Premonitions (part 14)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Thank you for taking this, it really means a lot to me. I hope you all have a wonderful day/night :). Thanks. ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack! (Obviously). No comments were left at the last part. Well, there was one, but he's been being a jerk, so I won't reply.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Kaylee: The scary thing about waking up on a cell floor (well, other than a waking up on a cell floor) is not knowing what happened the night before. Everything seemed normal, but I knew that something was different, yet I couldn't figure it out. "I'm sorry." A voice in front of me whispered. I looked up and saw a figure there. "For what?" I asked. "I couldn't stop it." It said and then I began to see the outline of a guy standing there. "Couldn't stop what?" I asked and then stood up. "I couldn't stop him." He said. He seemed to become more real, and I saw that he was wearing worn out jeans and a dark blue shirt. He had short blonde hair and grey eyes. He looked like he was eighteen. "I don't understand." I confessed.
  2. "It was horrible." The guy whispered, becoming more solid. "I don't know what you're talking about." I said. "It's best if you didn't." He said. "What's your name?" I asked, changing the subject. "Brendan." He replied. "What happened to you, Brendan?" I asked and he sighed. "I was a Shade. I turned when I was ten. Seven years later, I was exploring a part where I wasn't suppose to be. I found the souls, but I didn't know what they were at the time. There were just rows of souls trapped in glass bottles. I walked down them, and under each of them, they had the names of the person. I found mine and broke it. My soul came back together, and then The King came in. He had me up in here, and I died of starvation six days later. That was four years ago." He told me. "I'm sorry." I said and then stood up. A sharp pain came to the left side of my stomach. "What is it?" Brendan asked. "It's my side." I saw him look at the ground. I lifted up my shirt and saw a "C" marked in my skin. Blood still came out of it, but most of it was scabbing.
  3. "Brendan, what is this?" I asked, fear quivering my voice. "You've been Marked." He simply replied, still staring at the ground. "What is that?" I asked. "It's where someone- the Manipulators- put their first initial on someone." He explained. "Okay, but why?" I asked. "So you become bounded with that person. They can tell where you are and sometimes they can tell what you're feeling. And then there's that rare instance where they can use some of your abilities." Brendan told me. "How come it's only the Manipulations that do it?" I asked as I pulled my shirt back down. "Because they can get into people's minds, and only they know how to Mark someone. There's some kind of secret to it that only they know." He told me. "How do you get rid of it?" I asked. "You either have to destroy the knife that Marked you, or the person who Marked you has to die." He answered. "Do you know if Kelly, Skye, and Jason made it out?" I changed the subject again. "I can't confirm anything, but from what the others have been saying: it seems like they did." Brendan said and I sighed in relief. "What have they been saying?" I asked. "Just how there still might be hope. That she won't turn, and doom us all: the living and the dead." He told me. "How is that possible if Kelly can't see the dead?" I asked. "I don't know. I personally think that it's actually you and not Kelly because I thought the same thing you did: Kelly can't see the dead." He said.
  4. "So, you think that they have it wrong, and that I'm the one they want?" I asked. "It's possible." He shrugged. "What was your ability?" I asked. "I was a Teleporter." Brendan replied. "Do you still have your abilities?" I asked. "Yeah, I still have them." He said. "Can you teleport me out of here?" I asked. "I would if I was still alive, but since I'm dead, I don't know if it'll work." He confessed. "I got that covered." I smiled as he was now fully solid. "H-how did you do that?" He asked in awe and he looked at his hands. "I just had an idea, and I wanted to see if it worked. And it did, but it's only temporarily... sorry." I said. "No need to be sorry. Thank you." He said and then appeared in my cell. He grabbed my hand and we zoomed to the front door. "Thank you." I said and then he disappeared again. When he appeared, he had a key in his hand. "You won't have much time before Caine realizes where you are." He handed me the key. "You're not coming with me?" I asked. "I can't. I'm bounded to these walls. And besides, I'm going to turn back into a ghost in a little whiles anyways. Good luck, Kaylee." Brendan told me and I smiled at him.
  5. I pushed open the front doors and ran to the nearest car. I unlocked it, hopped in, and started the car. When I backed out of the long driveway, I saw six Shades come out of the door. I floored the accelerator and sped down the road, quickly getting away. The sun was above me and I didn't see a cloud in view, which made it a lot easier for me to see the Shades cars following me. There must've been at least four of them, and they were slowly catching up. I drove on the ramp to get on the highway, and then weaved in-between cars, trying to lose them. When they were far enough away from me, I took a ramp off of the highway, and stayed on the right side, which made me go back up onto the highway, but I was going the other way. They didn't see me, so I repeated that again, and I was now far behind them, going the same way. "Perfect." I whispered and then relaxed, turning on the radio.
  6. "Breaking news: sixteen year old, Kelly Night, has been found when she, two other teens, and two children came to St. Joseph Hospital, just four days after her disappearance. One of the teens was stabbed, along with Night. Night is expected to be okay, but the other teen is struggling for his life. Kaylee Moore is still missing." The news reporter's voice said and I turned the radio back off. I heard the squeal of tires and honking horns, making me snap my head back up to the road. I saw The Shades cars heading straight for me. I swerved at the last second and pulled on a road, leading me to a back road that had a lot of trees along the edges of them. I saw two Shade cars blocking both sides of the road. Before I could push pass them, I ran over something sharp, that was no doubt placed there by them.
  7. My car slowly came to a halt a couple of feet from the cars blocking the road. The Shades jumped out of their cars, opened up my car door, and yanked me out of it. "Didn't think you'd get too far, did you?" Caine's voice said and I turned around. I saw him coming towards me, and he stopped about a couple inches away from me. "Well, I was trying to." I said and someone tied my hands behind my back. "You're Marked now." He lightly touched me where I was Marked. "You ain't getting that far without me knowing where you are." He put his arm down. "Put her in the car." I was walked over to a car, but I stopped moving when I saw a black shadow in the trees. "Keep moving." A Shade behind me commanded, but I remained still. "Resist." The shadow whispered. "I said to keep moving." The Shade said again. "No." I was surprised by the fierceness in my voice. "Excuse me?" The Shade said and I turned around to face them. "I'm not moving." I said.
  8. "You listen here now. You better keep walking and be getting your tail in that car, or I'm gonna put a bullet in your head." The guy growled at me. "Do it." I challenged him, staring him down. "Okay, you asked for it." He pulled his gun out and pointed it at my head. "Hey! What are you doing, Jeff?" Caine yelled. Just then, black shadows came from behind me, and went into Jeff. He fell to the floor and the shadows came back out, just like they did at the school. He was dead. I looked to my left, to see the other Shade, and she also fell to the ground: dead. I turned to face the other four, and the shadows went into all of them except Caine. "Wondering why I'm not dead?" He smirked. "Since you're Marked, I also get some of your abilities. And that means that these shadows won't hurt me." "Not yet, but they will." I said and the shadows swirled at my feet. "I will find you again, Kaylee. And when I do, I promise that it ain't gonna be pretty." He walked up to me and I stood very still. "I'll try not to cry." I sarcastically said, making me think of Kelly and how she probably would've been happy that I said that. "Enjoy your life while you still have it." He kissed my forehead. "Goodbye for now, Kaylee." The shadows wrapped around me, and I was sent into a dark tunnel.
  9. Cliffhanger!
  10. Please tell me what you thought about it. I have chapters 15 and 16 done already, so just tell me how soon you want them out :P. Thanks. ~Meg.

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