The Lightning Girl (part 5)

Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy, but here's my number. So call me maybe. I have that song stuck in my head XD. Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!!!!

Recap: You almost fell into a river but later on jumped in it to save yourself. You found Ashton and met Cole, who is the Prince of the Dark Side, and he attacked you.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Cole glared at me for a moment and then he lunged at me. As quick as lightning, (no pun intended), my insticts kicked in and my left leg flashed out and kicked him in the stomach. I got up to my feet and saw Cole doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach. "Try icing it." I suggested and then gave him a sweet smile. "I have got to make a mental note to tie your legs together, Alana. They're more deadly than your hands." Cole huffed. It was a true statement, I probably killed more people with my feet than with my hands. "Just give up, Cole. You never could beat me." I told him. "Unless if I send you back into a flashback." He said as he straightened up. "You wouldn't dare. It wouldn't be a fair fight." I pouted. "See, there's the difference between us, Alana. Well, besides the fact I'm a guy and your a girl, that you're from the Light Side and I'm from the Dark Side, and that you Light Side people get trapped in flashbacks. We Dark Side people don't care how we win a fight, as long as we win it." Cole said. By then, I was trying to ignore his voice.
  2. "Do you remember when I killed your parents, Alana?" Cole asked, trying to get my mind trapped in a flashback. I closed my eyes and tried thinking of anything but Cole's words. "Do you remember my sister, Hanna? You've met her, right? She has the same power as everyone in my family; no powers work on us. Do you remember the day when I got my power?" He asked. 'Rainbows. Chocolate. Ice-cream. Pizza.' I thought. "Do you remember when I first kissed you, under that cherryblossom tree?" Cole asked. Of course I remembered it, but at this moment, I was trying not to think about it. 'Anna. Ed. Ethan.' I thought my siblings names. "Do you remember when we first met?" He asked. 'I swear I'm going to kill him.' I thought angrily. 'Who are you gonna kill, Alana?' I heard the familiar voice of my brother say.
  3. 'Ethan?' I asked as my eyes flew open. 'The one and only.' Ethan replied and I'm sure that if I could see him, he would be smiling. "Oh, so that got your attention." Cole smirked. 'So, who are you gonna kill, Alana?' Ethan asked again. 'Cole.' I replied. "Still not talking to me?" Cole said, trying to sound offended. "You wish." I snorted. 'What? That little- (me: I shall not repeat the curse word Ethab says here. But it is a very bad word (mf))- is with you?' Ethan angrily thought. 'Yep.' I replied. 'Well, what's he trying to do?' Ethan asked me.
  4. 'He's trying to send me into a flashback because he knows he can't beat me in a fight.' I told Ethan. 'Do me one favor, Alana.' Ethan said. 'What would that be?' I asked. 'Kick his ass.' Ethan thought and then I smiled. "What are you smiling about, Alana?" Cole asked me. 'Will do.' I thought to Ethan while I said, "Nothing," to Cole. "You're talking to one of your siblings, aren't you? Who is it?" Cole demanded. "Who do you think?" I asked him. "Ethan." Cole growled Ethan's name and then spit on the ground. "Oh, so you do remember Ethan? Well, he was your best friend." I told Cole as innocently as I could. "So, do you remember when we met?" Cole asked again. Before I could stop myself, I was thrown back into a flashback.
  5. ****FLASHBACK**** It was a bright, sunny day and my family and I were spending the day on the beach. I was 13. This happened 2 years ago. Ethan told me that I couldn't catch my first wave and start surfing. So, I decided to prove him wrong. I paddled out into the ocean and was duck-diving under the big waves. I saw the perfect wave coming towards me. I started paddling to get into position and then, before I knew it, I was surfing. The look on Ethan's face was priceless when I got back to the shore. "And you said I couldn't do it." I told Ethan. "Whatever. There's someone I want you to meet." He said and then he led me to a guy our age with black hair and deep green eyes. The younger version of Cole. "Nice wave." He told me. "Thanks." I said.
