Apollo's Curse (part 21)

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! My dog just jumped up on my bed, stood on top of me, licked my face, and now she is lying down on me. Oh, and did I mention that she's a germanshepherd mix? Yeah, so imagine that big of a dog lying right on your stomach and legs.

Megan~Blonde, hair blue eyes, about 5'4" and is crazy, random, super funny, athletic, animal lover, sarcastic, and can sometimes forget things. Dakota~ Brown hair, hazel eyes, about 5'2" so she's the shortest. She's crazy, random, funny, and her and Megan are kinda like twins at some times. Alaina~ short blonde hair that goes to her shoulders, gray eyes, and is super smart.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Lauren changed into this hideous creature with four wings: two on each side. Then, she made Blake, Darke, and Dalila all fly into trees. Vines wrapped around them, holding them against the tree.  "Dalila! Can't you control these vines?" Darke yelled at her.  "I can't! My power isn't working!" Dalila yelled back.  "Of course not. Those are magical vines that take away your power. Looks like it's just me and you, Megan." Lauren hissed. It seemed like her voice was multiplied, "And this should be easy, since you can't remember any of your powers."  Lauren flew up into the air and dove down, straight at me. I did a backhand-spring and dodged it. I twirled around on my right leg and kicked her in the head with my left leg while her beak was still in the ground. I stumbled a little because my right leg felt like it was on fire and blood was pouring out of it.  Lauren shrieked in outrage and tackled me into a tree. Vines wrapped around me, holding me to the tree, just like Dalila, Darke, and Blake.  "It's over, Megan. You will die today." Lauren hissed and then flew up high above the ground
  2. Fear and anger filled inside of me. I felt my teeth getting longer and sharper, my bones taking on a new form, and fur growing on my body.  Lauren started diving at me. Once she was about 2 yards away from me, I ripped through the vines, and leapt up to her. Her beak impaled itself in my shoulder as my teeth sank themselves into her neck.  Lauren screamed in pain and then she disappeared into a cloud of black smoke. I changed back Ito a human and wiped Lauren's blood from the corner of my mouth.  "How did you break those vines?" Dalila asked me, completely in awe.  "I don't know." I told her, my voice broke a little. I was still in shock that I killed someone. I went over and untied Blake, since he was the closet. Then, I untied Darke while Blake untied Dalila.  "Are you okay?" Blake asked me.  "Honestly, I can't believe that I actually killed someone." I told him. I looked down at my feet and noticed that my leg was all healed up, and my side. I didn't know how that happened.  Before any of them could say something, rustling noises came from the bushes.  "Come on. Let's go before whatever that is finds us." Dalila whispered. We all nodded and Darke took the lead, sprinting away from the noise. 
  3. We shortly reached Tecumseh's parking lot. There were cop cars all along the front of the school.  "Where's your car?" I asked them.  "That black one." Dalila said and then pointed to a black car in the back of the parking lot.  "Alright, stay on this side of the parking lot and shield yourself using the parked cars." I told them. They nodded and then I took off sprinting towards the first car. I ran along the back ends of the cars until I reached their car. Dalila followed me, then Darke, and lastly Blake.  Darke unlocked the car doors and we hopped in. Darke was driving, Dalila had shot gun, and Blake and I were in the back.  As soon as Darke turned on the car, the cops came back outside.  "You better hurry up and drive this thing." Dalila yelled at him.  "I'm going, I'm going!" Darke yelled back.  He pulled out of the parking space and the cops started running towards us, shooting their guns at the tires.  "Drive, drive, drive, drive!" Dalila yelled at him while hitting her armrest with the palm of her hand. 
  4. Darke sped out of the parking lot just as the cops got into their cars.  "Where are we going?" I asked them.  "California." Blake answered.  "What? Are you kidding me? We're never gonna outrun those cops!" I yelled at them.  "Yeah we will." Darke said as he sped threw a red light, barely missing the passing cars, and creating a blockage with them so the cops had to stop.  "See. We're fine. Have some faith in us, Megan." Blake teased me. I let out my breath that I was holding and leaned against the seat. I relaxed a little, closed my eyes, and fell asleep. 
