened up and some dimly lit lights was the only thing giving off light.  "Alright, I'm going to need about five of you to stay with me to make sure I don't break any of this stuff." I said as I pointed to everything on the tables.  "I'll do it." I heard Dylan automatically say.  "And us." The Stoll brother said.  "And me." Percy said.  "And me." Jason said.  "Great. Now, Will, I need you and our other brothers and sisters to get some sort of operation table set up so you can get this thing out of me." I ordered.  "We'll knock on the door when she's back to normal." Percy said as we all stepped inside and the door closed behind us.  "Alright, locked in a dimly lit room with our crazy and powerful quarter-sis. What could go wrong?" Travis said sarcastically as he sat on the dusty floor.  "Yeah, it is kinda dark in here. Can you make it more bright, Dylan?" I asked.  "Why don't you do it?" Percy asked me.  "Because I'm the smart one and had Ethan put the chain on me so I won't go psycho with my powers in here." I replied and then Dylan lit the candles along the room and the ones hanging from a chandler.  I started pacing back and forth as I was literally having a mental fight with myself. It was some sort of weird vision thing of me fighting the bad side of me.  The bad side of me cut the good side of me on my left cheek and I felt blood on my face.  "How did you get that cut on your face?" I heard Dylan ask me and I stopped pacing to look up at him.  "What do you mean?" I asked, completely confused.  "There's a cut on your left cheek." Dylan replied and my hand went up to my cheek and I felt warm blood on my fingertips.  "How is that possible?" I whispered to myself and then I felt the bad side of me cut my right upper arm as I was literally flown into my mind and I started battling the bad side of me.
  10. I dodged her attempt to try and cut me in half.  "You do realize that if you kill me, you kill yourself, right?" I asked as I dodged another swipe of her sword.  "And you do realize that I don't care, right?" She retorted.  I dodged another swipe, but she managed to nick me on my right side, which gave me an idea. I grabbed Nekros from it's sheath and cut a small part of my lower back open, right where the bullet was. I winced a little in pain before I tried to dig the bullet out.  "What are you doing?" The bad side of me asked as her image started to flicker when I started digging out the bullet.  "Do you honestly don't know?" I asked and then pulled the bullet out. 
  11. I flashed my eyes open and found myself staring at the guy's worried faces.  "I'm fine, and I got the bullet out." I told them as I held up my right hand, which was covered in my blood.  "You were passed out and in that time you were knocked out, you got the bullet out?" Conner asked.  "Yep. I was literally having a mental fight with myself. Which is how I got these cuts on me, and I now probably have a hole in my back." I explained.  "Well, let's see. Flip over." Conner said.  "No, I really don't wanna. I'm really sore right now and super tired. Did you know that I haven't slept for a month?" I said and then they started protesting and I ended up being thrown onto my stomach. I groaned in pain when I landed and tried to flip back over onto my back but someone held me down.  "Holy crap, that's a pretty big hole in your back. It looks like you're going to need stitches." Travis said.   "Since when did you become a doctor?" I sarcastically asked.  "You should see the size of it. And blood is just like pouring out of it. And the cut on your side is really deep. We need to stop the bleeding somehow." Conner said.  "Nope. We can stop the bleeding in a little while. In the meantime, why don't you take this chain off of me and we can go bang on the door so we can get out of here?" I suggested as I tried to get back up, but Dylan kept me on the ground.  "Stop moving." He told me and that left me confused.  "Why?" I asked.  "Because there was poison on that sword. And when the bad side of you cut you, it got into your system." Travis said.  "Go knock on the door and tell Will what's happening, while we stabilize her to keep the poison from moving to her heart." Conner said.  "You don't have to stabilize me. If what you're saying is true, then I won't move." I told them as Jason started banging on the door.  "That means no talking." Travis said.  "Oh that will not last very long." I said.  "Sshh." They all yelled at me. 
  12. The door opened and Jason told Leo what happened and then someone from the Hermes cabin started running towards the cabins.  Five minutes later, I started to feel a sharp pain in my right side where I got cut. I twitched and started panicking a little. Dylan put his hand on mine and it calmed me.  A couple seconds later, Will came in with a medical kit and some sort of machine.  "Good. You guys did exactly what I told you to." Will said and I opened my mouth to speak but I started getting the "shut up" look from everyone else and I closed my mouth.  Will put a plastic tube on my cut and hooked it up to the machine.  "Alright, this might hurt.... A lot, so she might need something to hold on to so she doesn't scream or something." Will said.  "Wait, how badly will it hurt her?" Dylan asked as he took my other hand in his.  "Think of being run over by a train, twice. Now if you multiply that pain by ten, you're about halfway to what this will feel like. Percy, hold her feet so she doesn't move them when I turn this on. Alright, here we go." Will said and then turned on the machine before anyone could say anything else. 
