The Cursed One (part 3)

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! Now I'm watching Love In The Wild, and it's kinda interesting. Please comment and rate.

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! Now I'm watching Love In The Wild, and it's kinda interesting. Please comment and rate.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. My head still hurt like crazy and everything was still really dizzy. My hands were still handcuffed behind my back and I didn't even bother to open up my eyes. I also heard voices talking.  "When do you think she'll wake up?" I heard a guy's voice ask.  "From the amount of drugs she inhaled, I say in about a week or longer." Another guy said.  "Alright then. Let's leave her alone. We have awhile." A third guys voice said and then I heard footsteps walking away from me and then they were going up stairs and then I heard a door close.  I flashed my eyes open and ignored the pain as I sat up. I moved my hands in-front of me by having them go under my legs- (me: I can seriously do this. I can grab my wrist behind my back and have them come in-front of me without letting go of my wrists). 
  2. I looked around and I couldn't see anything because it was so dark. The only light that came in was on the other side of the stairs that looked like it went outside. That left me with two options: I could either burn the house down or try to escape. I went with the second option and if that didn't work then I could go with the first option.  I stood up and walked towards the light, stumbling a couple times because the drugs were still in my system. Once I reached it, there were stairs leading up to it and I noticed that it was a door. I walked up to it and tried to push it open. It was locked but the good thing is that the door was wood.  I burned through the wood and a rush of cold air surrounded me as I coughed. Before I ran into the open, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.  "Where do you think you're going?" I heard someone ask me.  "Away from here." I replied and then sprinted outside. The bottoms of my feet touched the cold snow as I ran. (I wasn't really wearing any shoes because I don't like to wear them. Instead, I have a thin wire with a couple of beads on them that goes around my ankle, on the front of my foot, and loops around my second toe, to give the impression that I'm wearing flip-flops.) 
  3. I heard footsteps pounding behind me as I started to heat up my feet and started coughing a little more. I saw a road in front of me and I ran towards it.  As soon as I ran on it, I almost got hit by a car. The driver honked it's horn, but I ignored it and kept on running across the street and into the woods on the other side.  I pushed my way through the bushes and about 30 minutes of running through the woods, I saw another road ahead of me with a bunch of cars passing.  'Crap.' I thought as I started running along the road that started to slope up and have roads branching off of it.  I picked the less busy street, that was straight ahead and continued to slope up.  Before I crossed the road, something flew in front of me and I started to get even more dizzy and unbalanced. I looked down and saw that jacket lying in front of my feet.  My moment of hesitation was enough for one of the guys to come up behind me and drag me into the woods, while covering my mouth to keep me from screaming. 
  4. "You almost got away from us, sweetheart." The guy who held me whispered in my ear and then he pinned me against a tree. I noticed that he was brown eyes.  "I wasn't going for almost." I sarcastically told him.  He slapped me across the face.  "You better watch that attitude of yours or I'm gonna have to take of that." He threatened me.  "Sorry, but you can't take care of my attitude. I was born with it." I retorted and then he slapped me across the face again.  "One more word out of you, and I'll kill you." He told me, anger and annoyance creeping into his voice.  "Please do." I sarcastically told him and then he punched me across the face, making the corner of the right side of my mouth start bleeding.  "I said shut-up." He told me.  "You also said that you would kill me if I talked so I guess we're both breaking promises that were never made." I told him sarcastically and then he threw me down to the ground as blue eyes came up to us, holding the jacket. 
  5. "This might help, Drake." Blue eyes said as he handed the jacket to brown eyes.  "Thanks, Dan. Tell the others to make sure she can't break out of the house again. I'll come back with her when I'm done." Drake said.  Dan nodded his head and then walked away, leaving Drake alone with me again.  "After I'm done with you, you're gonna wish that I did kill you." Drake told me and then shoved the jacket onto my face before I could say anything sarcastic back.  He un-cuffed my hands and flipped me over onto my stomach while the jacket was still on my face. He forced my hands behind my back and cuffed them again while I was still trying to get my head out of the jacket so I could take a breath.  I couldn't take it anymore and I started to breathe in the drugs and all my fight left me.  "There you go, that wasn't that hard now was it?" He asked, knowing that I wouldn't be able to respond.  He flipped me back over onto my back and pulled the jacket off my face. Clean air rushed into my lungs as I became super dizzy and it felt like I was sinking into the snow.  Drake pulled out a knife and slashed my cheek. 
  6. "That's what you get for cutting my cheek." Drake said as he stood up and walked around me. My eyes kept on going in and out of focus.  "You deserved it." I managed to tell him.  He quickly kicked the left side of my ribs twice and I heard a sickening crack. I screamed a little before he shoved that jacket back onto my face.  I guess I still had some fight left in me because I managed to get my head out from under the jacket and stand up, without falling over onto my face.  "Well, looks like we picked up a fighter." Drake commented and then picked up the jacket.  "You should've known that from when I punched your face and kicked your chin." I told him.  "You know, you're really making me start to hate you." Drake told me.  "I tend to have that affect on people." I sarcastically told him as he took a step towards me.  "I'm just gonna leave you hear to freeze to death in the snow." Drake told me and then rushed towards me. 
  7. My movements were slow and he ended up tying the jacket around my head. He then started to punch my face and slash my legs, sides, arms, and lower back.   I fell to the ground, bleeding and bruised, while he ripped the jacket off of my face and walked away.  Once he was out of sight, I relaxed and started making a forest fire as I passed out from all the drugs and something else.  