  5.     ********DREAM******** I saw Alaina, Dakota, Jake, Percy, Jason, and Dylan standing in a small room.  "Where would she go to?" Percy asked.  "We don't know." Alaina said.  "Wait. Didn't she use to skip classes by jumping out that window?" Dakota asked while pointing to the window.  "You're right! And then she would run towards that forest." Alaina added.  "And then hide in that clearing until she wanted to come back." Jake finished off.  "So, we just have to go look through the forest?" Dylan asked.  "Yeah, pretty much." Dakota replied and then walked over towards the window.  "But what if she's not there?" Jason asked.  "Then she's not there." Alaina said as Dakota un-latched the window and climbed through it.  Alaina, Jake, Dylan, Jason, and Percy followed Dakota out the window. They ran towards the forest but stopped abruptly at the tree line and looked up. In the air was Lauren, circling around, as if she was hunting. She dove down and I realized that this is what happened when I was attached to the tree.  They ran forward and I saw myself change into a wolf. I leapt at Lauren and bit her neck. She disappeared and I changed back.  I now realized that they were the people who rustled the bush as Darke, Blake, Dalila, and I were going towards the car. 
  6. I woke up when Blake shook my shoulder.  "What state are we in?" I asked them.  "Almost across the border to Colorado." Dalila replied cheerfully.  I saw a sign that said "Welcome to Colorado" and it had a picture of a mountain on it.  The sun was starting to set when Darke pulled into a gas station.  "Come on, Megan. Let's go get some food for us." Dalila said as she unbuckled herself.  I followed her into the gas station's store and saw four guys- that looked like they could be in a gang, with their baggy pants, tank tops, chains around their necks, and their hats backwards- standing there, staring at us.  "Looks like we got some hot ones up in here." One of them said. He stuck out his tongue as one of his pals gave him a high-five.  "Just ignore them." Dalila told me and I realized that my hands were in fists.   I followed her down one isle and we started grabbing some chips. We turned around to go check out, but two of those guys were blocking our path. We turned the other way and the other two guys were standing there. We were trapped. 
  7. "Don't use your power. Mortals aren't suppose to see it." Dalila whispered so low, that at first I didn't think I heard her.  My eyes flickered outside, towards Blake and Darke. They were still pumping gas in the car.  My movement caught one of the guys attention. He turned his head and motioned for the guy next to him to the door. He went over there and blocked it off, so Blake and Darke couldn't get in.  At this moment, I'm wondering what happened to the clerk. I peered around one of the guys and saw the clerk, knocked out, and was tied up.  "What are we gonna do with them now, Smoke?" One of the guys asked.  "I don't know, Fog." Smoke answered as he studied us.  "The one with the brown hair looks like she has 'I'm nice and scared, but don't mess with me' written all over her body while the blonde, has 'I'm tough and I really wanna break your guy's necks right now'." Fog said.  At this point, Blake and Darke have now realized that we have been in here for a long time and are fast walking up to the doors.  "Yeah, let's just get them both." Smoke said.
  8. Smoke and the guy next to him slowly started walking towards me in a threatening way, while Fog and the guy next to him did the same to Dalila.  Now, Blake and Darke are pounding on the doors, trying to get in.  "Looks like you guys ain't gonna get saved." Smoke smirked.  "We don't need saving." I told him. I spun on my right leg and kicked Smoke, with my left leg, right in his jaw. I punched the other guy in his gut and then turned around.  Dalila was pinned to the ground by Fog while the other guy was trying to tie her up. I elbowed Fog in the back and he collapsed. I punched the other guy in the face and sent him knocking over a shelf.  Before I had time to help Dalila, Smoke came up behind me and pinned my arms behind my back while the other guy came and grabbed my feet. I thrashed around like a fish, trying to loosen their grasp on me. Fog and the other guy did the same to Dalila and Dalila did the same thing as me. They walked us out of the isle and into more space in the front by the doors. Darke and Blake were still pounding on the doors, trying to get in.  "We got ourselves some feisty ones!" Guy #3 hooted as he almost lost his grip on Dalila's legs.
