Apollo's Curse (part 10)

Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean I'm dumb, it just means I have better hair than you. Please take my other quizzes. The Lightning Girl and Solstice. To get to them just hit the blue name that say DaughterOfApollo and if that doesn't work then type in the tittle but put gotoquiz after it.

Megan~Blonde, hair blue eyes, about 5'4" and is crazy, random, super funny, athletic, animal lover, sarcastic, and can sometimes forget things. Dakota~ Brown hair, hazel eyes, about 5'2" so she's the shortest. She's crazy, random, funny, and her and Megan are kinda like twins at some times. Alaina~ short blonde hair that goes to her shoulders, gray eyes, and is super smart.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. I woke up remembering everything that happened today. I looked up and saw some guy carrying me across a field. Instinctually, I pushed him away from me, which was a mistake because we both hit the ground and I landed hard on my back. I looked at the guy and realized that it was Jason. "Oops, sorry Jason," I told him, "I didn't realize that it was you. Are you okay? You didn't get hurt did you?"  "No, I'm fine," he said, looking at me as if trying to figure me out. "What?" I asked him. "You know what I don't get?" he said, "I don't get how you would do pretty much anything to save someone you barely even know." "I guess it's just who I am," I replied.
  2. "I also don't get is how you are all bloodied and injured and when we both fall to the ground, you're worried if I'm hurt when you just landed on your back." he said with a puzzled look on his face. "It's just what I do," I replied, "now help me up because my back hurts and I can't sit up." He got up and walked over to me and offered his hand. I grabbed it and Jason pulled me off the ground to my feet. "Hey," I said as a thought occurred to me, "how come you're in your cloths before we got captured but I'm in the prison cloths after we got captured?" "I think it's because once I flipped my coin, to fight off the monster that came after us when you were unconscious, I was once again wearing the same cloths before we got kidnaped," he replied, "and while we are asking questions, why do you have tattoos on your forehead, neck, chest, and arms?"
  3. "What are you talking about?" I asked him, then looked down at my arms and realized that Jason was right about the tattoos. I saw the sun on my chest where my necklace was and I touched it. Instantly, I was wearing the same cloths I had on after I was claimed and I no longer had the tattoos. Instead I had my golden arm rings (where the tattoos on my arms were), the golden circuit on my head (where the tattoo above my eyebrows were), and my golden necklace (where the tattoo on my neck and chest were) back on. "Fixed it," I said happily at Jason. "Yeah but it didn't heal your back," he said, sounding concerned, "you're still bleeding and your blood is going right through your cloths."  "I'm sure that I will be fine as long we get back to that camp thingy," I reassured him, "where are we at anyway?"
  4. "Topeka Kansas." Jason said. "And where is the camp at?" I asked him, hopping that it wasn't to far away. "It's around New York City," he replied. "We have to get from Kansas to New York?" I said sounding horrified that we weren't gonna make it without being kidnapped again or we would be dead before we made it to camp. "That's like six states away!" "Yep," he replied, "so let's start walking." "Why don't we just take a plane or a train?" I said then I got distracted by what I said, "hey, that rhymes." I said while laughing.
  5. "I would take a plane but my dad might not like that I have a child of Apollo in the air," he replied. "Well we can't just walk the whole way to New York," I said matter-of-factlly.  "Then we will..." Jason trailed off as if thinking then said, "we will take a bus." "Oh you have got to be kidding me." I said, "What do you think people will say when they see the fresh blood on my back, dripping down onto the floor, and staining the bus seat?" "That she has been attacked by a tree?" He offered. "Oh yeah that's what they're all gonna think." I replied sarcastically. "Well I don't have any idea then what to d-" Jason. Was cut off from rustling in the bushes. Jason and I drew our weapons-him, a sword and me, my bow and arrows-and prepared to fight. Someone stepped out of the bushes and I saw that it was a girl with black hair and she was wearing basically all silver with a sliver circuit and a silver bow. "Jason is that you?" She asked him, not even noticing me.
  6. "Thalia," Jason said sounding relieved, "thank the Gods it was only you." "Yeah, I heard you talking to someone," Thalia replied as she ran up and gave Jason a hug. "Yeah I would be that someone," I said as I touched the spot where the bow and arrow was on my neck and they disappeared on my necklace. "Thalia this is Megan, Megan this is Thalia, my sister," Jason said as he introduced us. "Hi, Megan," Thalia began, "how would you like to become a huntress of Artemis?"  "Um... I don't really know what that is," I replied. "Uh, Thalia? That's probably not a good idea." Jason said carefully. "Why not?" I asked. "Because you have to swear off boys." Jason said. Instantly I thought of Jake and I knew that I couldn't leave him, "And I don't think that Jake would like that very much."
  7. "Yeah, you're right," I said quietly, "he wouldn't like-wait what?" I exclaimed. Thalia started to laugh a little bit as Jason said, "Wait you couldn't tell that he liked you?"  "Well, he likes me as a sister, if that's what you mean, and I like him as a brother. We don't like each other like that," I replied. "Okay, so what are you guys doing all the way in Kansas?" Thalia asked us. "Really long story," Jason replied, "and it involves monsters, chains, whips, visions, and memory lost but then she remembered so I guess it turned out okay." "What?" I exclaimed. "You think that being six states away from camp and being whipped over a hundred times until your back is soaked in blood is 'okay'?"  "Oh yeah I forgot that you were still bleeding," Jason said.