  8. * * * *VISION* * * *  I saw Dylan walking out of an airport and start running down a street and I saw a sign that said: Denver, 2miles west: and pointing to where Dylan was running.  A couple minutes later, I saw that Dylan was at the roads that were branching off of the main one. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw myself being dragged into the woods. I never saw him, but Dylan saw me because he ran across the street, somehow managing not to get hit by a car.  I saw Dan pick up the jacket and run to where Drake and I was.  Green eyes and grey eyes were standing at the edge of the woods, as if they were keeping guard.  "Can we help you?" Green eyes asked once when Dylan was close to them.  "Actually, yes, you can. I'm looking for a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She's wearing a red shirt and jean shorts. She would most likely have tattoos on her arms, forehead, finger, and legs. Have you seen her?" Dylan asked.  Green eyes and grey eyes exchanged a glance.  "Nope, sorry." Grey eyes said.  "That's a lie because I just saw her being dragged into this forest. Care to tell me why she hasn't kicked your guys' asses yet?" Dylan demanded.
  9. "Let's just say that she's been a little busy getting drugged." Green eyes said and then Dan came out of the forest.  "Who's this? Does he wanna join our group?" Dan asked.  "This is a guy looking for that girl that we found two days ago and he most likely doesn't." Grey eyes said.  "Why are you looking for her?" Dan asked.  Before Dylan could respond, I heard myself scream and then it became muffled because of Drake putting the jacket over my face.  "What's happening to her?" Dylan demanded.  "Drake probably hurt her. I heard them talking a little and she is really sarcastic. He probably got annoyed." Dan replied.  I heard footsteps coming towards them. Dylan turned around and I saw Jason crossing the road, managing to dodge all the cars and not create a traffic jam. 
  10. "About time you got here." Jason told Dylan as he came closer.  "You two know each other? Which means that that's how you know her." Dan said.  "Did you hear her scream?" Jason asked Dylan, ignoring Dan.  "Yes, I heard her scream. I was closer to her than you were." Dylan answered.  Just then, Drake came out of woods with the jacket in his right hand.  "Who's this?" Drake asked and pointed to Dylan.  "He knows that girl that we found." Dan replied.  "Well, you should know that before we drugged her, she did this to my face." Drake told Dylan and pointed to his black eye, the scab on his chin, and the cut on his cheek.  "Yep, that sounds like her." Dylan said and then there was an explosion from where I was lying.  "And that also sounds like her." Jason said and then they pushed their way through the guys and went into the woods.  Fire was spreading along the top and the bottoms of the trees and bushes.  "Jason, get out of here. You're not a fire user." Dylan said and then Jason ran back out of the woods while Dylan kept on running into it.  Before I could see anything else, I woke up. 
  11. Everything was smokey and it seemed like everything was swirling a little bit.  I coughed and a sharp pain came to the left side of my ribs. I rolled over onto my right side and tried my best to make myself see straight.  The fire blazed and it engulfed me while burning branches from trees started falling down. Smoke quickly filled the air and I felt less dizzy as more flames wrapped themselves around me. My head started clearing up and my breathing became more even and less jagged.  I heard firetruck and police sirens off in the distance and someone crashing through the bushes towards me.  "Megan, are you okay? What happened?" I heard Dylan ask me as he knelt behind me and started working on getting the handcuffs off me.  "I've never had a broken rib before and I've never been drugged before." I told him when he finally got the handcuffs off of me.  The sirens came closer.  "Come on, we gotta get you out of here and back home." Dylan told me as he helped me to my feet.  "No. I need to get to the Mojave desert." I protested as I began to get a little dizzy and started to stumble to keep my balance as I coughed.  "Not in that condition you're not." Dylan told me as he steadied me.  "I'll be fine once we get to California." I told him.  "And how do you plan to get there without a car?" He asked me as we started walking out of the trees.  "Well, Jason can fly." I replied.  "And you expect him to fly from Colorado to California?" Dylan asked.  "He flew from Kansas to New York, so yeah." I replied.  "Let's discuss this when we get out of here." Dylan told me when he had to steady me again. I nodded my head and then 5 minutes later, we broke through the tree line and I saw a bunch of cop cars  blocking the streets while the firetrucks were trying to put out the blazing fire.  I saw one of the cops say something into his walkie-talkie on his shoulder when he saw us come out of the woods. 
  12. "Excuse me, but are you guys alright?" He asked us as he came up to us.  "We're fine. We were just walking through this forest when we saw a fire and we quickly got out of there before it could burn us." Dylan explained.  "What happened to your arms, legs, face, and back?" The cop asked me.  "I kept on running into some branches and thorns and they kept on scratching me." I easily lied to him.  "Haven't I seen you guys before?" He asked us.  "I don't think so." Dylan said.  "I think I have. About six months ago, there was a crime scene about 6 miles away from here at a gas station. You were injured in it. Some guys banged your head against the cement floor and almost made you die." The cop explained.  "I didn't almost die, I just got a crazy headache." I told him.  "Oh, there you are! I've been looking everywhere for you. I thought you died in there, cousin." Jason said as he came up to us, distracting the cop for a little while.  "Which one is your cousin?" The cop asked Jason.  "The girl." Jason replied as the cop turned to face him and Dylan and I ran back into the woods.  We managed to get away without being seen and we came out onto the other side of the forest and crossed the street, before I started coughing really badly, and my left side started to get a sharp shooting pain in it.  "Well, well. Look who came back." I heard a voice say and I turned around and saw Drake staring at me. 
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Please comment and rate. Bye.

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