  9. "Let's just hurry up and get them drugged. It's fun to see people drugged." Guy #4 said and then he smiled at me, somehow managing to hold my legs while he stroked my cheek with one of his rough hands. I spit on his face, right in his eyes.  "You did not just do that, Missy. You're gonna regret that." Guy #4 growled at me and then nodded at Smoke. Smoke all of a sudden let go of me and the back of my head hit against the floor, hard.  I was a little dizzy and when I reached my hand behind my head, I felt my warm blood. I groaned in pain.  "How could that not knock her out?" Guy #4 yelled.  "I don't know, Dustin!" Smoke yelled back.  "Well let's just fix that." Dustin growled as he walked over towards me.  He grabbed a fistful of my blonde hair, pulled my upper half of my body up, and slammed my head into the ground. He repeated this 4 more times before he was finally satisfied.  I never got knocked out though, I just felt excruciating pain in my head. You have no idea how bad it felt. Okay, think of you having your worst headache ever. Now multiply that by 1000. You're still less than half of what this felt like. The blood from my head was spilling out of my body and making one large pool of blood besides me. 
  10. I slowly opened up my eyes, (even that hurt), and saw that all the guys had Dalila pinned to the ground. They were trying to get something in her mouth, but she kept on moving. I finally decided to ignore what Dalila said about using our powers. 'I'll just have to make this seem as normal as possible.' (Even thinking hurt).  What was left of my instincts took over. There was a fire behind the guys and they all got off of Dalila and ran to one side of the store. The fire blazed and they began to panic.  "We gotta get outta here!" Smoke yelled. He smashed a window open after throwing several items at it. Then, they all jumped out of the window and ran to who-knows-where.  I stopped the fire and closed my eyes again. I felt myself go limp as I heard Dalila come towards me and lightly touch my shoulder.  "Oh Gods." She whispered.  "Hey, Dalila! Open the door!" Both Blake and Darke yelled, their voices muffled by the door.  I heard Dalila quickly get up and walk towards the door. I heard some banging and then the door opened. I heard quick footsteps coming my way.  "Is she dead?" Dalila asked.  Someone grabbed my wrist and checked for a pulse.  "She's still alive, barely." Blake answered and then he dropped my wrist.  "Can't children of Apollo fix this?" Darke asked.  "I can't do this on my own. We're gonna need more than just me to heal her. But I'll do the best that I can." Blake said. I heard him murmuring something and then my head felt slightly better. Like .5% better.  I felt someone lift up my head a little and put something around my head- probably strip of Blake's shirt. I then heard cop sirens.  "Come on, dude. We gotta go." Darke yelled at Blake.  Blake then quickly lifted me up. That hurt a lot. I instantly grabbed his arm and dug my fingers in it out of pain. I felt him tense up when I touched him, but that didn't slow him down as he carried me to the car.  The sirens got closer and then I heard brakes being slammed in front of us.  "What happened to her?" A male's voice asked.  "Some guys slammed her head onto the floor multiple times. They ran out a window in the back, officer." Blake replied.  The cop ran off and then Blake quickly sprinted towards the car. I'm assuming that Dalila and Darke were all ready in the car because once Blake closed the door, the car sped off.  "How is she?" Dalila asked, her voice full of concern.  "Awake. I have a feeling that she's been awake this whole time and that she never got knocked out." Blake informed them. I felt my head rest gently on his lap.  My arm rings started getting hotter.  "Why are her arm rings getting brighter, Blake?" Dalila asked.  "I don't know, Dalila." Blake answered.  Heat went through my whole body and my head started feeling a little better, but not much. I would say that it felt 2% better. But that 2% made me able to open my eyes and talk with it just barely hurting my head.  "Blake was right when he said that I never got knocked out." I told Dalila, my voice cracked a little.  "But, how is that possible?" She asked.  "I don't know. I guess the forgotten part of me got hit in the head a lot." I told her.  "Shh. You should sleep now. You've been through a lot." Blake told me. I didn't object and I quickly fell asleep. 
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Please comment and rate and stuff like that, bye.

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