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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. I'm still doing good at spelling "Absorbers", so whoopie to that!! I hope you all enjoy it, and thank you for reading ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! Mistyheart13: noooo, don't die! Here, lick a unicorn! lindseyt: thank you :). I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you guys for commenting :).

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Kaylee: Seeing Kelly in the alley made anger replace all of my sorrow. I was mad at her for not coming back to the House. And then seeing her on that monitor with blood dripping out of her ears made all of my anger towards her disappear, and I totally understood why she didn't want to find us. I'm glad that Jason was there with her because then at least she's not alone. I'm in a large room with twenty other people, two of them being Skye and Savannah. Luckily, Skye was still sleeping when they showed us Kelly, or else he probably would've gotten really mad, and it'll cloud his judgement when we make a plan to escape. Savannah was awake though, but I don't think she'll tell him about what happened because she doesn't want to be here anymore than we do. "Was that your friend on the monitor?" Bane asked. He was the one who informed me where we are when I woke up. He had black hair and dark brown eyes, making him look like he's fifteen, but he's actually nineteen. "Yeah, that's her." I replied. "I've heard stories about her.... Thought she'd be more tough, and less skinny." He said. "To be fair, she was dead for a year." I reminded him and then I saw that Skye was starting to stir. I rushed over to the bed, and helped him sit up.
  2. "What happened?" He asked, holding his head. "We were captured, just like everyone else here, but Kelly and Jason aren't here." I informed him. "Where are they then?" He asked. "We think they're in another room like this." Savannah said. "And why are we here?" Skye asked. "We're not exactly sure, but Curtis just made an announcement on a monitor that it has something to do with transferring our abilities to one person." Savannah lied. "Okay, but why? What's the point?" He asked, and then before we could answer, the metal door opened, and in walked Curtis and his guards. His gaze swept across the room of people, until it rested on me. He walked towards me until he was a foot away. Even though I saw what he did to Kelly, I still refused to back up. "What's your ability?" He asked. "As if I'm going to tell you." I crossed my arms, meeting his intense gaze. "I have ways of making you talk. Trust me: it'll be easier if you tell me now." He smirked. "Why don't you take this off and I'll show you?" I innocently asked, holding up my left arm that had the Controller on it. "Nah. What would be the fun of that?" He smiled. "It would be fun for me." I said. "Last chance: tell me your ability, or I'll run some tests on you." He threatened. "Go ahead because I'm not telling you." I said. "Fine. Tests it is then." He motioned for his guards to surround me and they walked me out of the room.
  3. I was led through a long hallway with glass walls on each side of me, filled with people. A couple people were doing sign language to the people across the halls, but stopped when they saw us coming. At the end of the hall, there was another room full of people on the left side, but on the right side, it was a completely dark room. I glanced at the room full of people, and saw Kelly and Jason talking. At least they're safe, I thought, and then I was shoved through a door which led to a narrow hallway surrounded by cement. At the end of the hallway, there was another door. Curtis opened it and gestured for me to go in, which I did, seeing as how I didn't have a choice. The room was pitch black, so I couldn't see anything, but then someone turned on the lights, and I wish they hadn't. In a corner, there were two skeletons that smelled absolutely horrible, and dried blood was splattered on the walls and floor. One wall was made of glass, which showed everyone in Jason and Kelly's cell, who all seemed to be pressing their face against their glass wall, looking into the room that I was in. In the center of the room, hanging from the ceiling, were four long chains with cuffs on the ends. A couple feet from that, there was a metal desk with tools on it. "What is this?" I asked, turning around to face Curtis. "Afraid?" He smirked and walked towards me. "No, just curious." I replied. "This is where all of the testing happens." He grabbed my arm and walked me towards the chains. He pulled down one of the chains, cuffed it to my wrist, and did the same thing to my other hand. Then, the chains lifted my arms above my head and lifted me up until my toes barely skidded the floor.
