Premonitions (part 17)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. This was a pretty long chapter, so if you plan on going somewhere soon and you're not on a mobile device, I'd take it when you have time. Thanks for reading :). ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! SoccerTomboy13: well, I'm not called the excuse master for nothing :P. AliZoey: you'll find out if Skye recovers in this part.... MysteryEmoGirl: Caine's in this part too, but you'll really like the next part. sammie7: part 17 is here! CUTIE101: thank you :).

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Kelly: Water sprinkled on my face and when I opened up my eyes, I noticed that I was on the floor of the hospital hallway. I looked behind me and saw the flames still raging. The water falling from the ceiling was hardly putting it out, and it began to make its way into the hallway. I pushed myself up, leaning against the wall for support, and started heading towards Skye's room. As soon as I climbed up the stairs, I felt very tired. "Kelly! Are you okay?" I heard Rose's high pitched voice yell. "Yeah, I'm fine. I thought I told you to stay in Skye's room." I looked up and saw her running towards me. "But the bad guys are gone, and Trevor is here." Rose replied. "Who's- never mind." I said and we both walked into Skye's room. "Where's Kaylee and Jason?" I asked when I realized that they were the only ones not in the room. "Kaylee's back at the house, and I thought Jason was with you." A guy with dark brown hair and green eyes said. He looked like he was nineteen, and I assumed that he was Trevor.
  2. "He was." I said and then Jason and Kaylee came into the room. "I'm fine." Kaylee instantly said. She was bleeding on her right thigh-again- and on the back of her head. She was leaning on Jason for support and Jason was holding a knife in his hand. "Is that the knife she was Marked with?" Trevor asked. "We think so, but we're not sure." Jason handed it over to Trevor. "Can we just go home now?" Felix asked. "Sure." Trevor said and then the room started shaking a little. Before I knew it, we were inside the living room of the house, and I was no longer wet from the hospital. The Healer, from when Kaylee and I first came to the house, came in and took Skye and Kaylee to the infirmary. "They're gonna be fine, right?" I asked. "Skye will be fine, Kelly." Jason assured me, knowing that when I said "they're" I secretly meant "Skye". "You should probably stay out in the shed because no one here likes you." Trevor said to Jason. "Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot that everyone hates me. If anyone needs me, I'll be out in the shed." Jason announced, even though no one was around but Trevor and me. He walked out the door and Trevor walked away. Since I was really tired and I didn't feel like trying to find my way towards my room, I took off my shoes, laid on the couch, and fell asleep.
  3. I saw that same dream: the one where I turn. When it was over, I ended up back in that white room with Skye's dad. "Only four more days until you turn." He smiled and when I looked down at the palm of my hand, I saw a second tally mark appear on it. "Nope. You're wrong. I'm not gonna turn." I said. "Yes you will, Kelly." He said. "Okay, so let's say that I do turn. What'll happen next?" I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me. "You'll bring destruction upon this world: living and dead." He simply replied. "But, you see, I can't see the dead. Kaylee can though." I told him. "You can't see the dead yet, but you will." He assured me. "Okay, but let's say that I do turn, but it isn't as you think, and I'm not on your side. Instead, I'm on my own side." I walked back and forth. "Then what happens?" "Oh, Katerina, that's what I'm hoping for." He smiled again. "Who's Katerina?" I asked, confused. "Well, that's all the time we have to chat. Goodbye." He snapped his fingers and I snapped my eyes open.
  4. "Son of a gun." I mumbled under my breath. I sat up, rubbed my eyes, and looked up to find that it was night outside. "Yeah, I got it. I won't do anything until you guys get here." I heard a voice whisper. I didn't know who it was though. "Yep. We're in Pennsylvania. I'll send the coordinates to you in a little while. And yes, I promise that I won't hurt her before you get here. Trust me, no one wants her more hurt than I do." The conversation ended and I quickly laid back down on the couch to make it seem like I was still sleeping. Footsteps went behind me and I heard them walking up the stairs. When I couldn't hear them anymore, I sat back up, and instinctively looked behind me. No one was there. I got up and decided to go see how Skye was doing. When I walked into the infirmary, I saw the woman-from the first day Kaylee and I came here-sitting behind a desk, reading a book. "How's Skye?" I asked and she looked up from her book. "Not good." She sighed and stood up. I followed her to the back of the room. She pulled back the curtains and I saw Skye laying on a hospital bed. He looked even worse than he did at the hospital. His forehead was wet from sweat, his face was as white as a ghost's, and his breathing was irregular.
