Premonitions (part 15)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Am I the only one who wants to be remembered on here? I want everyone to remember me as one of the great writers on here (even though I'm not that great), but I think it would be cool. Anyways, thank you for taking this :). ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack! AliZoey: yes, I just now saw it. Psh, I can kill off Skye if I want >:D. And if your crush is like Skye, then he must be really sweet and awesome. I hope you guys work out :). Hippy: thank you :).

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Kaylee: I fell onto something hard, making a thud, and creating a noise like silverware clanging together. When I opened up my eyes, I realized that it was silverware clanging, and that I was on top of a long table. I also noticed that my hands weren't tied behind my back. There were people eating at the table, and I could feel their stares piercing my skin. "Sorry." I apologized and then got off of the table. "Kaylee?" I heard a familiar voice behind me say. I turned around and saw Drake sitting there. "Drake." I breathed and then rushed towards him. He got up and we hugged. "Thank God that you're alive." Drake whispered in my ear.
  2. "Yeah, but I don't know if someone else will be." I said and then pulled away from Drake's arms. "What do you mean?" Someone from the table asked. I looked at him and he seemed like he was nineteen. "Before I landed on your table, I heard on the radio that Kelly, Jason, Skye, Rose, and Felix were at a hospital and that Kelly and either Jason or Skye were stabbed. They said that Kelly should be fine, but they don't know about the other one." I explained. "Did they say where they were?" He asked. "Yeah, in St. Joseph Hospital in West Virginia." I replied. "Okay. I'll go get them." He said and then stood up. "Come on, why don't you got lay down? You look really tired." Drake told me. "I wish I could, but I can't stay. I need to leave." I said. "What? Why?" Drake asked. "Because I've been Marked." I said and then I heard gasps coming from the table.
  3. "Let me see." The guy from table said and I lifted up my shirt, revealing the "C" on the left side of my stomach. "Who did that?" He asked. "Caine." I replied and then pulled down my shirt. "If only it was someone else. This house protects people who are Marked. Well, it protects everyone who is Marked except if you were Marked by Caine. He's the strongest when it comes to Marking people. You're going to have to go to the shed because that's the only place Caine can't tell where you are." The guy told me. "Okay." I agreed. "Close your eyes." He said. "Why?" I asked. "It makes it more difficult for them to find out where you are." He explained and I obeyed. Someone came up next to me and grabbed my hand, leading me somewhere. I felt a breeze, and I assumed that we were now outside. "There are four steps in front of you." The guy from the table informed me and then I walked down the four steps. I was led through grass, and then we stopped walking. He let go of my hand, and then I heard a squeak of a door opening up. He grabbed my hand again, and walked me onto hard floor. "You can open your eyes now." The guy said and I did.
  4. I looked around and saw a blue fuzzy rug on the floor, a white couch, a tv, a refrigerator, and a bed in the corner. "Thanks." I said and he nodded his head in response before walking out of the door. I walked over to the bed and laid on it. I instantly fell asleep. I saw Kelly, Skye, Jason, Rose, and Felix on the road. Kelly was in the middle of the road. A Shade walked up to her carrying a large gun, said something, and then pulled the trigger. A yellow light hit Kelly's stomach, and she fell to the ground screaming. Then, everything slowed down, and a sonic boom came from her. Jason untied Skye's hands, and then Skye ran over to Kelly, untied her hands, and then they hugged. They stood up talked to a Shade, and then the Shade have Skye the key. He unlocked the Controller. They turned back around, but quickly turned to face the guy again when he said something. He had a knife in his hand and aimed it at Kelly's stomach. Skye pushed her out of the way, and he was stabbed in the stomach. Kelly and the Shade talked and then the knife flew out of the Shade's hand. It hovered in front of him before flying into his heart. Behind them, there was a guy that crept into a car. It changed and I saw Caine standing in the road that we were on. Shadows were around his feet, and his eyes were closed, trying to concentrate. "Got you." He whispered and then the shadows surrounded him, making him disappear.
  5. I woke up when I heard a thud come from outside of the door. I quickly sat up when I heard the doorknob turning. The door creaked open and I saw Caine standing there. An evil smirk came across his face. "Miss me?" He walked into the shed. He closed and locked the door behind him. He walked over to the couch and sat on it. "Wondering how this shed didn't protect you? It's been a while since I last Marked someone. I've gotten stronger by then." He explained. "What do you want?" I asked. "I want Kelly." He said. "Then you should've Marked her, not me." I said. "But that would take all of the fun out of it because then Kelly would've known that she was Marked and tried to kill me." He said. "And you don't think I'll try to kill you?" I asked. "You're not a killer. When pushed, Kelly is." Caine pointed out and then leaned back. "I just killed people like an hour ago." I reminded him. "That wasn't you. That was the shadows. You could never kill someone with your own hands." He said. "Why aren't you out looking for Kelly?" I asked, changing the subject. "I am looking for her." He replied. "Not if you're here." I said. "But you know where Kelly is." He told me. "No I don't." I lied.