  4. "Now that you see what kind of tests might happen to you, do you want to tell me your ability?" Curtis asked. "It would be much easier if you took off the Controller, so I can show you." I sweetly smiled at him. "But where would be the fun in that?" He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. "You can go now." Curtis told the guards as he walked over to the table. The door slammed shut and Curtis picked up a long and super thin tool. I looked over at the other room and saw that most of the people looking in here had their eyes filled with sympathy. I caught Kelly's eyes, but they weren't filled with sympathy. They were filled with horror, as if she knew what was going to happen, and it terrified her. I saw Jason, and he just looked angry. "There are certain points in the body that your ability charges from," Curtiss's voice snapped my head back towards him. "Each ability is linked to a specific spot of the body, and when that point is stabbed, it causes the most excruciating pain ever." He stabbed the tool into my left calf. It hurt it enough to make it go limp, but not enough to make me cry out in pain. He did this several times; stabbing my legs with the tool, and each time he did that, my legs went limp, but the pain wasn't bad. I made eye contact with Kelly on the last stab, and that was a mistake. Curtis saw me, and turned around to look at who I was looking at. When he faced me again, he had a smirk on his face. "Perhaps you share the same ability as Kelly?" He suggested and then quicker than I thought was possible, he stabbed me right below the center of my ribs, and left it there.
  5. It was the most painful thing that I have ever experienced. It didn't just hurt where I was stabbed, but every inch of my body felt like it was on fire, and everything on the inside of my body felt like it was being stabbed. I screamed, even though I didn't want too, but the pain was just too much. Tears streamed down my face, and I wanted to move, but every time I did, the pain intensified. After what seemed like ages, Curtis finally pulled out the tool, and the pain slowly subsided. "Looks like you do." He placed the tool back on the desk. "I'm going to make sure that you have a slow and painful death." I vowed. "Oh please, save your breath," he turned around to face me. "Now, Kelly also had another ability that went along with her Premonitions, so I'm assuming that you do too. Am I right?" I stayed silent, which made Curtis pick up the tool again and stab it just to the left of where my heart was. It felt like someone flicked that spot compared to what I felt earlier. "Hm, guess not." He put the tool back down. He walked back over to me and unlocked the chains from my wrists. I instantly fell to my knees, feeling extremely weak. "Your ability is of no use to me, seeing as Kelly already has it. You'll be executed tomorrow." Curtis came over and picked me up by my arm, and pulled me out of the room.
  6. Instead of dragging me back to my room, he pulled me into the hallway that connected to Kelly and Jason's room. "I thought it would be best to torment your friends by telling them that you'll die in the morning, and letting them be the last ones to see you," he took off my Controller, which surprised me. "Maybe you'll see your death, and it'll torment you for the rest of your short life." He opened the door and pushed me forward, causing me to stumble onto the ground. "Her ability is of no use to me. She's going to be executed in the morning." Curtis announced. "What do you mean 'of no use to me'?" Kelly asked. "You already have the ability to see the future, so why would I need her?" He asked and then walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. "Kaylee, are you okay?" Kelly asked, helping me over to a bed. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just really tired." I said. "You'll feel better in the morning. You should rest." Some guy that looked like Curtis told me. "Okay." I sleepily said, and laid down. As soon as my head touched the mattress, I was sleeping. "Kaylee, get up!" Someone harshly whispered, and I snapped my head up, feeling ten times better than I did when I fell asleep. I quickly sat up and saw Jason standing by the bed. "What? What's happening?" I asked. "We saw Curtis and some guards walk pass the glass wall. They're coming here to execute you." Jason said. "Oh..." My voice trailed off. "I will see you again." He said and then kissed me. When we broke away, I was too shocked to tell him that I wasn't going to die. I mean, he's kissed me before, but this time it felt different. The metal door swung open, and Curtis and four guards came in. I instantly stood up to face him. "Have any dreams about death?" Curtis smirked, his guards flaring out on each side of him. "I did, but it wasn't about my death." I said. "Oh? Who died then?" Amusement sparked across his eyes. "Let's find out, shall we?" This time it was my time to smirk, which made him confused.