  5. "What happened anyways? I know that he was stabbed in the stomach, but Skye's not usually the one to get hurt this badly." The woman asked. "We were on the street fighting some Shades. And then one of them came at me with a knife, and Skye shoved me out of the way." I walked over to the side of the bed. "That does sound like Skye." She said and I smiled. "What's your name?" I asked when I realized that I never knew her name. "Hellen." She replied and I nodded my head. "Where's Kaylee?" I asked. "In her room." Hellen replied. I looked down at Skye and touched his hand. The heart monitor spiked. "What's happening?" I asked as it did it again. "His heart's beating on its own." Hellen said, shocked. "What does that mean?" "It means that he's waking up. But I don't understand how." She said, confused. "Well, isn't that such a joy?" A voice sarcastically said behind me.
  6. Hellen and I turned around and saw an outline of someone in the shadows. It stepped into the light, and I saw that it was Caine. "Miss me?" He asked and walked towards us. "Should I have?" I replied and then Skye's hand held mine. "Look who's about to wake up. Just in time to see you be taken away too." Caine said. "I'm not going anywhere with you." I told him. "I think you are. Unless if you want me to kill Skye. Either choice is fine with me." He said as he stood on the opposite side of Skye's bed. "What do you really want?" Hellen asked and Caine snapped his head towards her. "I don't think this concerns you." He said and then shadows came and grabbed her. She screamed as they dragged her away. "Hellen!" I screamed and took a step where she went. "Don't move." Caine said and I stopped. "Hellen's fine. She'll come back when you come with me." I remained silent.
  7. "Give me your left hand." He demanded and I stuck out my hand. He grabbed it and turned it over, revealing the two tally marks. "Whether you like it or not, you're going to come with me, and you will turn in four days." He said. "You don't know that. It may not happen." I jerked my hand back. "It'll happen, and you know it. And you can choose to spend your last four days in an actual room with a bed if you come with me without a fight, or you can spend it in torture if you decide to put up a fight." He said. "I really don't like you." I told him and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Skye start to blink his eyes open. "So, which will it be?" Caine asked. "Take a guess." I told him. "Torture it is." He said and then grabbed a knife. He flung it at me, but it stopped midair. "Bad choice." I told him and then it flew across the room. Shadows came from the walls and wrapped around my ankles. They yanked me down to the ground and started to drag me towards the doors. I felt that weird energy to through me, and then the shadows stopped dragging me across the floor. When I looked at them, I saw that they were just floating there, and when I moved my hands to the left, they flew to the wall.
  8. I got up and saw Caine standing over Skye. They looked like they were talking, but I was out of earshot. I also noticed that Skye had a Controller on his left wrist. I saw something glint in Caine's hand, and I saw that he was holding a knife. He raised it up and was about to plunge it into Skye, but I stopped him. I stuck out my right hand at Caine and moved it across the room. He flew to the other side and the impact knocked him out. Hellen then appeared from the shadows. "When did you learn how to do that?" Skye asked when I came up next to him. "Yesterday." I admitted. "What were you two talking about?" "He wanted me to know that all of my hard work of keeping everyone safe is going to come crumbling down and that I wasn't going to be able to stop him because I would be dead." He told me. "How would it come crumbling down?" I asked. "There are more of them in the house, and we need to go find them." He informed me. "You're not going anywhere, Skye." Hellen sternly told him. "But I have to." Skye protested. "You're injured. You can't do anything, and you'd probably just get in the way." Hellen said. "She's right." I quickly said when Skye opened up his mouth to protest. "Fine." He sighed. "Just sound the warning bell to let everyone know that Shades are here." Hellen nodded her head and then rushed off to the back of the infirmary. A couple seconds later, I heard a bell going off. "Promise me that you'll be careful?" Skye grabbed my hand. "I promise." I smiled and then ran out of the infirmary.
  9. The first place that I went to was outside to get Jason. I ran across the wet grass and towards the shed. When I reached it, I pounded on the door. "Jason!" I yelled as I continued to pound on the door. "Coming!" I heard him yell back. A couple seconds later, he opened the door. "Shades are here and we might need you. Skye's also awake, but he can't fight because he's still injured, and the Shades are scattered throughout the house. Hellen sounded the warning bell, so everyone should know that they're in there. And for crying out loud, would you please put on a shirt?" I quickly said. "Got it." Jason said and then I ran back to the house. As soon as I entered it, I heard a high pitched scream come from one of the hallways. I ran down it and saw a door open. When I walked inside it, I saw four children about five sitting there. In front of them was a Shade and he was pointing a gun at them. He looked like he was 20.