  6. "Yes you do. Now tell me where she is." He said, using his ability. "She's in a hospital." I confessed. "Which state?" He asked. "West Virginia." I answered. "Which hospital?" He asked, and I managed to remain silent. He got up and walked over to me. He stood in front of me. "Look me in the eyes." He said and I looked up at his deep blue eyes. "What hospital is Kelly at?" I remained silent. He leaned down and put his hands on the bed, making it so I couldn't stand up. His face was an inch away from mine. "Which hospital, Kaylee?" Caine asked again. "I'm not telling you." I said and he chuckled. "You're definitely harder to get a hold of." He said. "Jason said the same thing." I told him. "He probably did it when he got his soul back. He became stronger when he was a Shade, so he probably lost the strength when he turned back." He told me. "Now, where's Kelly?" "I already told you where she was." I reminded him. "Which hospital is she at?" He gently asked and I almost told him, but I managed to keep quiet. He looked down at the ground, sighed, and then looked back up at me. "Which hospital?" When I didn't answer, he gently kissed me.
  7. "St. Joseph Hospital." I confessed when he stopped. "Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?" He smiled and stood back up. "You're coming with me." "Why?" I asked and then he grabbed my right hand and pulled me to my feet. "I want Kelly to come with me without a fight, and she's only going to do it if I threaten to hurt you." He explained and then pulled me away from the bed. "They're going to know that I'm gone." I told him. "I don't care." He said and then shadows came around our feet. They swirled around us until we were no longer standing in the shed. We zoomed through a black tunnel until we fell through a hole, landing on the sidewalk. When I looked up, I saw that we were in front of the hospital. "Come on." Caine said, still holding onto my hand. He led me around back and then let go of my hand. He picked the lock and held the door open for me. I walked in and he shut the door behind him. "Which room is she in?" Caine asked me. "I don't know." I replied. "Just guess." He said. "I would say room 216." I crossed my arms. "Are you sure?" He asked. "No, I'm not sure. I only knew what hospital she's in." I said. "Let's go." He said and then grabbed my hand again. We ran down the hallway and up the stairs until we reached room 216. Caine looked through the door window.
  8. "She's not there." He said. "Well then, I don't know where she is." I said. "You better figure it out." He said. "You know, we could just ask someone where she is." I said and then walked over to the counter. "Can I help you?" The lady asked when I reached it. "Uh, yeah. I'm looking for the room that Kelly Night is in. I'm her cousin." I lied. "She's in room 162." She replied. "Thank you." I smiled. Caine and I walked back down the stairs and down the hallway. "Go that way." Caine pointed to a hallway and then walked the other direction, down a different hallway. This hallway curved, and when I turned around one corner, I saw Jason sitting on a bench. "Jason." I said and he looked up. "How are you here, Kaylee?" Jason asked and stood up. "I escaped." I walked towards him. "Well, I'm glad that you found us." He said. "I can't stay. You need to get Kelly out of here, now." I said. "Why?" He asked. "Caine's here." I said. "How did he get here?" He asked. "He Marked me. Just get Kelly out of here." I quickly said. "Wait. He Marked you?" Jason asked. "Yes, and he wants Kelly. Now go get her." I told him and he ran into the room.
  9. "Kaylee." I turned around and saw Caine standing there. "What?" I asked. "Did you find her?" He asked. "No." I said. "Hey, Kelly's not in her room, but I know where she might be." Jason said as he came out of the room. "Jason." Caine said. "Caine." Jason said. "Where's Kelly?" Caine asked. "Not here." Jason asked. "I can see that." Caine said. "I'm not telling you where she is." Jason said. "Too bad. I don't think you'd want Kaylee hurt, would you?" Caine said and then shadows formed around his feet. He disappeared and appeared next to me. He grabbed my arm and we appeared back where he was. There was a knife to my neck, and I saw Jason looking confused. "Now, where's Kelly?" Caine asked again. Jason looked at me and I slightly shook my head. "I'm not telling you." Jason said. "Such a shame." Caine said and then quickly stabbed my right thigh, an inch away from where I was shot. If he wasn't holding onto my arm, I would've fell. "Resist." A voice to my left whispered, and I saw a figure standing there. "Where's Kelly?" Caine asked again, more fierce. The figure moved up to the lights and they began to flicker. "I'm not telling you." Jason said again. "Maybe this will make you tell me." Caine said and he aimed his knife for my stomach. All of a sudden, the lights came off, and I threw my body against Caine. We rolled until my back hit the wall, stopping us. I heard footsteps running away from us, and I assumed that it was Jason going to get Kelly. Caine grabbed the neck of my shirt and slammed my head against the wall as hard as he could, knocking me out.
  10. Cliffhanger! Now, for a question that you must answer: which POV do you like better: Kelly's or Kaylee's?

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