Premonitions (part 9)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Thank you all so so so so much for taking this. It really means a lot to me :). Please comment and rate. Thanks. ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack. ange: thank you :). I looked back at the other parts and saw that you commented on those also, so thank you a lot :D. Reading all of your comments made me really happy :). SoccerTomboy13: you know, you're really good at guessing. Or am I just making it too obvious? :P.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Kelly: Whoever dragged me into the small tunnel, was very strong. His left arm was across my stomach, keeping my arms pinned at my side, and his right hand was over my mouth, preventing me from saying anything. As the torch light got closer, I began to panic more. I tried to break out of his grip, but I couldn't. The light moved closer, and I did what anyone else would do: I bit the guy's hand. He tensed up, but didn't let go. The light passed the tunnel, and so did the two people. I didn't get a good look at them because they were running. When they were far enough away, I let go of the guy's hand, and he let me go. I turned around to face him. "Jesus, Kelly! That fricken hurts!" The familiar voice of Skye exclaimed. "What are you doing here, Skye?" I demanded. "I came back to get you." He told me. "Why would you do that? You completely messed up everything that was suppose to happen!" I yelled at him.
  2. "That's what I do. I change things for the good of it." Skye explained. "Not this time. I was hoping you wouldn't come after me because now, something else is going to happen. Where are the others?" I asked. "They're safe in this alcove back there." He pointed from where he came. "Why?" "We need to get there, now." I ignored his question and started running towards Rose and Felix. Skye followed me and thankfully didn't ask any questions on the way. When we got there, Rose and Felix were peacefully sleeping. I saw a light at the corner of my eye, and instantly knew that it was them. We crept over to Ross and Felix and silently woke them up. I whipped my head around, and saw those two Shades standing there with guns pointed at us. "Hello." The guy smirked and made us all go back into the alcove. Skye and I pushed Felix and Rose behind us. "You know, you almost got away from us." The girl with the high pitched voice said. They were both decked out in black, making them blend in with the shadows. If it wasn't for their fire, I wouldn't have been able to see them.
  3. I remained quiet and luckily, Skye, Rose, and Felix did too. "Put the Controller on him, so he won't be able to use his power." The guy commanded and the girl walked over to Skye. She put a wide black bracelet on his left wrist. "Tie them up." The guy said, and the girl obeyed. She walked over to me and forced my hands behind my back. She tightly tied them and did the same to the others. They forced us into a line: first Rose, then Felix, then me, and then Skye. They led us through a series of turns until we came up to the surface. The light of the sun hurt my head, and I squinted to try and block off some of the light. When I could see straight, I noticed that we were on the side of a cliff. "Good, you got them." The guy, that we met when we were pulled out of the house, said. "Took a while, but yes we did." The woman said.
  4. "As a consequence for your actions," he walked over to us, "one of you must die. Now who's it gonna be?" He tapped his chin. "Me." Skye and I both said at the same time. "How cute." He laughed. "I knew would say that, but it can't be either of you. Instead, it'll be her." As quick as lightning, his arm flashed out, grabbed Rose's neck, and held her over the cliff. "No! Let her go!" Skye screamed. "There's only one thing that'll make me p-." "I'll turn." I interrupted, shocking everyone. "What?" The guy asked. "You heard me. I'll turn. Just put Rose back safely." I bargained and he put Rose back on the ground. The girl came up to me and untied my hands. She walked me up to where the guy was standing, and someone handed him some sort of high-tech gun. He pointed it at me and I took a deep breath.
  5. When he was about to pull the trigger, I grabbed the end of the gun, and kicked him as hard as I could in the stomach. He fell off of the cliff and disappeared. "I'll turn my ass." I said before someone came up behind me and tied my hands back behind my back. Someone else came up to me and pointed his gun at my head. "I will pull this trigger." He threatened. "Do it." I retorted, knowing that he wouldn't kill me. A look of shock came across his face from my boldness, but it quickly faded. "Put her back in line." He put away his gun and I was pushed back into line. They marched us through a forest until we reached a field that had a bunch of black cars and people dressed in all black. "Put those two over there," the woman said and pointed at Rose and Felix and then over to a car, "and those two over there." She pointed at a car on the other side. "Where's Craig?" A guy asked. "Dead." The woman bluntly replied before Skye and I were walked over to the car.
