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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Thank you for reading. Chapter eighteen didnt show up on the newest quizzes list, so hopefully this one will, so you all won't have to wait for my announcement quiz. Thanks for reading :). ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! SoccerTomboy13: thank you :). And here it is.... I really hope this shows up on the newest quizzes list, or else I will flip a table.... Again.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Kelly: Katerina lead Skye and me to a small pond that was across the field. "What does a pond have to do with you telling us something?" I asked. "Look." She replied and we all stared at the pond. The surface began to change, and before I knew it, I was standing in a throne room. Skye and Katerina were on either side of me. There was a king sitting on the throne with knights by his side. The door opened, and two more knights entered along with Katerina, but she was younger-maybe fifteen. They walked until they reached about ten feet away from the king, and then bowed. "Why was I brought here, father?" Katerina asked. "I have joyful news for us. Arrangements have been made for you. You are to marry Prince Charles of Isthame." The king announced and a look of horror came across Katerina's face. "But I do not want to. I have only met him once, and he was not kind to me. I do not love him." She protested. "It is for the good of the kingdom." The king replied. "But, father-" Katerina started. "Enough!" The king bellowed. "Plans are already being set up." Katerina spun on her heel and ran out of the throne room.
  2. We followed her through the castle and out of the palace. She grabbed a horse, and started riding until she reached the farmlands. People bowed as she walked past, but she ignored them and made a beeline for the woods. She ran until she reached a clearing. "Sebastian!" She yelled. No longer than twenty seconds later, someone stepped out of the tree line. I was shocked at who I was staring at. It looked like Skye, but he was about a year, or two, younger than Skye. "What is it, darling?" Sebastian asked and Katerina ran up to him, throwing her arms around his neck. "My father made arrangements for me to marry Prince Charles of Isthame." She explained. "What shall we do?" "It will be okay. We can always run off into the forest, like we said we would." Sebastian gently pulled Katerina off of him, and stared into her eyes. "But my father will send all of his soldiers to come looking for me, and when he finds us, he will surely kill you." She told him. "Then let us make sure that he does not find us." He smiled at her and then they kissed.
  3. "Show me what you can do again." Sebastian said after they pulled away. Katerina raised her hand at a tree, and electricity shot out of it, burning the tree. "Now your turn." Katerina looked at Sebastian. He raised his hand at another tree and it caught on fire. "See? Nothing to worry about. The king's soldiers certainly cannot harm us because of what we can do." Sebastian reassured Katerina, and she nodded her head in agreement. They held hands, and then ran off into the forest. My vision went black for a second, and when I could see again, I saw Katerina-a couple years older now-and Sebastian sitting at a wooden table, that was in the middle of a very small cottage. It looks like they just finished eating. "Allow me, my lady." Sebastian said when Katerina was about to get up to put her plate away. "If you insist." She said and then laughed when he bowed. When Sebastian put the plates away, he came back over and grabbed Katerina's hands. He helped her stand up, and that's when I noticed that she was pregnant. "Shouldn't be too much longer until the baby comes." Sebastian said, and he helped her walk over to the bed. "Good. I do not know how much bigger I can get." Katerina sat down on the bed, and then chaos happened.
  4. Knights bursted in, and flooded the cottage, their swords pointed at Katerina and Sebastian. The king came through and raised his sword at Sebastian. "Step away from my daughter. How dare you kidnap royalty." He growled. "Father, stop! He did not take me. I chose to come with him. I could not marry someone I did not love." Katerina said. "Look at what has happened to you! You carry this man's child? Someone who does not have royalty in their blood?" The king yelled. "Yes," Katerina yelled back, "I do! Because I love him." "Take her away." The king ordered. "No!" Sebastian yelled and his hands caught fire as he stepped in front of Katerina. The knights backed up. "Katerina, step away from this man before he hurts you." The king ordered. "He will not hurt me." She told him. "Look at his hands! He is evil!" He yelled. "He is not evil!" Katerina heaved herself up. "You knew about this, and yet you still stayed with him?" He king asked. "Of course! Because he is like me." She said and then made a ball of electricity appear in her hands.