  13. Well, it felt like how he described it, and I instantly tensed up. I dug my hands into Dylan, which threw him off guard, Will was having a difficult time trying to keep the plastic tube in place as it started to slowly pull the poison out, my eyes were squeezed as tight as could be, my jaw was hurting from clenching it so tightly to keep me from screaming, Percy was having a difficult time keeping my legs still (especially my left one because it's stronger), and they were all having an extremely difficult time keeping me from getting away from them.  "Jason, Travis, and Conner! Get in here and help us!" Will yelled as I almost managed to get the plastic tube out of me.  I heard footsteps rushing towards us and then more hands kept me from moving. Someone held down my left leg while someone held down my right leg, someone else helped Will from making sure the tube was in the right position, and the last person helped Dylan from making the upper half of my body moving.  I tried my best to break free and I managed to get my left leg out of that person's grip. I kicked them and I heard a thud and Travis's voice mumbling some Greek curse words. I then kneed whoever was helping Will, which turned out to be Jason, and he lost his grip as I kneed him in the side again. I then kicked Conner, who was helping Dylan, and he lost his grip. I then escaped from their grasps and pulled the tube out of me.  I quickly got up and stood a safe distance away from them as I started shaking.  "Megan, just one more minute on this machine, and the poison would've been out of your system. Come on, just one more minute then you're done." Will told me as he hooked the tube back onto the machine.  "No. I'm not getting hooked up to that machine again." I told them as I took a step back.  "The last minute isn't going to hurt any more than it did the first eleven minutes." Will said and I could tell that he was lying.  "You're lying. How much worse can it get? And don't even bother trying to lie." I said and Will sighed.  "The last minute is about twenty times worse than the first eleven minutes." Will confessed.  "Uh-Uh. I'm not getting back onto that thing." I said as there was a sharp pain in my side and I winced.  "If you don't, then you'll die. And if you die then we will all be killed in battle, loose this war, and you will never see us again." Will said and then I became a little dizzy as the sharp pain came to my side again.  "You have about four minutes to make your decision before you die." Will told me as I noticed that I couldn't find Conner and Travis.  'Crap, where are they?' I thought as I quickly looked around the room. I got that strange feeling in the back of my neck when someone gets too close to you.  I quickly turned around just in time as both Stoll brothers leapt at me. I dove under them when they were in the air and rolled up on my feet. Percy and Jason came running at me and I high kicked Jason in the face and punched Percy in his face, while saying multiply "sorry's". The Stoll brothers both came running at me again and when they were close enough, I did a back-handspring, but they must've known I would do that because they both grabbed each of my legs. I quickly twisted around and punched them both in the stomach, while saying "sorry". They dropped me and I turned to land on my back.  I was then pulled up to my feet by Dylan, who didn't let me move.  "Dylan, let me go." I demanded as I tried to free myself from his grasp, but he ignored me. I tried elbowing him and kicking him, but it didn't seem to be working, and he was carrying my over to Will, who was getting the machine ready again. 
  14. I struggled harder and I almost freed myself, but he pulled me back to him, and I couldn't move. He gently put me on his lap as he sat on the floor so Will could put the tube back in me. Dylan adjusted his arm position so one of his arms was around me and pulling me closer to him, so I couldn't move my arms, and his left arm was holding my legs to make sure I couldn't move them.  "Ready?" Will asked and then I tensed up when he came closer to me with the tube in his hand.  "No." I confessed.  "You'll be fine. And before you know it, it'll be over." Dylan whispered in my left ear as Will put his left hand on my right side and inserted the plastic tube in my wound.  "I'm going to be smart this time and make sure that this tube can't come out when you move." Will told me as he started putting something cold on my skin and the tube stopped moving as it stayed in one place.  "Alright, here we go." Will said and my heart skipped multiple beats when he said that. He then turned on the machine and if I could've moved my arms, I would've punched them all.  My muscles tensed up and I felt Will insert another tube in the cut in my right arm and then a small one in the cu on my left cheek. He hit some buttons on the machine and every pain inside of me seemed to multiply by a hundred. So, I did what any normal person would do, and screamed as I tried to push myself away from Dylan.  A minute later, Will pulled out the tube in my side, but the other ones stayed, and they hurt more than the first one. I managed to stop myself from screaming when I realized that it only made Dylan hold on even more tighter to me.  Eleven minutes later, the machine stopped hurting me and I instantly went limp.  "Is she going to be okay?" Dylan asked.  "Yeah, she'll be fine. She might pass out and be extremely tired the next couple days, but it's better than her being dead." Will replied and then I closed my eyes and drifted off into a peaceful sleep. 
  15. Cliffhanger!! I went the eye doctor today. I know I need glasses, I already had them since I was in 7th grade. They just became to small and crooked, so I wanted new ones. And in my left eye, I have a stigmatism and I'm near sighted. And in my right eye I'm just near sighted (that means I can't see far away.) and when they dialated my eyes, my right pupil got bigger faster than my left, so I looked really weird. And then when I got home, my left pupil went back to normal but my right one was still really big. I took a picture of it on my phone. My mom and my sister were freaked out about it, but me and my brother thought it was cool.
  16. Well, anyways, thanks for taking this. And please comment and rate and please take my other series called "Something Weird" and for those of you who read "The Lightning Girl", I'm still writing that, but it's just taking me a SUPER long time to write it because it seems like my brain shut off that story. I wrote a page so far, so I'm slowly getting there. Alright, well, please comment and rate and please tell me what you think. Thanks ~Meg.

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