  7. I willed the shadows to swirl around my feet, charging their power. After a couple of seconds, I made them go into the guards' bodies. They fell to the floor: dead. "How did you do that?" Curtis demanded. "Now, why on earth would I tell you? After all, I am of no use." I sweetly smiled. "Tell me, or I'll shoot you." He pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. "Go on then. Shoot. Good luck figuring it out." I dared him. "Get rid of it." I told a spirit standing next to Curtis, after a moment of silence. The spirit knocked the gun out of Curtiss's hands. "How are you doing this?" He demanded. "Oh, I'm not doing anything," I confessed. "Knock him out." I commanded the spirit, and it did as I said. "Well, you certainly have gotten stronger." Kelly commented. "Thank you. I had time to practice while looking for you." I snapped, and saw her wince, which she hardly ever does. Maybe I was being too harsh on her, but that was the least of my concerns at the moment. I walked over to Curtis and grabbed the key to unlock the Controllers and stood by the door. I turned around and saw that everyone was just staring at me. "Well, do you want to get out of here, or not?" I asked them, and then they all got in a line, walking towards me. I unlocked the Controllers on their wrists, and noticed that some of them had different colors. When Kelly held out her arm, I noticed that she had three on her wrist. "What about them?" I gestured to the people crowded against the wall. "Leave them. They won't do us any good. I'm Zane, by the way." The guy who looked like Curtis said. He was the last person. "I'm Kaylee," I introduced myself, and we closed the metal door. "I know this is none of my business, but are you related to Curtis?" I asked as we walked through the skinny hallway to meet the others. "Yeah, he's my older brother, but don't worry: I want him dead as much as the next person." He answered. "Good." I said and then we met up with the crowd.
  8. "Zane, do you know the way out?" Kelly asked him. "Yes." He replied. "Good. Take these people out, and mark your path. Kaylee, Jason, and I will free everyone else." Kelly said, and we all nodded in agreement. They all followed Zane to the left, and we went right. We worked fast. When we freed a group from their cell, they didn't question us, and immediately went down the path that Zane and the others went. We finally reached Skye and Savannah's cell, but found that the door was already opened. I peered through the door and saw that Greg and six guards were standing there. "-and her death is an example of what could happen to you, if you fight us." Greg said. "So, Kaylee's really dead?" Skye asked. "Yes, and it would be wise to not follow in her footsteps." He told them. "But what would be the fun in that?" I asked, stepping into the room. "How are you still alive?" Greg asked me, shock sweeping across his face. "Your son's not the brightest potato in the sack," I said. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some people to free."
  9. "No, you'll die. Now." He said and one of his guards shot at me, which for some reason, I didn't see coming. Thankfully, Kelly did see it coming, and she walked into the room, and pushed me out of the way before it could hit me. The bullet hit the wall behind us. "Well, well. If it isn't the little Absorber." Greg said. "Oh, shut up." Kelly said and flung her arm out, which made all of the guards and Greg fly backwards, slamming into the wall. "Come on." I gestured for the people to come to the door, and they obey. I unlocked their Controllers, and soon, it was just Jason, Skye, Savannah, Kelly, Greg, the guards, and me in the room. "I know what happened to your parents, Kelly." Greg said. "News flash, buddy: everyone here knows about the car accident." Kelly informed him. "Oh, you think they died in a car accident? No, that was Kaylee's parents." He said, confusing all of us. "I never knew my parents. They gave me up for adoption when I was a baby." I told him. "I was the one who told them to do that. And I was also the one who convinced Kelly's parents to give Kaylee's parents their car." He said. "You're lying." Kelly said. "Am I? Kaylee's parents also had the gift of Premonitions. Her mom saw the attempted murder, and they willingly gave their lives for yours." He explained. "Shut up." Kelly said. "And I killed your parents, Kelly. I double-crossed them, and kept them here. This is the place where they died, and it was a slow one. They were tortured for fun. And then one day, I got bored of their screams, and decided to bleed them out. And to this day, their bones are still here." He laughed, and that angered me. I can't even imagine what Kelly was feeling. "I said shut up!" She screamed, flinging out her arms, making electricity fly out, but they didn't hit Greg. It hit the guards instead, and they were instantly fried. "Why didn't you kill me?" Greg demanded. "Because if what you said is true, then you deserve a worse death." She said, and the turned around. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks as she passed me, and walked out the door. Everyone else, but Greg followed, and I closed the door behind me, locking him in there. "Kelly, wait!" I called after her when I noticed that she was way ahead of all of us. I had to run to catch up to her. "Kelly, hey, it's okay-," I placed my hand on her shoulder. "No, Kaylee. It's not okay, and I don't want to talk about it. Let's just hurry up and get out of here." She cut me off, shrugging my hand off of her shoulder. She quickened her pace, and we follow the marks that Zane left. Soon, we were outside, and facing over a hundred people.
  10. And this is where I shall leave it. Please tell me what you thought, and thank you for reading :). Bye. ~Meg.

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