  6. We were shoved into the back of the car. It had one window on each side and two windows on the back. It had no seats. They closed the doors behind us and the car started moving. Skye came over and sat next to me. "Thanks for saving Rose." Skye said. "No problem." I replied. "Where are they taking us?" Skye shrugged. "Probably to their home." "Why haven't they killed us yet?" I asked. "I do not know." Skye answered. We drove on in silence until night came. The car sped over a speed bump, and I flew into the air. I landed on my left side and my head slammed against the car floor, creating a headache. "Ow! Jesus!" I exclaimed as I sat back up. I saw that Skye probably moved about two inches. "You alright?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." I replied and then moved back to where I was.
  7. "Okay, well, you should probably get some sleep." He said after I yawned. "I could say the same to you." I said when he also yawned. I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes. As I was drifting off into blackness, I felt my head flop over onto Skye's shoulder. "Wake up, Kelly." Skye whispered in my ear, making me wake up. It was the first time in a long time that I didn't have a dream. "We're here." He informed me and then the back door swung open. "Let's go." The woman with the high pitched voice said. Two guys hopped in the car and dragged us out. It was still night outside. When I saw where we were going, it almost took my breath away. I was staring at an old looking castle that had high towers and was made out of yellow brick.
  8. They led Skye and me through a series of twists and turns until we reached a large room. A big crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and a man was sitting on a chair located on the far wall. Rose and Felix were already there, and they were on their knees in front of the man. Skye and I were forced into the same position as them. "Where's Craig?" The man sitting on the chair asked. "She killed him." The high pitched woman said and gestured towards me. "Why hasn't she turned yet?" The man asked after giving me a quick glance. "We don't know. She was about to when we threatened to throw Rose off of a cliff, but it backfired, and Craig was pushed off." She replied. "Did she say that she would turn?" He asked. "Yes." The woman answered. "Splendid. I'm now glad we got those new high-tech, expensive Soul Takers that are voice activated." A shiver went up my spine. "Where is it?"
  9. "Back at the cliff." The woman informed him. "Go fetch it." The girl nodded her head and then walked out of the room. "Lock them up. Oh, and welcome back, Skye." The man smiled at him. "Feels awful to be back in this dreaded place." Skye replied as we stood up. "You'll soon get use to it again, my son." The man's voice boomed throughout the large room before we walked out. We were walked around more corners until we reached a place on the highest floor. Rose and Felix went a different way, so I don't know where they are. A guy unlocked the big wooden door in front of us. Someone untied my hands before Skye and I were shoved inside. Rows of jail cells lined the walls. It was very crowded and it smelled like death in there. We were walked down the jail cells, and I noticed that some of them were filled with people. We were walked to the very back and locked in a corner cell. "What did he mean by 'my son'." I asked Skye and he avoided eye-contact. "He's my dad." Skye replied. "And what's a Soul Taker?" I asked, seeing as he didn't want to talk about his dad. "It's that gun thing that you saw back on the cliff. It takes the good part of your soul and puts it in a little bottle, so only the bad side is in you. That's how they make people turn." Skye explained. "Great." I sarcastically said. "You can get it back though, if you or someone else breaks the bottle." He said. "Why are all of these people in here?" I gestured to everyone else in their cells, changing the subject. "They are former Shades, but they got their soul back. As a result, they got thrown in here." Skye explained and I nodded my head. He sighed and walked over to me. He pulled me into a hug, and I felt calmer. "It'll be alright. If you turn, then I promise that I will try to release your soul." Skye whispered to me. "Thank you." I said and then we both laid on the floor in exhaustion. Before too long, I fell asleep, wrapped in Skye's arms.
  10. Cliffhanger!! Sorry for not putting any real answers, my phone is about to die.
  11. Please comment and rate. Thanks :). ~Meg.

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