  10. "Follow me if you want to live." He said and then turned around. "Hello." I sweetly smiled and then punched him in the nose, dazing him. I then kicked him in the stomach, sending him on his butt, and making his gun fly out of his hand. "Oh, sweetheart, you shouldn't have done that." He smiled. "Yet I did." I said. "And you're gonna pay for it." He told me, cracking his neck. "How about you just go over there," I pointed my finger at him and then to the other side of the room, and he went there, "and stay there, so I don't have to crush every bone in your body because that would be a painful way to die." "I'll get my revenge, Night." He vowed. "Yeah, I know: in four days when I turn." I rolled my eyes. I opened up my hand and then slowly squeezed it shut, making his right leg break, and causing him to scream out in pain. "Now, don't move." I smiled again and then turned my attention towards the kids: all girls. "Come with me." I said then they all rushed towards me. I led them to the back to the living room and up the stairs to my room. I opened up the door, made sure that no Shades were in it, and then hurried them in. "Is this your room?" One of them asked as all of them look around it. "Yes. You should be safe in here." I said as I walked over to the wall that had the hidden room. I pressed the brick and the staircase appeared. "What is that?" Another asked. "This is where you should be safe at." I told them and they followed me up the stairs. I opened up the door (much easier this time) and let them walk inside it. "How long will we have to stay in here?" One asked. "Shouldn't be too long. Now, don't let anyone in unless if you know them." I told them and they all nodded their heads.
  11. I closed the door, walked back down the steps, closed the brick door, and then walked back out in the hallway. As soon as I reached the balcony, I saw five Shades standing at the bottom talking. "There!" One of them yelled and pointed at me. They all ran towards the steps and I bolted down a different hallway. I didn't get very far until someone grabbed me around my waist and covered my mouth. He dragged me into a room and then let me go. I quickly turned around and saw Drake standing there. "What the hell are you doing, Drake?" I whispered/yelled at him. "Something I wanted to do a long time ago." He said and I turned back around when I heard foot steps at the doorway. The five Shades were standing there. One of them was Jacob, and the other four I didn't know: two boys and two girls. "What? I don't understand." I said, confused. "Maybe this will shed light onto you: I'm a Shade. I have been all of my life. I'm a Lie Detector, and I have been waiting many years for this day to come." Drake told me and one of them closed the door. I was still letting it sink in when Drake slapped me across the face. Hard. "That was for hitting me last week." He told me and I held my cheek. "Put her up there." He pointed to the chains hanging from the ceiling.
  12. "Shouldn't we put a Controller on her?" One of them asked. "No need to. She won't use her abilities because she now knows that if she does, I'll make sure to hurt Skye too." Drake replied. "You're sick. I hope you know that." I told him. "Oh, Kelly, there is a lot that you don't know about me." He smiled and then Jacob put my wrists on the chains. When I was secure, he lifted up my shirt, exposing my back. "Now, how about we play a little game? I'll ask questions, and every time you lie, you get a lash." Drake said. "First question: what's your name?" "Kelly." I replied and then I felt the whip lash my back. "Did I mention that even if you do tell the truth, I can still lash you?" He said and I heard him walking back and forth. "No, but that would've been nice to know." I said. "Next question: when we were ten, and there was gum under my chair, was it you who put that there?" He asked. "Yes." I said, and he lashed me again. I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from screaming. "If I were to ask you to help us get Skye, would you help us?" Drake asked. "No." I instantly replied. "Why do you like him so much?" He asked. "I don't know." I replied and I was lashed again. I could feel my blood running down my back.
  13. "If I were to let you go with a condition, would you take it?" He asked. "Depends." I answered. "On what?" "What's the condition?" I asked. "All you have to do is scream." Drake said. "Why?" I asked. "Can't say." He replied. "Then I'm not gonna do it." I told him. "You will. I just thought that maybe you didn't want to be in more pain." He said and the whip hit my back again. A small scream escaped my lips before I bit the bottom of my lip.
  14. "So close, Kelly. Just scream a little louder and longer." Drake demanded and then lashed me again, harder. I blinked back tears and managed to keep my mouth shut. A minute passed, and I had eleven lashes. "Ready to stop?" Drake asked. I kept my mouth shut. "I'll take that as a no." He lifted his hand up, and I stopped holding back my ability. I could hear the whip slicing through the air as everything went in slow motion. As soon as it hit my back, the sonic boom came. I heard thuds coming from the walls, and the chains holding me snapped, making me stumble a little to keep my balance. Turning around, I saw that all of the Shades were knocked out. I quickly pulled my shirt down, wincing as the cloth stung my open wounds. Bolting out the door, I almost ran into Kaylee. "Is Drake okay?" She asked, concern filling her voice. "I sure hope not." I said, anger filling mine. "What? Why?" She asked, surprised. "I hate him even more. He's a jerk and I hope he's dead." I replied and walked down the hallway. "He's not a jerk." Kaylee protested. "Yes he is." I bluntly said. "What happened to your back?" She asked. "Drake." I said and then I heard footsteps coming towards us. We stopped in our tracks and my heart pounded as the footsteps came closer. I looked back at Kaylee, hoping that she understood that we were probably going to have to fight. She nodded her head in response and I looked forward again, ready to attack whoever came around the corner.
  15. Cliffhanger!! Please tell me what you thought, about Drake, and what you think will happen. Thank you so much for reading this :). Have a good day/night. ~Meg.

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