  5. "You are no longer my daughter." The king growled and then Katerina clutched her stomach. "Sebastian, I think the baby is coming." Katerina suddenly said, and Sebastian instantly turned towards her, and helped support her. "Get them!" The king said and they were both dragged out to a cage. "Katerina!" Sebastian yelled when they threw her in the cage. "If either of them attempt to make their hands burst into fire, or lighting, then harm the other one!" The king ordered. "You are a monster." Katerina told him as he walked by. Someone locked the door on the cage. "You shall be fine." Sebastian whispered to Katerina when her face twisted in pain. "It hurts." She said and reached for his hand. "I know, but you cannot have the baby here. Do you think you can hold it?" He asked. "I can try." She promised.
  6. About fifteen minutes later, they arrived back at the palace. A knight unlocked the door, and yanked them both out. "Take him to the dungeon." The king ordered. "No," Katerina yelled, "I can't do this without him!" "It will be okay, Katerina. You can do this." Sebastian said, and then they were taken in different directions. My vision blacked out again, and when I could see this time, I was looking at Katerina in her bed, holding a baby. A knock on the door came, and then someone entered. "Are doing okay, ma'am?" A girl that looked like Kaylee asked. "Just fine, Ellie, but I need to ask you a question." Katerina said and Ellie came over and stood in front of her. "Yes, ma'am?" Ellie asked. "Do you ever want a child?" Katerina asked. "Oh, I can never have one." Ellie replied. "Why is that?" Katerina asked. "There is something wrong with me, and I can never have a child." Ellie confessed. "But would you like one?" Katerina asked. "I suppose so." She replied and then Katerina smiled. "Then today is your lucky day. Come here." Ellie came over and Katerina handed her the baby. "Her name is Victoria. Will you take good care of her?" Katerina asked.
  7. "Yes, of course, ma'am. But what about you? I surely cannot just take her from you." Ellie said. "Don't worry about me. I want you to have her." Katerina smiled and then handed her a piece of paper. "What is this?" Ellie asked as she took it. "It is so if anyone asks what you are doing with my child. Just show them that. It has it in writing that I want you to have her." Katerina explained and then Ellie curtsied and left the room. Katerina walked over to the window and opened it. "I here by sentence you to death for your actions." The king yelled and then Katerina stepped on the ledge. "Release the board!" He ordered and then someone pulled a lever, which fell from Sebastian's feet. As soon as that happened, Katerina closed her eyes, and fell forward, plummeting towards the ground. As soon as she hit the ground, my vision blacked out, and the next thing that I was staring at was the pond.
  8. "Why did you show us that?" I asked. "You deserved to know one of your past lives." Katerina replied. "But, what do we do now?" I asked and then clutched my stomach as more blood came out. "You alright, Kelly?" Skye asked. "Not really." I replied. "To answer your question: Skye will wake up back in his body, but you will die, Kelly." Katerina answered. "What? That can't happen. What happens after I die?" I asked. "There are two choices: you will either stay on earth as a ghost, or you will go to the afterlife. It is already chosen for you, but if you are sent to the afterlife, you will come across three choices, which are your's to make." She explained. "What are they?" I asked and she shrugged in response. "I must leave now." Katerina said and then she vanished. I turned and looked at Skye, but he was staring at the ground. "During the invasion, I put four kids in this secret room in my room. Make sure to get them." I told Skye. He suddenly kissed me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back in response. I could've stayed like that for forever, but I could feel myself fading, so I pulled away. "Goodbye, Kelly." Skye said sadly. "Hey, this isn't the end. After all, true love never dies." I smiled and then the next thing I knew, I couldn't see anything, but absolute darkness.
  9. And cliffhanger!!
  10. The last chapter will up next on Christmas Day. I hope you all have a happy Yule, and please tell me what you thought. Thanks for reading :). ~Meg.

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