  8. "Wait what?" Thalia asked completely confused. "Jason, tell me what happened."  Jason told her everything and when he left out some things, I chimed in to fill in the blanks. It took us about twenty minutes to explain everything and when we were done Thalia just looked at me and said, "How bad is your back?" I turned around so she could see my bloodied back. She squealed a little when she saw it but just said, "You should be on the floor passed out right now or you should be dead from loosing that much blood." "Oh, well I guess I could just go and die some where while you go back to Camp Half-Blood and try to explain what happened to me to all of my friends and deal with their sad faces and them probably not gonna talk to anyone any more." I said sarcastically. "No never mind," Thalia said, as if thinking of what everyone would say. "Where are the other huntresses at?" Jason asked Thalia, changing the subject. "Right now they are probably done setting up camp," she replied, "so let's just go over there and I'll explain everything to them." As both Jason and Thalia came to help me up, I suddenly felt pain on the side of my belly, right where I got shot. I gasp out in pain while Thalia and Jason just stared at me, trying to figure out what was wrong. I reached down where the gun shot was and felt my warm blood on the palm of my hand.
  9. "What's wrong with her, Jason?" Thalia demanded sounding more frightened than angry. "I don't know!" Jason said. "It must've happened before I took her to Riverside City, so you should ask Percy because he was there." "There isn't enough time," Thalia said, "I'm just going to have to ask her and hope that she answers me."  "You do know that I can hear you, right?" I said, my voice sounding strained with pain. Thalia let out a sigh of relief. "Gods, Megan, you scared me. You are much tougher than you look." She said while smiling. "Yeah and-ow!" I exclaimed. "Great now my ankle is hurting again," I said while rubbing it, "now I can't walk." Jason looked at me like he was still trying to figure out what I said. Then, he finally asked "You're worried more your ankle, than your back and side?"  "Yeah because then I can actually walk but when I probably have a broken ankle, I can't walk." I said. "She does have a point," Thalia said. "Thank you." I said while laughing a little. "Okay?" Jason said. "Anyway, Thalia does your camp have any supplies for Megan's injuries?"  "No, because we are all pretty much immortal and don't need all of that stuff," Thalia replied. "Well then can you tell me the closest hospital?" He asked.
  10. "Oh hell no!" I objected. "I'm am not going to some hospital!" "You might have to because of your injuries," he pointed out. "I don't care," I said, "I'm refusing to go to a hospital and I'm not gonna go." "You don't really have much of a choice," he said. I was still confused at what he said, when he scooped down and picked me up.  "Put me down, Jason!" I yelled at him. "I'm fine!"  "First off, you're yelling in my ear which kind of hurts," he said, "and second you are not fine and you need to get to a hospital." "No I don't!" I screamed at him as I rolled off his hands and landed on my back, again. "Have you ever thought that a monster could be there?" "She does have a point," Thalia said again, "I say that you shouldn't go." "I second that," I replied. "Fine," Jason said reluctantly, "but if you die then I'm going to say that I told you so." "It wouldn't matter because I would be dead," I said with a "duh" expression on my face, "now help me up." I told him, while extending my arm. Jason bent down, grabbed my extended hand, and pulled me to my feet. As soon as I stood up, a sharp, quick pain hit right in one of my back's lashes, like someone shot something at me. I quickly turned around and saw a monster standing there with a gun, but not like one that has bullets. My movement caught Jason's and Thalia's attention and they turned around too. A huge bolt of lightning came crashing down on the monster. As he screamed, I all of a sudden felt very weak.  "Megan, what's wrong?" Thalia asked as Jason steadied me. "Stupid monster shot at me." I replied.  "We need to get you back to camp, quickly." Thalia said as she went over to examine the gun thing. "There was some sort of poison in that bullet."
  11. Jason set me down on a bed, or cot, and I was feeling like nothing right then. It was enough that my ankle was broken, I had over a hundred lashes on my back and one on my face, and that I had a bullet in my side but now I have to be poisoned too? It makes absolutely no sense to me. Why do they have to torture me? If they want me dead then why don't they already do it?  Thalia was about to say something when someone said, "Thalia." She turned around and I saw Percy, Annabeth, and my friends standing in what looked like mist but all at the same time they were at Camp Half-Blood. "Gods, Percy, don't scare me like that." Thalia said. "Sorry but I need a favor from you." Percy replied. "I need for you to go find Jason and Megan. I know that you've never met Megan before but she's a blonde and about 5 foot 4 inches. They both went to Riverside City, New York and they haven't come back yet." "Okay just give me like one second before I go find them. Oh look I found them." Thalia said while moving out of the way so they could see Jason and me. "Hey guys, how's it going?" I said, trying to sound like normal. "Megan, what happened to you?" Dakota asked. "Well, it's kinda a long story, but Jason and I got captured by some monsters, we ended up getting whipped, we escaped and ran into Thalia, that orges healing must've worn off because I now have that gun shot mark and my ankle is broken." I said. "Oh yeah and then I got poisoned." "You left out that you're refusing to go to a hospital." Jason said. "I told you that I'm not going to a freakin' hospital." I told him sharply. "Yeah Megan hates hospitals." Jake said.  "Because when she was two and when she lived in Utah, she threw up so much that she almost lost all of her fluids, so she had to go to a hospital." Aliana added. Before Jason could reply, a loud screech came from outside the tent. In less than a heart-beat, the whole Hunter's camp exploded into flames and I was thrown threw the back of the tent and into a tree. Of course my back hit it and I let out an earsplitting scream. A sonic boom went across the whole field and disintegrated all of the monsters. Unfortunately, when I slid down the tree, I landed in a hole where the roots of the tree were and I couldn't get out.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!! I just realized something. Megan, Aliana, and Dakota's first letter in their names, spell my initials. Well my name is Megan so that's the first letter. My initials spell M.A.D. Yeah, I know that says mad.

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