  6. "Cole here, knows about the powers." Ethan told me. "Ethan! Why did you tell him?" I exclaimed. "I didn't have to tell him, Alana." Ethan replied. Before I could respond, there was a loud commotion coming back where the rest of my family was. Ethan and I glanced at each other and then we quickly took off sprinting towards them with Cole on our heels. When we got to them, I saw Dark Side people battling against my family. Ethan and I didn't even slow down as we lunged ourselves into the battle. A couple of moments later, there was a division with the Dark Side people on one side and my family and me on the other. "Just give up, Brenda and Clark. And then maybe, we'll spare your kids." The King of the Dark Side said as he stepped out of the mass of Dark Side people. "Over my dead body will we surrender." My dad told him.
  7. "Fine, have it your way." The Queen of the Dark Side said and then she waved her hand. Before I could react, a guy pinned me to the ground and put a knife to my throat. "Let her go!" Cole said. "Now why would I do that, son?" The King asked. "Because she doesn't deserve to die. She didn't do anything wrong." Cole said. "They are from the Ligt Side. They are our enemy! And if you can't see that, then you are not my son. Go join your precious Light Side, but that girl will die!" The King bellowed and pointed at me. Something inside of me snapped and at that moment, I felt myself changing. My vision, hearing, and smelling became sharper. My fingers became claws and my hands became paws. (me: hahaha that rhymed XD). I became larger and stronger. My teeth became longer and sharper. I used my back legs, (which were now covered in fur), to throw the guy off of me. He landed on his knife and died as I got up and was now facing and growling at the King and Wueen of the Dark Side. Before I could see anything else, I was thrown back into present time.
  8. My eyes flew open and I quickly sat up. My legs were tied together and my arms were tied behind my back. I was on a cold, hard floor. "Oh good, you're finally awake." Cole said as he stepped out of the shadows. "Where am I?" I asked him. "Some place they'll never find you." Cole said and then clapped his hands. Two guards came into the cell and put a Deactivator on my wrist. They both picked me up onto my feet, which made me have a pounding headache. Cole came over and untied my legs, making me a little confused when I remembered what he said about my feet being more delay than my hands. Then, one of the guards pulled out a knife and made the gash in my right light deeper. I bit my bottom lip to keep myself from screaming out in pain and then I smashed my head against his, making him fall to the ground, unconscious. The other guy threw me against the wall and pinned me there and then he cut my left arm with his knife. I elbowed him in the chest, which made him stumble backwards, I turned around and kicked him in the head with my right leg. He was knocked out but searing pain exploded in my leg. I stumbled a little before I started hopping on one leg and was leaning against the wall. "You just knocked out two of my best men with your arms tied behind your back and with your right leg injured." Cole said, sounding impressed.
  9. "Are you surprised?" I asked him. "I shouldn't be, but I am." Cole said, his voice filling with confusion. "Why are you confused?" I asked. "I don't know. Remember that day when I left the Light Side and joined the Dark Side? Well, this might sound crazy but, something possessed me to got there so I didn't have control over what I was doing or saying. It was like I was watching myself do all of these things but it wasn't really me. Which is why I was confused because a part of me wanted to attack you but something deep inside of me told me not to, but that I should help you. Make any sense?" He asked me, and I could tell that he wasn't lying. Before I could say anything, Cole fell to his knees and a black mist came out of his mouth. It disappeared and left Cole lying on the ground with his eyes closed. "Oh my God. Cole, are you okay?" I asked and then hopped over to him. He was unconscious. "Well, well, well. Looks like that possession didn't last very long." A voice said near the cell door. I turned my head towards the voice and saw....
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! The contest results are in the results (me: hahahaha get it, the results are in the results XD I'm soooo funny.) oh, and the winner, I said that you get to pick the power but I change my mind, I already know what the power will be. Mmk, bye.

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